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Casey’s story

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Casey’s story.

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casey s story

Casey’s story

Casey decided one afternoon that he was going to cook crumbed Chicken with vegetables for dinner. First he checked that his shoes were tied. Then he got his apron on. Then he thoroughly washed his hand in warm soapy water. Then dried his hands dry. Then he fills the sink three quarters of the way full and with a drop of detergent he can now do dishes. Then he lines his baking trays with oil. He can now start

getting started

Getting started

Next Casey got all his things out so that he could cook. First he got his steamer so that he could steam his vegetables. Then he got out two spare dishes to make the coating. Then he got a out a fry pan. He also got out the knifes for cutting and the cutlery for eating. He got out the measuring cups and utensils.

Next he got out the ingredients. Chicken, Egg, Flour, Oil, Carrot, Broccoli and beans.



First Casey preheats the oven to 125 degrees (it is half way on his oven). Then he starts making the dinner.

First he gets out the meat from the fridge. (It has been thoring out for a couple of hours before hand). He cuts out all the fat then cuts it into small nugget like shapes. Then he gets the vegetables and starts preparing them. He peels the carrots and then dies them up. Next he gets 10 beans out of the packet then cuts the ends of and halves them. He gets out one head of Broccoli. He cuts all of the top stalk off then put the vegetables in the steamer. But before he did that he put water in the bottom and put it on to boil. He then cracks the eggs and puts them onto on dish then puts the flour onto another dish. He then rolls the chicken in the egg and the flour then lets it dry for a couple of minutes he is now ready to Cook



Casey put the meat into a cooking tray lined with oil he turns the temperature on the oven up to 220 degrees then put the baking tray in the oven. While Casey waits for the Vegetables to steam and the meat to cook he wipes down the bench then washes and dries the dishes. He gets out a cooling tray so that when the chicken is cooked he can let it sit before putting in onto the plate. Before he can sit down he needs to check the Vegetables and the meat to see if the need to be turned down or up. The meat is almost cooked on the outside but not on the inside. So he turns it down so it doesn’t burn on the outside but cooks on the inside. The vegetables also need to be turned down. Now Casey knows that he has a bit off time to sit down before he has to eat dinner. He gets out a glass and has a drink of lemonade.

s erving


Casey gets out the meat and vegetables. He gets the vegetables on to the plate as soon as they have cooled down. ( he like them hot). He then put the meat on the plate. He just puts it anywhere he doesn’t worry about presentation after all he isn’t in Masterchief . He gets the sauce out of the fridge and the salt and pepper from the bench then he walks to the table. Picks up the Knife and Fork the digs in.