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    1. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 ASD-PRO / NADCAP SPECIAL PROCESS ACCREDITATION PROGRAM February 9, 2006

    2. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Accreditation ASD-PRO/ Nadcap Agenda ASD-PRO Presentation Pri Nadcap Presentation Supplier perspective Prime positions SAFRAN Group SONACA Questions/ Answers

    3. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006

    4. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Background Starting 2001, under AECMA Quality Committee umbrella and decision, a working group has been put in place, to create an European organisation to support Special Processes assessment : For the improvement of Special Processes handled by suppliers, With the aim to have a cross-recognition between European organisation and PRI/NADCAP. Based on the AECMA ( now ASD ) orientations, the European Working Group has developed an European Special Processes Management System

    5. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Some of AECMA members have decided to create a non-profit European association AECMA-PRO under Belgium law. now With the participation of Aerospace Primes, Supported and promoted by ASD, Logistic, Administrative tasks, management of audits supported by a supporting Body under members control. Background

    6. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Dassault Aviation EADS SOCATA ? Eurocopter ? Hispano Suiza Aircelle Latcore Liebherr Aerospace Messier Bugatti Messier Dowty

    7. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 To avoid any duplication with NADCAP Special Process accreditation Program and under ASD incentive On 1st April 2004, an agreement has been signed with Pri-NADCAP endorsed by ASD. ASD-PRO keep an operational auditing activity There is only one accreditation process and one unique accreditation delivered under the umbrella of NADCAP. Some ASD-PRO auditors will be Nadcap approved and will supply audit reports to the Nadcap accreditation process ASD-PRO suppliers will have the choice between NADCAP auditor or ASD-PRO auditor being able to perform audit in the suppliers native language. ASD-PRO Organization

    8. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006

    9. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Processes Covered Heat Treatment NDT FPI X-Ray MPI (Magnetic Particle inspection) Ultrasonic Chemical Processing Material Testing Laboratories Composites Electronics Coatings

    10. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006

    11. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Responsibilities ASD-PRO/NADCAP accreditation system is limited to verify that suppliers are able to manage special processes in accordance with requirements defined by NADCAP requirements. Each Prime remains responsible of the final qualification of its suppliers in compliance with its own specifications.

    12. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Accreditation Policy ASD-PRO members request a Special Process accreditation for their major suppliers. They will request the single international NADCAP accreditation Any supplier of ASD-PRO Prime may ask for NADCAP accreditation performed by ASD-PRO auditors. NADCAP accreditation is given for 12 months from the date of the audit. This period may be increased to 24 months taking into account the quality performance of the supplier ( Merit Program)

    13. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Accreditation Policy Pri-NADCAP members will recognize the ASD-PRO delivered accreditations for the time period until scheduling the re-accreditation under NADCAP process.

    14. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Audits Principles At the supplier request, audits are performed by Auditors from ASD-PRO members Companies or by NADCAP auditors. Audit cannot be performed without the signature of the formal contract between Pri and the supplier. All ASD-PRO auditors shall be certified. and Nadcap approved (certification given for 1 year) All audits shall be conducted in using approved NADCAP/ASD-PRO checklist(s). Audits costs are supported by Suppliers

    15. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Benefits Improve the quality level of special process performed by aeronautical industry processors Get worldwide recognition with a single accreditation

    16. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Benefits for Suppliers Reduce for the suppliers, the time and working load spent in receiving Special Process audits Giving opportunities to suppliers to be part of Task Groups Giving opportunities to suppliers to be assessed by auditors speaking their language Giving opportunities to suppliers to get NADCAP approval for their own special process auditors

    17. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Benefits for ASD-Pro Primes Being able to integrate coherent European requirements into the technical check lists Reduce for each ASD-PRO Prime the working load of performing Special Process audits which are performed once for all the ASD-PRO and Nadcap customers of a supplier Having European companies auditors granted by Pri-NADCAP Taking benefit of the NADCAP auditor training course Auditing with native language and European culture

    18. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 The suppliers of ASD-PRO Members are able to ask for a NADCAP accreditation by an ASD-PRO/NADCAP auditor for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Heat treatment (HT) Chemical Processing (CP) ( provided that an ASD-PRO auditor is available)

    19. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 AUDIT REQUIREMENTS The goal of the audit is to verify that the Special Processes of your Company are performed in conformance with NADCAP Requirements. The NADCAP Requirements are based on NADCAP Primes agreed requirements The customers requirements are verified through Job Audits (audit of parts being processed)

    20. Ph Gastebois January 16, 2006 Audit Cost Audit Cost depends on the number of commodities and of processing equipments, Basic audit fee is : 3600 for 1 auditor / day and then add 750 per one more day of audit. Information Dont hesitate to ask your customer for more information. or contact : Philippe Gastebois Phone : + 33 (0) .. for any additional information.