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Welcome to Our Open House!

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Welcome to Our Open House!. A Little About Me…. This my 15 th year teaching Gifted Cluster at Strawbridge. I received my degree from Longwood College and I’m certified to teach Pre-K through 8 th grade.

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a little about me
A Little About Me…

This my 15thyear teaching Gifted Cluster at Strawbridge.

I received my degree from Longwood College and I’m certified to teach Pre-K through 8thgrade.

I have experience in team teaching as well as self contained but I prefer the self contained classroom. We can be flexible and it gives me an opportunity to appreciate and bond with the students.

I look forward to working with you all this year. I wouldn’t be able to do much without your support at home. I believe communication is key. If you have questions or concerns during the school year, you can reach me at 648-3800 ext. 55327 or [email protected]

homework policy
Homework Policy
  • Homework is assigned 4 nights a week and shouldn’t take more than an hour to do.
  • Homework is written on the board as part of their morning work and will stay up on the board all day.
  • Homework is due the next day. If it is not returned to school completed, the student must fill out a homework slip. They have an opportunity to show me the work the next morning or receive silent lunch.
  • No homework is to be completed in class.
  • If a student is missing an assignment due to an emergency, please send in a note so that I am aware. An emergency would be an illness, not a sporting event.
  • Class work/ Participation
  • Quizzes
  • Tests/ Projects
  • Students who miss school MUST make up missed tests. MISSED TESTS ARE CLIPPED TO THE WHITE BOARD. It is the student’s responsibility to check the board for missed work.
  • Students are required to turn all work in on time. Extra time will be given to students who missed work due to illness or emergency. EXTRA CREDIT WILL NOT BE GIVEN.
  • Students will have 5 points deducted from any assignment if they fail to put their name on their paper. If a student misspells a word on an assignment that has a word bank, 1 pt. will be deducted for every misspelled word.

Please try to keep your child in school as much as possible. When they miss a day, they miss A LOT of instruction and often they feel overwhelmed when making it up. If possible, please schedule doctor's appointments in the early morning or after school hours.

HOWEVER, if your child is sick...I don't want them!!!! We share everything in here; paper, pencils, glue, strep throat.... If they are sick, please keep them home until my healthy student can return back to school.

  • Students are expected to behave in a positive and appropriate manner.
  • They will be a given punch card at the beginning of every week to keep in their planner. The goal is to not get a “punch” in the card throughout the day.
  • There are consequences for losing punches and, of course, rewards for keeping your card “punch free”.
  • They have an opportunity to earn positive points for their teams and for the whole class throughout the day as well.
  • Weekly Team points: any time a team is caught being exceptionally great they are awarded points at the teacher's discretion.
  • Points for Popcorn: Anytime the whole class is caught being awesome i.e. in the café, library, in the hall, during fire drills, etc. I will “pull a chip” and the color of the chip awards the class a certain amount of points. The students must receive 200 points for a popcorn and movie party.

VA History

  • The Land of Virginia
  • American Indians and


  • Colonial VA
  • VA and the New Nation
  • The Civil War and After
  • The 20th Century and


  • Scientific Method
  • Cells
  • Classification
  • Oceans
  • Matter
  • Rocks
  • Earth Movements
  • Sound and Light
  • Number Theory
  • Estimation and Computation
  • Geometry
  • Division
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percents
  • Using Data; Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
  • Exponents and Negative Numbers
  • Ratios
  • Coordinates, Area, Volume, and Capacity
  • Algebraic Concepts
  • Probability
  • Process Writing
  • Quick Writes (daily writing grade)
  • Journal Writing
  • Word Study
  • Vocabulary from Novel Studies
  • Grammar Skills
  • Novel Studies
  • We will cover a variety of genres.
  • Some basal (but not much)
  • Read About
  • Poetry
  • Small Reading Groups
  • Making Meaning
work habits citizenship and health
Work Habits, Citizenship, and Health

Each of these are graded on an O to U grading scale.

Students must display good work habits and

be good citizens throughout each marking period.

Any grade below an S will keep a student off

of the Honor Roll or Principal's List.

and what you all have been waiting for
And What You All Have Been Waiting For………

Yes, I still need a room parent and volunteers! Thank you so much for asking!

Don’t worry! We don’t do a lot of parties and I’m an anti-craft kind of girl. I need parents to help with things like…

-Being a room parent

-Copying papers

-Sending in supplies

-Scholastic book orders

Where do you sign up for these exciting opportunities? I have placed a sign up sheet in the back of the room for your convenience. See how easy I make it when volunteering in room 27? If you’d like to help by donating supplies, I have a wish list on my webpage that I update as needed. A few items that would make our room even more sensational than it all ready is are located on the back board. Feel free to grab a post-it on your way out.

my webpage
My Webpage

Please check out my webpage for important announcements, calendar events, homework, important links, and student blogs.

Blogging is something we will do frequently. Students are encouraged to access my blog from home and participate in our class blog. A student will have 3 days to add something to our class discussion. Blogging will often be assigned for homework.

Students and parents can visit my webpage at www.teacherweb.com/VA/SES/Wallace

I sent a sheet home with the students the first week with the address. I encourage you to add it to your favorites list. If you need a new sheet, please grab one from the table by the door.


I want to let you all know how important you

are to the growth of your child academically.

You were their first teachers at home and I

count on and appreciate your support. Feel free

to visit (even if your child says it's not "cool"

anymore) because 5th grade goes by in a

blink of an eye. Thank you so much for coming tonight!