measures to be followed prior to weight lifting n.
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weight lifting measures PowerPoint Presentation
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weight lifting measures

weight lifting measures

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weight lifting measures

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  1. Measures To Be Followed Prior To Weight Lifting

  2. Weight Lifting is the most excellent way to build up muscles and improve your body structure. This also helps you be healthier and active. • There are few things that must be known before you start up with this to avoid any kind of injury or hurt to your body. • If you use some improper techniques for body building it may affect you in many ways such as suffer sprains, tendinitis, crack, and dislocation.

  3. The foremost thing for weight lifting is proper health check up. You must go for a proper physical check up to know whether weight lifting is good for your health or not. • For people suffering with problems like high blood pressure, heart problem, muscle or joint pain then weight lifting will be very risky for them. • People who have crossed the age of 40+ must not start up before a proper physical check up.

  4. Follow These Steps: 1.Once you start up with the program the first thing which you must do is warm ups. This is very important for any activity of weight lifting program.

  5. This will help you in increasing your blood circulation and make your muscles actively ahead towards it. This will reduce the risk of any hurt or injury.

  6. 2.Breathing properly is also a very important for weight lifting. • If by any chance you hold up your breath during weight lifting this may take your blood pressure to a dangerous levels. • This can be controlled by breathing normally. You must breathe out while you lift up weights.

  7. 3. You must always lift up accordingly to the weights what your body can handle. Avoid lifting heavier weights and do not do many sets of exercise also. • You must be very careful with the accessories in weight lifting. • Most of the accessories will be having an oily effect from other people's hand. • You must wear weight lifting gloves to make sure that you hold up the weights securely because a slip of it will be very dangerous.

  8. 4.To avoid back injuries and hernias wear a weight lifting belts and weight lifting gloves if you are lifting up heavy weights during the weight lifting process. • Above mentioned are few tips to avoid any kind of hurt or injury during the work out session. • A complete physical check up, warm ups before you start up with anything to increase your blood flow.

  9. The weight lifting process will entirely change your look or physical appearances this will make you look very stylish and smart and also make sure you have a proper coach in your early stage to guide you with proper rules and instructions.