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Welcome to . KINDERGARTEN. Tarkington Primary School 2012-2013. CLASS OF 2025. Principal Brandy Strolberg Assistant Principal Angie Thomas Counselor Lynette Croft Kindergarten Teachers Carmen White Linsey Ray Avah Anderson Krystol Ingram

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Tarkington Primary School





Brandy Strolberg

  • Assistant Principal

Angie Thomas

  • Counselor

Lynette Croft

  • Kindergarten Teachers

Carmen White

Linsey Ray

Avah Anderson

Krystol Ingram

Deann Jackson

Sherry Myers

Doreen Bergland

We are here for you!!!


The Purpose of this Evening…

  • To support you in preparing your child for a successful first year of school.
  • To share ideas and activities to better prepare your child for Kindergarten.

PowerPoint will be on the TPS website

read and discuss books that talk about starting school

The Kissing Hand

By: Audrey Penn

Tom Goes to Kindergarten

By: Margaret Wild

Look Out Kindergarten

By: Nancy Carlson

I’ll Always Come Back

By: Steve Metzger

Read and discuss books that talk about starting school
is my child ready

The question most frequently asked by parents of kindergarten age children is, “What should my child know before entering kindergarten?”

A day in the life of a


Is my child ready?
physical development
Physical Development
  • Goes to the bathroom by him/herself
  • Washes hands independently
  • Can blow his/her own nose
  • Writes or draws rather than scribbles
  • Cuts simple shapes
  • Sits still for short periods of time
emotional development

Takes care of personal belongings

  • Adapts easily to changes in schedules or plans
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her actions
  • Copes with minor disappointments
  • Uses words instead of being physical when angry
  • Can spend extended periods away from parents
  • Works independently
  • Listens when someone else is speaking
Emotional Development
social development

Shares easily and waits his turn

  • Makes friends easily, keeps friends
  • Talks in sentences
  • Identifies others by name
  • Is able to entertain himself for a reasonable amount of time without TV or video games
  • Speaks clearly enough for adults to understand
  • Expresses feelings and needs
Social Development
cognitive development
Cognitive Development
  • Follows simple (2-step) directions
  • Can identify body parts by name
  • Understands positional words like up, down, over, beside, etc.
  • Counts 1-10
  • Recognizes colors and shapes
  • Tries to write his/her name
discuss the need for rules and routines in group situations
Discuss the need for rules and routines in group situations
  • Rules ensure the safety and enjoyment of each person at school.
  • Rules apply equally to everyone.
  • Rewards and consequences are linked to following rules at home, at school, in life.
respect your child s fears

Recognize that the first day your child goes to school is an important, and maybe fearful, event.

  • Acknowledge that he may be scared, anxious, and stressed the first few days of school. Let him know that those feelings are normal when people are exposed to new situations.
  • Make transportation plans clear to your child on a daily basis to reduce stress.
Respect your child’s fears
suggestions for the summer

Read fiction and non-fiction books and/or tell stories daily.

  • Begin identifying and showing interest in letters.
  • Sing and recite the alphabet.
  • Expose your child to nursery rhymes, poetry and songs.
  • Learn how to hold a book properly. Identify the front/back of a book.
  • Practice with rhyming words.
  • Distinguish between a number and a letter.
  • Engage in active conversation with your child.
Suggestions for the Summer
more suggestions

Recognize numbers 0-10, Count aloud to 10 and Count objects to 10.

  • Make comparisons: large/small, hot/cold, long/short.
  • Provide a variety of materials for writing: markers, crayons, pencils with erasers, colored pencils, paints, chalk
  • Provide opportunities for large muscle activities (running, jumping, balancing, climbing) and small muscle tasks (pegboards, puzzles, painting, cutting)
  • Help your child develop independence!
More Suggestions . . .

A child achieves a positive self-esteem by being in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement and by experiencing success.Let your child see your enthusiasm about school and your pride in him!

what to expect the first day

*** FIRST DAY ONLY – you may walk your child to his/her classroom.

  • Inform your teacher of your child's departure arrangements
  • Practice School Procedures
  • Centers
  • Lunch
  • Centers
  • Recess
  • Snack
  • Dismissal
What to expect the first day....