welcome to 4 th grade curriculum night n.
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WELCOME TO 4 th Grade CURRICULUM NIGHT PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME TO 4 th Grade CURRICULUM NIGHT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. WELCOME TO 4thGrade CURRICULUM NIGHT Mrs. Biederbeck Mrs. Foster Dr. Rich

  2. Classroom WebPages Go to: • Kyrene Web Page Kyrene School District / Homepage • Schools • Paloma • Classrooms Classrooms / Paloma Classroom Directory

  3. Classroom Procedures

  4. Fourth Grade Schedulefor 2012-2013 • Math Block 8:00-9:30 • Lunch Recess: 11:35-11:55 • Lunch: 11:55-12:15 • Language Arts Block 12:30-2:20 • All of the fourth grade specials (art, P.E., music, library, and computer lab) are from 9:30-10:15. (Please consult individual teachers website for specific specials.)

  5. Communication between HomeandSchool • Agendas: Daily • Friday Folders: Weekly • Monthly Newsletters via email • E-mail messages on as needed basis • Best way for you to reach us is email! 

  6. Individual Snacks • Please send a daily snack for your child. • Snack is @ 9:15 am • Must be healthy (granola bars, fruit, cheese & crackers, etc.) • No candy, sugary snacks.

  7. Birthdays • We will recognize your child’s birthday in class in a small way. • Please do not send in birthday treats. No cakes, cupcakes, etc. • Your child may not pass out invitations at school.

  8. The Homework Cycle…What is it?SchoolHomeSchool • Reading Log: 20 minutes per night due on Friday mornings with parent signature. • Daily homework (spelling, math, grammar, etc). • Class work that does not get completed at school. • Book Reports & Literature Celebrations begin in January.

  9. Projects/Assignments • Almost always give a printed direction sheet and email attachment home. • Usually it includes how the project will be graded. • Use the grading rubric/checklist to check the finished project. • We often show/read examples in class.

  10. Mastery Club…… This club is for students interested in reaching their highest potential and going above and beyond normal classroom expectations. The club was created by Mrs. Renz, a fourth grade teacher in Oregon. All the work that is on this website is credited to her. Please visit her website at http://www.mrsrenz.net/masteryclub.htm for more information. See teacher websites for the challenges!

  11. Scholastic Book Orders will be coming home shortly and you should be seeing them about once a month. We will also be sending notices via email for you to order online. Ordering online is super easy and is a great way to add extra books to our class library!

  12. Behavior • What’s our Classroom Management Plan??? • Positive Environment • Focus on LifeskillsTraits & Bucket Filling • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic • Ask your child what it means • to be a Bucket Filler!!

  13. We all make mistakes. It’s how we pick ourselves up after we fall that helps define who we are.

  14. Fourth Grade Curriculum

  15. This is the year your child gets REAL letter grades!!

  16. Grades The grading system is based on written work (including assignments, quizzes, and tests) teacher observations, informal assessments, projects, and class participation. Grades are given on a point system, and based on the following percentages: • 90-100% A • 80-89% B • 70-79% C Be sure to check your child’s grades on:ParentVUE • 60-69% D • 0-59% F We do not “give” students grades. They “earn” them.

  17. Common Core State Standards Arizona is one of 46 states to have formally adopted the Common Core State Standards. The standards are posted in our room and…. • Are aligned with college and work expectations • Are clear, understandable and consistent • Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills • Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards • Designed so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society

  18. Math Common Core

  19. Math • The KSD adopted math resources combine two stand-alone programs. By using these resources, we will be able to reach students needs and deepen students knowledge of mathematical content. • Investigations in Number, Data and Space is an activity based math resource. It encourages students to think creatively, develop critical thinking skills and get a deeper understanding of math and how to apply it. • SFAW is a math basal. It is a traditional textbook approach to teaching math and focuses on problem solving and practice.

  20. English Language Arts Common Core

  21. 4th Grade Social Studies • Arizona’s Geography & People • Arizona Statehood • Arizona’s Government & Economy • Arizona Studies Weekly

  22. Arizona Weekly Studies • We use this magazine as a way to teach fourth graders about Arizona. • Every child should have their own copy. • If you are able to donate $7.00 for your child or if you would like to make an extra donation for another student, we would be so appreciative.

  23. Science Units • Scientific Process • Animal Classifications & Adaptations • Water & Weather • Electricity & Magnetism • Renewable & Non-renewable Resources

  24. Tax Credit Donation Our learning is enhanced thanks to you! Fourth Grade field trips we hope to take this year include both the Arizona State Capital and the Desert Botanical Gardens! Please consider making a donation to Paloma!!! See us for a tax credit form!

  25. Thank you for being here! Any questions?