animal rights vs animal welfare n.
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Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare

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Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare

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  1. Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare

  2. Animal Welfare-Answering Activists’ Concerns Main Point: How can I help others understand that most farmers are concerned about the welfare of their animals and do provide humane treatment?

  3. ACTIVIST CHARGE: • It is cruel to keep animals in confinement where they may be crowded together with other animals and face constant stress.

  4. REASONABLE REPLY: • Most producers won't do that because it is very unprofitable for them to keep animals in conditions that cause stress. • Animals must be kept comfortable and well fed to assure a productive growth or to produce Milk.

  5. Overcrowding reduces rate of gain. •  Farmers see confinement as a way to provide security and safety for animals.

  6. A roof may prevent animals from seeing the sky, but it also protects them from heat, rain, wind, sleet and snow. • An animal's most important needs include food, shelter, rest and reproduction. • Providing these in confinement is not cruel.

  7. The Pig in a Metal Cage • Farrowing Crate

  8. Pigs in a metal cage • Often times mother pigs (sows) are kept in a farrowing crate for 2-3 weeks. • They are place in the crate just before giving birth. • She is kept in the crate in order to protect her pigs.

  9. Pigs in a metal cage

  10. Scenario • You’re in charge of the animals at the petting zoo. • One of the farm animal is a sow and her 10 little pigs. • They are housed in a Farrowing crate so that the mother will not accidentally harm her offspring.

  11. At the petting zoo • A young girl and her mother were observing an animal exhibit at the local fair. • The mother and little girl got upset.

  12. At the petting Zoo • The mother viciously accuses you of animal cruelty. • She points out that animals have feelings too!. • She asks…How would you like to be put in a metal cage and never let our for exercise?

  13. What is your response? • Be positive. • Educate the mother and the little girl.