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UFP/CS Development (Core 2) PowerPoint Presentation
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UFP/CS Development (Core 2)

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UFP/CS Development (Core 2) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UFP/CS Development (Core 2). David Hart, SDSC. Q2 2009 Development Highlights. User Requests, Managament User Authentication User Access Resource Requests, POPS Resource Description Repository (RDR) Accounting System Catalogs and News. User Requests and Authentication.

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q2 2009 development highlights
Q2 2009 Development Highlights
  • User Requests, Managament
  • User Authentication
  • User Access
  • Resource Requests, POPS
  • Resource Description Repository (RDR)
  • Accounting System
  • Catalogs and News
user requests and authentication
User Requests and Authentication
  • User Requests, Management
    • New “new user” process in place this week.
      • No 5-day wait for RPs. Postal mail goes out (to the PI) with new user’s TGUP login/pwd as soon as user is vetted.
      • New documentation in place.
      • Will be watching this closely for repercussions.
    • Portal-initiated remove-user requests now processed automatically (next AMIE cycle)
  • User Authentication
    • Document in progress describing design for allowing users to create their own TGUP logins
      • Implementation will mean end of “POPS logins” and end of snail mail.
      • Version will be ready for wider distribution by end of July.
user access
User Access
  • User Access
    • TACC has prototyped mobile.teragrid.org site (not at this URL, yet) for iPhone.
      • Will be discussing with IU about integrating KB.
    • Web services interface to TGCDB info for users (Rion D.)
      • Essentially another way to get at tgusage information
pops and rdr
  • Resource Requests, POPS Enhancements
    • Pops-admin changes to integrate processing steps, support allocations staff
    • Changes to pops-review to provide template that supports the review criteria
    • Changes to support new “new user” process.
    • Next Focus: Eliminating repetitive data entry for supplements, justifications, renewals.
  • Resource Description Repository (RDR)
    • On track for test deployment for evaluation by RPs by end of July.
    • Site reps will be contacted by Ed and Rob
accounting catalogs news
Accounting, Catalogs, News
  • Accounting System
    • TGCDB failover hardware installed. Moving TGCDB primary server to TG network for faster replication next week.
    • Tgusage v3.0 deployed as current version. Much faster.
  • Catalogs and News
    • Getting closer with IIS-based software (CTSS & third-party) catalog. Prototype/beta version will be coming soon.
    • Interesting idea from TG09: integrate user news/system outages with Twitter. Diana/Fariba will be looking into it.
resource usage since 2008
Resource Usage, since 2008

42% more NUs delivered inQ2 2009 vs Q1 2009

June 20092.7B NUs

June 2008700M NUs