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Officials. Officials in sport - Football. Football referees are there to keep the game fair and make the decisions about the game . Fouls Discipline Handballs Goal decisions. Roles of the officials.

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officials in sport football
Officials in sport - Football

Football referees are there to keep the game fair and make the decisions about the game.

  • Fouls
  • Discipline
  • Handballs
  • Goal decisions
roles of the officials
Roles of the officials

Referee – The main official, they call the fouls and make the final decisions. They are the lead official so they get the most abuse from fans.


Linesman – Stay inline with the last defender to look for offside.

  • They also help referees look for decisions like handball or seeing if the ball has crossed the line.

Fourth Official – They are near the managers and they decide how much added time is needed, they watch managers and make sure they don’t go out of their technical area.

responsibility s of officials
Responsibility's of officials
  • Keeping up to date with all the new rules and regulations
  • They must make sure that they don’t make any biased decisions
  • They have to be consistent with their decisions
  • Look after players and fans
  • Make sure the game goes ahead