shot put and its training techniques n.
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Shot put and its training techniques PowerPoint Presentation
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Shot put and its training techniques

Shot put and its training techniques

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Shot put and its training techniques

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  1. Shot put and its training techniques

  2. Being a part of the modern Olympics, shot put is a track and field event involving "throwing of a heavy metal ball the shot as far as possible. • To make it clear, it is a heavy metal ball that is thrown to find out as of which person can throw this heavy ball farthest. • Played by both the genders, the weight of the ball differs to both and for men it is 16 lbs and just the halo of it for women i.e. 8.8lbs and the person who throws the ball farthest is declared as the winner.

  3. The weight that is specified here is used in the international sports as well. A person is supposed to throw this piece within the circular area that is 7 feet in diameter. • Coming to the rules of the game, a competitor takes their throw from inside a marked circle i.e. (2.135 meters (7.00 ft) in diameter, with a stop board just about 10 centimeters (3.9 in) high at the front of the circle).

  4. The expanse thrown is calculated from the inside of the perimeter of the circle to the adjoining mark made in the ground by the falling shot, with distances rounded down to the nearest centimeter under IAAF and WMA rules. For that legal throw, the following technicality has to be adapted and it takes in the following points: • When an athlete's name is called, they have sixty seconds to start the throwing motion. • According to the IAAF rules the athlete may not wear gloves neither permit the taping of individual fingers.

  5. The shot should be rest close to the neck of the athlete, and it should be kept tight to the neck throughout the motion. • Using only one hand, the shot shall be released above the height of the shoulder. • The inside surface of the circle or stop board may be touched by the athlete, but must not be touched the top or outside of the circle or stop board, or the ground away from the circle. Limbs may however extend over the lines of the circle in the air. • The shot must land in the legal sector (34.92°) of the tossing area. • The athlete must exit the throwing circle from the back.

  6. Throwing styles: • Currently there are two throwing styles that are adapted by the athletes which is a general use by shot put competitors and it includes: • 1. The glide and • 2. The spin. • With all throwing styles, the objective is to let go the shot with maximum forward velocity at an angle of just about forty degrees.

  7. Depending on the intended use it is made from different types of materials and some of them include the following: 1. Iron, 2. Cast iron, 3. Solid steel, 4. Stainless steel, 5. Brass, and 6. Synthetic materials like polyvinyl. • As far as the Athletic Gear is concerned is necessary to get quality equipments. There are several online sports equipment stores that are selling quality athletic gears.