Pardee homes corrigo system training day 1 customer service coordinators
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Pardee Homes Corrigo System Training Day 1 – Customer Service Coordinators. Instructor: Mark Chamberlin Corrigo Training Specialist. Explore specifics of the CSC’s role and responsibilities in Corrigo Practice skills learned in first session Go more in depth with WO management tools

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Presentation Transcript
Pardee homes corrigo system training day 1 customer service coordinators

Pardee HomesCorrigo System TrainingDay 1 – Customer Service Coordinators


Mark ChamberlinCorrigo Training Specialist

Today s agenda

Explore specifics of the CSC’s role and responsibilities in Corrigo

Practice skills learned in first session

Go more in depth with WO management tools

Explain relationship with CSR in more detail

Understand how to complete daily tasks using Corrigo

Understand new work flows for specific WOs

See how the AS400 PO System integrates with Corrigo

Today’s Agenda

Walk away knowing you can start using Corrigo to do your job!

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Review of day 1
Review of Day 1 in Corrigo

  • Basic roles and responsibility

  • Fundamentals of Corrigo functions

  • Work Orders

    • Creating

    • Searching

    • Types of WOs

    • Monitoring and managing basics

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Responsibilities of the csc
Responsibilities of the CSC in Corrigo

  • The Customer Service Coordinator (CSC) will get requests from Construction for inspections

  • Take requests for Warranty work from Homeowners (H/Os)

  • Refer out requests to CSR

  • Convert Walkthrough items into WOs

  • Monitor WO statuses for problems

  • Resolve issues needing attention and reopen WOs

  • Monitor Purchase Order process

  • Assist with closing Work Orders

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Try it
Try It! in Corrigo

  • Let’s review some of the skills we learned yesterday

  • Create a series of inspections for the home owner you have been assigned

    • PCI

    • Orientation

    • Evaluation – 3 Items

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Review csc work flow
Review CSC Work Flow in Corrigo

  • Refer to the diagram in today’s handouts

  • The goal is to adapt how your daily routines have been into Corrigo

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Advanced lookup tricks
Advanced Lookup Tricks in Corrigo

  • There are three useful ways to lookup a home owners record:

    • NameContains – You can enter all or part of their first or last name

    • DBAContains – This category refers to the Lot Number and Address of the home

    • PhoneNumber – This is pretty obvious

    • The other two ways won’t help you much

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Verify home owner information
Verify Home Owner Information in Corrigo

  • When you lookup the H/O, go to the details screen and verify their information

  • Getting their email address correct and phonenumber are important for later use

  • In the H/Os detail screen, click on the contact’s name the screen below appears

Customer Service Coordinator Training

The special info icons
The Special Info Icons in Corrigo

  • There is a series of four icons across the bottom of the Home Owner Details screen

Work Order – History

Contacts – H/O name

Custom Fields - Litigation

Spaces – Warranty Dates

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Warranty dates spaces
Warranty Dates (Spaces) in Corrigo

  • The Spaces Icon defines the WarrantyDates for the home

  • As you can probably imagine, it’s critical to check this date before creating a WO

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Work orders
Work Orders in Corrigo

  • This is a history of ALL work orders issued for this property

  • Check this to make sure there isn’t a duplicate WO already issued to another occupant in the home

  • You can also look for trends

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Wo detail screen summary
WO Detail Screen - Summary in Corrigo

  • This is the Homeowner Information Section on the WO Details Screen

  • What information are you seeing in this section??

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Working with assets
Working With Assets in Corrigo

  • Now that we know who is calling and some important info about them, we need to know what their problem is

  • Assets are the various objects or “stuff” in the Corrigo system

  • Assets are arranged in a hierarchy starting with the largest (LOT) to the smallest (doorknob)

Customer Service Coordinator Training

TASKS in Corrigo

  • Each ASSET has specific TASKS that are related to it

  • Refer to the paper handout given to you for a sample of some of these

  • A Priority is automatically assigned based on pre programmed information

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Inspections in Corrigo

  • All inspections involve the entire LOT

  • Be sure to use the Asset Browser to identify the LOT

  • You can not see this in the drop down or type ahead

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Defining asset location
Defining Asset Location in Corrigo

  • When you are looking up the asset you can see the location in the type ahead

  • After the WO is saved, this description of the asset goes away

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Asset browser
Asset Browser in Corrigo

  • Another way of accessing the AssetTree is through the AssetBrowser

  • To the left of the asset is theblue letter “A”

  • Clicking on this brings up the dialog

  • This shows the highest level, the “LOT”

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Navigating the asset tree
Navigating the Asset Tree in Corrigo

  • When you double click the LOT it opens up a newlayer of options

  • These reflect rooms or areasof the house that containother smallerassets

  • By clicking on any one of these you access the sub-assets for that area

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Sub assets
Sub-Assets in Corrigo

  • You can now see the assets of that room or area. We will use the Master Bathroom as an example here

  • SINGLE click the asset to selectand then click OK

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Selecting task
Selecting Task in Corrigo

  • The “Type Ahead” feature works here

  • Type in “Light” and then select “Light Fixture - Defective”

  • Tip: Use the down arrow key

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Task description
Task Description in Corrigo

  • Enter data in the line space or click the EditDescription for more space

  • You can enter in up to 256characters

  • Click OK

Example of a note containing 250 characters

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Descriptions special note
Descriptions – Special Note in Corrigo

  • Help the sub contractor prepare for the work being done and increase their efficiency

  • Include details that will help save time

    • Room location

    • Model numbers

    • Color, etc

  • Be specific about any symptoms reported. Give details!

  • Note any special considerations i.e. mean dog, day sleeper, etc.

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Add second item
Add Second Item in Corrigo

  • Click ADD to start a second item

  • Enter the information the same way as the first one and repeat until done

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Update workflow settings
Update Workflow Settings in Corrigo

  • This will automatically complete most of the next section!

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Assignment and scheduling

* Priority – Is it an Emergency? in Corrigo

Specialty – Type of Sub i.e. painting

* Assigned to – Specific sub

Scheduled Start


Due By – Auto

Assignment and Scheduling

  • Duration – Skip

  • Invoice – Assigned later by system

  • Not To Exceed

  • Created - Auto

  • P.O. # - Assigned later by system

    * Essential Information for CSC to complete

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Specialty in Corrigo

  • SPECIALTY refers to the trade of the sub you are assigning work to

    • CSC will always assign to _PardeeRep

  • On a single item WO the Specialty will usually complete automatically

  • On a multi item we need to create a WORK PLAN

  • Hit Save and let’s proceed…

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Creating eval work order
Creating Eval Work Order in Corrigo

  • Homeowner makes request over the phone, email, walk-in, fax, etc.

  • Verify H/O data – name, phone, address

  • Is warranty still valid (referto start / end date)

  • Is there a previously cancelled WO?

    • Refer to Service History

Customer Service Coordinator Training

If previously canceled
If Previously Canceled in Corrigo

  • Reopen the Canceled WO

  • Enter in reason for Reopening

  • Reassign to CSR

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Create evaluation wo
Create Evaluation WO in Corrigo

  • If everything is okay to this point, create a new WO

  • Type is Evaluation

  • Add items reported by the H/O to the WO

  • Assign to CSR

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Message workorders
Message Workorders in Corrigo

  • This is used as a communication tool for urgent messages

  • Create the WO in the normal way

  • In the Description field give specifics of the message

  • If you know the CSR is on a long appointment, refer to a manager

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Pci inspections
PCI Inspections in Corrigo

  • Receive documents from Construction

  • Setup PCI WO for the CSR

  • They will perform Back-Check from this

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Try it1
Try It in Corrigo

  • Create a PCI inspection for your two homeowners

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Orientations in Corrigo

  • Receive Documents from Construction

  • Create new WO

  • Type: Orientation

  • Remember to useAsset Browser

  • Select Lot

  • Assign CSR(_Pardee Rep)

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Bare floor inspection
Bare Floor Inspection in Corrigo

  • Note whether the inspection is a bare floor or not in the Task

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Try it2
Try It in Corrigo

  • Create an Orientation WO for you Home Owner

  • Add line items from a typical OrientationForm(use your imagination here)

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Homeowner inquiry
Homeowner Inquiry in Corrigo

  • The H/O calls and wants to know what is happening with their WOs

  • Lookup the H/O. In the H/O Details screen click on WO icon.

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Try it3
Try It! in Corrigo

  • What could you tell your homeowner about the current status of the work on their home?

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Work order summary
Work Order Summary in Corrigo

  • Click on Work Orders Tab and then Summary

  • This will give you a simple count of the number of active WOs in a particular status

  • This is one easy way to get to all of the completed WOs for the project

  • CAUTION: This can be a verylong list

Customer Service Coordinator Training

The wo dispatch board
The WO Dispatch Board in Corrigo

  • Click on the Work Orders tab

  • Select Dispatch Board

  • This is a snapshot of the activeWOs and their current status

  • It gives an at-a-glance survey of work in progress

  • You know who is doing, or not doing what and why!

  • (Future: Oversee HomeOwnerportal)

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Dispatch board tips tricks
Dispatch Board Tips / Tricks in Corrigo

  • Clicking on a header will sort that item by ascending order. Double click descending order.

  • Clicking on the WO# will takeyou directly to the WO

  • Hovering over any item will give you the complete text of the field

Customer Service Coordinator Training

More tips up left triangles
More Tips… Up Left Triangles in Corrigo

  • The Up Left pointing triangleswill link into a dialog screen

  • You can lookup andupdate info i.e. Location or Description

Customer Service Coordinator Training

More tips down triangles
More Tips… Down Triangles in Corrigo

  • A down triangle indicates a drop down list option

  • Change assignments

  • Change priorities

  • Make or change an appointment

Customer Service Coordinator Training

And more tips filters
And More Tips… Filters in Corrigo

  • See just what you want to see using check boxes

Just WOs with current appts

Quickly cluster like statuses

Find parent WOs quickly

Track status of subs

Customer Service Coordinator Training

Try it4
TRY IT! in Corrigo

  • Go into the Dispatch Board and try the things we have been discussing here

  • Do Sort and Filters on the board

  • Set up appointment

  • Change assignments

  • Change assets

  • How could this be useful to you? List threeways and be willing to share them

Customer Service Coordinator Training