Pardee Homes Corrigo System Training Day 2 – Customer Service Coordinators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pardee Homes Corrigo System Training Day 2 – Customer Service Coordinators PowerPoint Presentation
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Pardee Homes Corrigo System Training Day 2 – Customer Service Coordinators

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Pardee Homes Corrigo System Training Day 2 – Customer Service Coordinators
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Pardee Homes Corrigo System Training Day 2 – Customer Service Coordinators

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  1. Pardee HomesCorrigo System TrainingDay 2 – Customer Service Coordinators Instructor: Mark ChamberlinCorrigo Training Specialist

  2. Review of Basics Review of the CSCs role and responsibilities and how they involve Corrigo Advanced lookup functions and additional information available Claims activity Promise dates Warranty dates In depth look at how the asset system works Using the Asset Browser Creating multi-line work orders Creating work orders for basic activities and functions Using the Dispatch Board to monitor and manager work flows Managing the Needs Attention and On Hold statuses How “Dispositions” are used Review of Day 1 – CSC Training CSC Training

  3. Review Exercise • Create a three line Evaluation Work order • Do it for your assigned H/O • They call in with the following problems: • Air conditioning is not cooling fully • Loose handrail on the front porch • Carpet is buckling in the MBR • Assign to a CSR CSC Training

  4. Look Up Review • A person named Abhra called and left a message to call back. What is their phone number? • Who lives at 17446 W. Smoke Tree Ln? • How many WOs does the CSR Aja have assigned to him? CSC Training

  5. Attention / On Hold Handling • When work is interrupted there are two statuses: • On Hold • Something has stopped the workflow • NeedsAttention • This usually means someone needs to do something. • A decision needs to be made • Management intervention / approval needed • Either status suspends the WO CSC Training

  6. Needs Attention • This category of status means just that. It needs you to do something right away. • THE LAW!!: • Thou Shall Respond to All “Needs Attention” Items Before Thou Shall Leave the Office!! • Why? The entire billing system or work flow grinds to a halt waiting for you to takeaction on these items. CSC Training

  7. Needs Attention Categories • There are several reasons why thisstatus is assigned • To the right is a sample of the choices • Each category will beresolved a little bit differently… CSC Training

  8. Access Problem • If the CSR is unable to get access to the home due to H/Os failure to show • After 5 days, send the “5 Day No Access” letter to the H/O • Attach the letter to the WO • Cancel the WO • Use the 5 Day No Access reason • Note: WO can be reopened and reissued at a later date if appropriate CSC Training

  9. Call Me to Clarify • Call CSR to get needed information • Update Notes to document conversation • Reopen WO – reassign to same CSR CSC Training

  10. Need Mgr Review / Approval • Contact Manager regarding the issue • Update Notes to document conversation • Attach any needed documents (optional) • Reopen and reassign WO to CSR CSC Training

  11. PO Approved • AS400 will return the WO with this status assigned automatically when it’s approved • When CSC sees this, WO needs to be RE-OPENED and reassigned • There should now be a PO# assigned CSC Training

  12. PO Declined • Change Disposition to “No Action – Non Warrantable” • Cancel the associated ChildWO • Send “NoAction” letter to H/O • Attachletter to WO CSC Training

  13. Request Reschedule • This is for future use with the H/O portal system. Ignore for now. CSC Training

  14. Signature Obtained • Wait for CSR to deliver package • Complete WO • Send out the CustomerServiceSurvey CSC Training

  15. Unable to Obtain Signature • This needs to be referred back to the supervisor • A letter is sent out by them to the H/O CSC Training

  16. Watch For Needs Attention • There is an issue that needs resolving • Once resolved, you need to reopen the WO in order to make it active and reassign it • Doubleclick on the Needs Attention item CSC Training

  17. Re-Open Work Order • Whenever a WO is in Hold or Needs Attention it is put into suspension – Waiting for a resolution • You can only Re-Open from a PC • Click the Re-Open button CSC Training

  18. Re-Open Reason • A dialog box opens up asking why you are re-opening the WO • Enter in a briefdescription and then click OK • This takes you back to the main WO screen • The WO will appear with a NEW status with the CSRs name on it CSC Training

  19. On Hold – PO Requested • Once the CSR assigns a Sub, this status is assigned • It is sent out to the AS400 system for review, approval and PO assignment CSC Training

  20. TRY IT! • Create a couple of Work Orders for your H/Os • Put one of them in a HoldStatus • Put the other in a NeedsAttention Status • Notice how they change in the DispatchBoard • Re-open and resolve the issue and reassign it back to the CSR (yourself) CSC Training

  21. Pick Up Work Order • WO needs to be assigned to the CSR or a sub contractor for further actions • Once PO is assigned, it can be picked up by the SubContractor • Either through the Vendor Portal (Coming Soon!) OR… • Print and send WO (e-mail / fax / letter or pick up in person) CSC Training

  22. Needs Attention – Needs Signature • Work is complete and needs H/O signature • Try to contact H/O by phone • Send a Letter to the H/O • Watch demo of this CSC Training

  23. Needs Attention – PO Denied • This needs to be researched and resolved • Good time to use the Notes screen • Evaluate whether the WO needs to be cancelled if issue irresolvable • Change dispositionof WO manually CSC Training

  24. Closing A Work Order • The CSC will generally be closing out the Parent WO on all Evals. Sometimes you will close a Child WO for the CSR. • Once the WO reaches a Complete status then it needs to be closed • Go to your WO and select Complete CSC Training

  25. Complete WO Page • This Wizard will appear to help you move through the close sequence CSC Training

  26. Resolution • This starts the invoicing sequence • There are some important pieces of information that needs entering • RepairCategory – This assigns the specific asset type that the WO is billed against • RepairCode – The classification of task performed • Labor – Actual hours being billed • Materials – Related material costs CSC Training

  27. WO Complete Screen • The WO screen changes CSC Training

  28. Resolution Button • When you click this button • The RepairCategory is automatically selected on the WO screen. CSC Training

  29. Repair Category • Select the drop down menu • Select the appropriate assetfrom this list. • It should be the same as that on the WO • This is used for cost tracking CSC Training

  30. Repair Code • This corresponds to the task performed • This should correspond to the Task information shown on the WO CSC Training

  31. Costs: Labor/Materials • You can skip the information in these fields. It will be handled by the billing system. • You can also ignore the Invoice and Completed information CSC Training

  32. Finish • Now you can click on FINISHto close out this screen • You are back at the WOScreen CSC Training

  33. Disposition • The Dispositions of the WO is a more detailed classification of where the WO is in the process • The CSR needs to keep these up to date and relevant. • As WO status changes, updatethis information as it is relevant CSC Training

  34. More About Disposition • Disposition is most commonly used during evaluations • As you enter in a new ChildWorkOrder you must enter the disposition of it • The ACTION / NO ACTION dispositions are most relevant in this context CSC Training

  35. Change the Disposition • We are complete with this WO • Update the disposition of the completed WO to CompletedbySub • That’s It! • SAVE the changes CSC Training

  36. Lets Talk About POs • Corrigo is integrated (it communicates) with Pardee’s AS400 PO system • The PO system looks for the status ON HOLD – NEEDS PO • This status is usually assigned by the CSR • It is picked up and a POisassigned • It will come back with a NeedsAttention status • More on this later. Let’s talk about Statuses… CSC Training

  37. Data Synchronization • At Corrigo Synchs with the AS4900 System. • Homeowner data Synched- 11:00, 2:00, 8:00 • All homeowner details / info • Current list of options selected • Escrow date • PO Data – Every5 Minutes! • Requests from CSRs • Accepted / Declined from management • PO Number CSC Training

  38. Canceling a Work Order • Sometimes you just need to kill a WO for various reasons. • Select CANCEL from the options • Select the reason for doing it CSC Training

  39. Cancel Documentation • Record a note on why it was cancelled in case of a dispute or later re-opening • This is REQUIRED! CSC Training

  40. Making Changes Within the Board • You can change several items within the Board • Assign to • Status (Emergency / Regular) • Description • Make Appointment CSC Training

  41. Try It! • Create a New single item WO for your homeowner • Don’t assign it or set an appointment • Go to the Dispatch Board and refresh it (Try the F5 key trick) • Assign someone to the WO and set up an appointment for tomorrow at 10AM • Take the same WO and complete it. CSC Training

  42. Reporting • The Corrigo reporting feature that can generate information or summaries of some activities • Makes generation of reports automated and FAST! • There will be special reports made available to meet most reporting needs CSC Training

  43. Accessing Reports • The Report Wizard provides access to standard reports • Use the Shared Reports option • Pull-downs for selecting options like project names and timeframes • Multiple projects can be selected • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and other formats • Watch Demo… CSC Training

  44. Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Once all WOs are completed and closed, send a survey to the H/O • Get to the H/ODetails page • Go to Homeowner -> Survey -> PerformSurvey • It can be sent via e-mail orperformed on the phonemanually CSC Training

  45. Survey Requirements • There needs to be a Complete WO. Click on it to select which WO you are surveying • If there is an e-mail address it can be sent out with a link to the survey • If there is no e-mail then use phone. Click on AskByPhone to see and complete the survey manually. CSC Training

  46. Sample Survey CSC Training

  47. Historical WOs • There are a number of WOs that were transitioned over from the old system • As they are completed, the CSCwillclose them out • The only necessary action on these is closing them once completion of work is documented CSC Training

  48. Exercises: • You need to be working completely through some examples. • You are being given copies of paper based service request forms. • Convert them into Corrigoworkorders and work them through the entire cycle for each of the Service Request types. CSC Training

  49. TEST TIME • You are going to take a test. Part of it is performance based. You get to demonstrate your new knowledge • Part of the test is a series of questions about work flow and Corrigo process. • You can use Corrigo software but not your books. CSC Training