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Creative Industries

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Creative Industries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creative Industries
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  1. Creative Industries Created By Ryan James Alexander Hutchison

  2. What is it? • The Creative Industries are made up from a range of sectors which reveals knowledge and information; they each have their own individuality and creativity, this together creates the potential for wealth and employment.

  3. How is it made up? • The Creative Industries are made up from 13 sectors; these include Film, Advertising, Music, performing many of them work together closely in synergy. • The 13 sectors are: • Advertising , Architecture, Art and Antiques, Crafts, Design, Designer fashion, Film, Interactive Leisure, Software, Music, Performing, Arts, Publishing, Software and Computer Services, TV and radio.

  4. What are the main vocational areas within the sector? • Creative Scotland is a development body for arts and culture; it has the main responsibility to promote an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts and culture; and most of all work with partners to support the creative industries.

  5. What have been the major developments effecting the sector over the last ten years? • A major development in the past 10 years has been the development of social media, whichincludes web- and mobile-based technologies, meaning a massive boost in web design, and other sectors within the creative industries.

  6. How is the sector important to the UK economy? • The sector is important to the UK economy as the industry fuels ideas and inspiration, the industry has grown massively in the past decade, employing twice the national average, and currently employs over 60,000 people in Scotland alone (as of 2009) and contributed to 5.1 billion to the Scottish economy.

  7. How is it different from the Cultural Industries sector? • Cultural industries include industries that focus on cultural tourism and heritage, museums and libraries, sports and outdoor activities, while the Creative Industries are more computer based.

  8. What is it meant by synergy within the Creative industries? • Synergy within the Creative means that more than one sector of the industry are working together, such as Modelling and photography, where the designer creates clothing and the photographer then takes photographs of the final presentation of the clothes via model.

  9. What are the key issues for the candidates chosen vocational area (Computer Games) in this sector? • One of the key issues that candidates face in Scotland and much of Northern England is the prospect of moving to a different location permanently, as many of the jobs in the Graphic design industry for example are based in the southern part of the UK, also changes in technology may have an impact within this area.

  10. What is its cultural importance to the UK? • It is important to UK culture as Britain has a diverse population of ethnic groups, the creative industries help promote this diversity, with variations of music, photography and design from all corners of the world, which can be good for tourism and the promotion of the UK’s diversity and culture.

  11. The End Created by Ryan Hutchison I hope you enjoyed this presentation and here are the links to the websites I used to get the information