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Learning Styles PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Styles

Learning Styles

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Learning Styles

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  1. Learning Styles Week 4

  2. Monday: Warm-Up Good Morning!!! Pick up your spiral in the back bucket Open to a clean page and write the date at the top WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LEARNING STYLE AND A LEARNING PREFERENCE? (Please have your agendas out and open on your desk too)

  3. Learning Style vs. Preference LEARNING STYLE: the method of learning that allows the student to learn best LEARNING PREFERENCE: Students have preferences regarding time of study, place of study, working in groups, and other similar aspects ALL of these elements put together determine a student’s individual style of learning.

  4. V-A-K-T V-Visual—(seeing) A-Auditory(hearing) K-Kinesthetic(moving) T-Tactile(touching)

  5. Kinesthetic/Tactile Student actually carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration Prefer to touch objects Prefer doing over hearing or reading

  6. Auditory Learning A student learns most effectively by listening to information delivered orally, in lectures, speeches, or class discussion Prefers to listen instead of read

  7. Visual Learning Students associate ideas, concepts, data, and other information with images and represent them through pictures or graphs Pictures or maps Prefer looking at a diagram before putting something together

  8. Ways to Learn Brainstorm Week 4: Day 2

  9. Warm Up: Get your warm-up spirals and open to the same page you worked on yesterday For 3 minutes, brainstorm different ways you study for a test (make a list)

  10. Discuss Ideas:

  11. Ways to Learn Chart • As a class--discuss the V-A-K-T Chart • Independently, fill out the blank chart on the back—think about different ways you learn in relation to these learning styles!!! • HW: Complete Chart (If you don’t finish in class) • Binder/Agenda CHECK TOMORROW!!!

  12. What is My Best Work Environment? Day 3

  13. Warm-Up Please have a seat Get out your AGENDA and a PEN or PENCIL My WEBSITE:

  14. What is Best Work Environment? People learn in different ways: Circle the ones that apply to YOU! Some like to work alone. Some like to work with friends. Some like to work in a quiet place. Some like to work while listening to music. Some like a bright place to work. Some like a dim place to work. Some like to work in the morning. Some like to work in the afternoon. Some like to work at night. Some like to read for information. Some like to listen for information. Some like to work with their hands.

  15. What is My Best Work Environment? Cont. Please answer the last three questions independently. If you finish in class, please turn in to the “TURN IN” tray by the door. If you do not finish, it is homework! HW: Finish “My Best Work Environment” if you didn’t in class!

  16. QUIZ: How Do I Learn Best? Day 4

  17. Warm-Up GET YOUR AGENDA AND BINDER READY TO BE CHECKED!!! Please sit quietly while I go around the room. After your materials have been checked, you should have nothing but a pencil on your desk.


  19. My Learning Style Day 5

  20. Warm-Up: Get out your Spiral and open to a new page WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND OUR LEARNING STYLES? WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS? When you are finished please turn in your spiral to the “turn in” drawer by the door!

  21. My Style Activity Both the “My Style” and the “My Learning Style” Chart are DUE MONDAY! If you do not get a chance to finish these at the end of the class it is HOMEWORK! IF you finish in class, please turn in to the “Turn In” drawer by the door!