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Learning Styles PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Styles

Learning Styles

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Learning Styles

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  1. Learning Styles • What we’ll be covering: • What is a learning style? • How you develop a learning style? • What’s your learning style? • How information on your learning style can help to improve your learning

  2. What is a learning style? • An individuals’ characteristic and preferred way of gathering, interpreting, organizing and thinking about information. • Style includes the type of environments you like to learn in, your preferences for working with others, and the way you perceive information. • No single style of learning has been shown to be better than any other

  3. How do you develop a learning style? • Learning styles develop over time as a result of an individual’s inherent preferences and experience with his/her environment • They can and do change over time

  4. How can information about learning styles improve your learning? • You may be more satisfied and more productive if you are studying with methods compatible with your style. Right now you may be studying with methods incompatible with your style and not know it. • You may experiment with building up less-preferred styles so that you can be equally comfortable with different tasks and in different learning environments.

  5. What’s your learning style? • Complete the Learning Style Assessment.(You will need to print the results in order to save them). • View suggestions for studying and learning based on your learning style.

  6. Summary • Your learning style influences the way that you perceive and process information. • By knowing your learning style, you can employ methods and strategies to make studying and learning more productive. • Without this information, you may make studying and learning more difficult for yourself without even realizing it.

  7. Apply what you’ve learned • Write full description of how you like to learn • Answer the following questions: • How do I learn best? • What time of day do I learn best? • What kind of environment do I learn best in? • Do I learn better alone or with others? • What study strategies are (or would be) particularly helpful for you? • How will you be changing your study methods now that you are aware of your learning style?