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Weight Lifting Plus

Weight Lifting Plus

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Weight Lifting Plus

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  1. Weight Lifting Plus Top 5 Mistakes and Ways to Correct Them

  2. Top 5 “Weight Lifting” Mistakes People who lift often hear about mistakes such as poor form, overtraining, lifting to heavy, not stretching or warming up. Most people in fact do not realize they are lifting wrong.

  3. “Winging It” Mistake: Too often weight lifters go into the gym without a set schedule or plan. This is never a good way to lift. One must develop a plan before starting an exercise program. “Action without planning is the biggest cause for failure.” Correction: Develop a Plan:Successful lifters always articulate a plan prior to engaging in physical to help reduce injuries.

  4. Repetition of Workout Mistake: Repetition is good to a certain extent, however, when one does the same workout without altering the weight, their lifting results will plateau and muscle gains will not be as noticeable. Correction: Every body has a threshold at which one can lift only a given amount of weight. By adding one repetition while working out will result in muscle mass gains.

  5. “Starving Yourself” Mistake: The biggest weight loss misconception is that one must starve themselves to cut weight. In actuality, taking an inefficient amount of calories each day causes ones body to go into “starvation mode” causing depletion of muscle mass instead of body fat. Correction: To lose body fat , one must reduce their daily caloric intake and create a calorie deficit accomplished by developing a long range exercise plan.

  6. Focusing on Strengths Mistake: Many lifters go into a gym and focus on one muscle group in the body. By concentrating on one muscle group over a period of time causes ones body to become unsymmetrical and weakens the rest of the muscle groups allowing for potential injuries to occur. Correction: To achieve symmetry as well as balance, one must not focus on one muscle, but rather each of the groups through out the body.

  7. Not Eating Properly After a Workout Mistake: Many lifters may not feel hungry or have the desire to eat after finishing a workout. However without a balanced diet including carbohydrates and protein, the ability to build or repair muscle tissue. Correction: To restore energy and to achieve the most gain from a workout one must eat carbohydrates as well as protein after exercising.

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