Gluex computing gluex collaboration meeting glasgow
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GlueX Computing GlueX Collaboration Meeting – Glasgow. Edward Brash – University of Regina August 4 th , 2003. Detector Simulations at University of Regina. Over the last year, we have been working on developing tools for

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Gluex computing gluex collaboration meeting glasgow
GlueX ComputingGlueX Collaboration Meeting – Glasgow

Edward Brash – University of Regina

August 4th, 2003

Detector simulations at university of regina
Detector Simulations at University of Regina

Over the last year, we have been working on developing tools for

carrying out and managing GlueX detector simulations (HDGeant)

- Development of a grid portal, to allow job submission

and monitoring from any web browser.

- Development of a relational database to manage

the simulation efforts.

- Use of grid certificates to allow secure access to

and management of resources.

- Installation and testing of SRM tools for transferring

data from JLab MSS to Regina (and vice versa).

Security certificates in globus
Security Certificates in Globus

- Each host computer generates a certificate request, which is sent to

a signing authority, who returns a signed certificate for the host.

- Currently, we are using the signing authority. However,

there currently exist utilities within the globus toolkit which allow the

generation of certificate requests for multiple signing authorities.

- Users generate personal certificate requests, and these are also signed

by the certificate authority. This certificate travels with you, and thus

you can use any computer to submit jobs, as long as it has the globus

client tools installed, and you have installed your personal certificate.

- Web portals can work in a similar way, with a “single sign-on” allowing

access to multiple sets of resources.

Globus installation at uofr
Globus Installation at UofR

- Alpha computing cluster with 50 AlphaLinux CPU's sitting on a VPN

behind a Tru64 Unix server. We run OpenPBS ( as

the batch job scheduler.

- The Tru64 server runs pbs server and a scheduler. The AlphaLinux CPU's

run a pbs client program.

- In addition, we have several other Redhat Linux PC's which also run the

pbs client program.

- Installation of Globus 2.0 Toolkit on the Tru64 Unix server and on the

Linux PC's was moderately straightforward.

- Included in the Globus Toolkit are job managers for various batch

queueing systems, like Condor, OpenPBS, etc. Some customization of

the PBS job manager was necessary to interface with our installation.

Pbs and globus job submission
PBS and Globus Job Submission


cd /raid0/GlueX/

echo Running on `hostname`

cd sisyphus/debugging/test

cd omegadelta2_107567434/omegadelta290


./runsim 90 omegadelta2 50000 6 2 BV 0.2mm

mv omegadelta290.xml ../omegadelta290.xml

mv omegadelta290.hddm ../omegadelta290.hddm

cd ..

rm -fr omegadelta290/

- With Globus, job scripts

are just a regular shell scripts.

- This has the added advantage

that is can easily be run

interactively for

testing purposes.

$ globus-job-submit -q verylong

-x “(jobtype=single)” -np 1 -s

Gridport web portal
GridPort Web Portal

- Web-based access to globus-job-submit, globus-job-status, and

globus-job-get-output (and other globus) commands.

- Series of perl modules, cgi scripts, and php code running on a

secure web server.

- Also allows “single sign on”, using a local globus certificate

for proxy generation.

- At UofR, we have a working portal for both GlueX detector

simulations, and for Pion Form Factor simulations.


What should a simulation resource look like
What Should A Simulation Resource Look Like?

- It should probably have the standard GlueX software installed for all of the

architectures that comprise it

- Event generators (genr8, cwrap)

- Translators (ascii2stdhep, stdhep2ascii, hddm-xml, ...)

- Basic HDGeant parameter files (dsolenoid.table, ...)

- Given that we want to test many different geometries, the user should be able to

choose from a set of standard geometries, or specify their own. For the latter,

this means provide your own HDGeant executable (for the approp. architecture).

- Given that we want to simulate many different reactions, one should be able to

choose from a set of standard ones, as well as specify their own. This means

providing the input file for your favourite event generator.

- If you do something interesting, others should benefit immediately from it.