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Animal Rights vs Human Rights PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Rights vs Human Rights

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Animal Rights vs Human Rights
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Animal Rights vs Human Rights

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  1. Animal Rights vs Human Rights • This presentation is not intended as an anti dog statement. • It is intended to give you the simple facts and for you to determine if the risk of Pitbull ownership out weighs the reward of ownership . • I myself have been a dog owner for over 5 years without a single incident of anyone ever fearing my dogs.

  2. My Personal Experience Patches American Eskimo Mojo – Siberian Husky Chewbacca- Alaskan Malamute Patches –American Eskimo

  3. Points of Concern • Educate on the Common facts both known and unknown about the breeds known as Pitbulls vs Other Breeds • Our Duty to Protect Citizens against the Pain and Suffering of Unprovoked Malicious Acts • Why there should be breed specific legislation against aggressive dog breeds such as Pitbulls

  4. Warning • This presentation contains photos of real people and children with real family pets. • Suitable for all aged people who currently think pit bulls make loving caring pets.. • These people thought that too

  5. PITBULLS : Killers among us How many Pets do this?

  6. What is a Pitbull? • As you have heard they are magnificent pets just like fluffy cats and energetic hamsters • The term "pit bull" is a general term encompassing three distinct breeds: 1)American pit bull terrier 2)American Staffordshire terrier 3)Staffordshire bull terrier • They were originally bred as "catch dogs" for hunting and attacking large animals like wild boar, for herding livestock and for pit fighting(Hence the name Pit Bull) • (Reference 5)

  7. Pit Bull Statistics • 32 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities occurred in 2013. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 700 U.S. cities, pit bulls contributed to 78% (25) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up about 6% of the total U.S. dog population.(Animal People Study,Ref 1)

  8. International Problem.reference #6

  9. Innocent Victims of Pitbulls in 2013 2 year old Jah’niyahWhite

  10. Victim of 2013 • Jah'niyah White • 2-years old | Chicago, IL • Jah'niyah White, 2-years old, died at Jackson Park Hospital after suffering a head injury while at her grandfather's home. The girl died of multiple injuries inflicted in a dog attack, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office. A contributing factor was neglect and her death was ruled a homicide. Chicago Animal Care and Control seized two dogs from the grandfather's home.. Jah’niyah's family said both dogs were pit bulls, an adult female and her puppy. Her mother, Kashairah Gardner, said she was "attached to them, and they was atachedto her." She never had any concern about the dogs. Date of death: • December 7, 2013 Chained: No • Breed of dog: Pit bull (2) Relationship to dog: Family • Sex of dog: Female and unknown Owner of dog: Grandfather • Spay/Neuter: Unknown Multiple dogs: Yes • On/Off property: On Criminal charges: Pending

  11. A simple gesture turned deadly KATHERINE ATKINS

  12. Can you stop by and feed my dogs? • Katherine Atkins • 25-years old | Kernersville, NC • Katherine Atkins, 25-years old, was brutally struck down by her boyfriend's two pit bulls. Her body was discovered about 6:25 pm on Stable Hill Trail off Pumpkin Ridge Road by her boyfriend's roommate. At the time of the attack, Atkins had stopped by to feed the male and female pit bulls when they attacked her. No one witnessed the attack. The two dogs were housed in a fenced-in area behind the home. When deputies arrived on scene, they found Katherine lying dead in the backyard near the dogs' outdoor enclosure. Investigators said the dogs were running loose in the area when authorities arrived. Officials said that Atkins had been around the pit bulls since they were puppies and there was "no history of problems or aggression" with the animals. Albert Jacobs, the woman's boyfriend and owner of the dogs, surrendered them to Forsyth County Animal Control, which euthanized the animals. The sheriff's office called the young woman's death a "terrible tragedy" and do not expect to file criminal charges. [source citations] • Date of death: November 4, 2013 Chained: No • Breed of dog: Pit bull (2) Relationship to dog: Family • Sex of dog: Mixed Owner of dog: Boyfriend • Spay/Neuter: Unknown Multiple dogs: Yes • On/Off property: On Criminal charges: No

  13. Not a Utah Problem? Wyatt Abraham 6 Yrs old Picture taken 2/13/2014

  14. He is chained up.. Everythings Ok ?? • SALT LAKE CITY — A 6-year-old boy has been hospitalized after an attack by a neighbor's pit bull. • April Hancock said she was watching out a window Wednesday evening as her son, Wyatt Abraham, was playing soccer in a neighbor's yard and the dog snapped its chain. The dog's owner wrestled the animal off, but released it as Wyatt began to run away, and the dog attacked again, Hancock said. • Wyatt was severely bitten on his face, requiring hours of reconstructive surgery, and another surgery is scheduled for deep puncture wounds to his arm. • "I figured, 'The owner's outside. He'll be OK,'" Hancock said. "His whole lip was torn off. You could see his gums and his teeth, and it was in pieces. His cheek was hanging off. He was missing a little piece of his arm.“ (ref 3)

  15. Quick Facts • Over 35 countries across the world regulate dangerous dog breeds with breed-specific laws including: France, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain. • Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by, 2013

  16. Quick Facts • Dog bites are the fifth highest reason why children seek emergency room treatment due to activities they voluntarily engage in, such as playing sports. • Incidence of Dog Bite Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments (1992-1994) by H. Weiss, D. Friedman and J. Coben, JAMA, 1998

  17. Facts

  18. Please help keep kids like me safe..

  19. My Beliefs In Conclusion • By outlawing or banning just pitbulls we can solve a nationwide problem and protect ourselves as well as also eliminating animal abuse of this breed. • It has been proven in my opinion that the dangers far outweigh the positives of existence • Lets protect our community and children from these vicious and violent predators. • If you wouldn’t own a tiger then for those same reasons you shouldn’t be able to own a Pitbull. • No one should ever be scared to go for a walk because of what lurks in people’s yards.

  20. Think about it…… • If we can’t ban idiots from society then the least we can do and are obligated to do as a society is to take away the tools they use(i.e. pitbulls) to inflict harm on society in the same way we take away the ability of felons to own weapons. • If you can eliminate one thing from society each year and prevent harm and death to hundreds isn’t it only the common sense thing to do?

  21. References • 1.Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada September 1982 to December 31, 2013, by Merritt Clifton, editor Animal People, December 31, 2013 • • Romero, McKenzie. "6-year-old Boy Hospitalized after Dog Attack |" 6-year-old Boy Hospitalized after Dog Attack |, 13 Feb. 2014. Web. 14 Feb. 2014. • • Lallanilla, Marc. N.p.. Web. 14 Feb 2014.>. • "Pit Bull Holocaust – Pro BSL BAN THE BREED – STOP THE DEED – Anti Pitbull and Pit Bull Owner Website." Pit Bull Holocaust Pro BSL BAN THE BREED STOP THE DEED Anti Pitbull and Pit Bull Owner Website. N.p., 16 Oct. 2012. Web. 18 Feb. 2014.