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The Alchemyst Novel Museum

Erik Spong's 7th grade book report on Book 1 The Alchemyst.

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The Alchemyst Novel Museum

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  2. My creator gave me this knowledge. I tell the past, present, and future. Spells are locked up and hidden in side me. You will see what is going to happen to the Alchemyst Flamel. I may be in your pocket and in your nice little bookstore in San Francisco But That Will Soon Change.

  3. THE ALCHEMYST • Author: Michael Scott • Series: Book 1 ofThe Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel • Genres: Fantasy, Thriller, Fiction, Mythology • Publisher: Random House • Publication date: 22 May 2007

  4. A drawing of the “Golems” which evil Dr. Dee created from mud to attack the Alchemist Flamel. The Bookstore in San Francisco where Nicolas Flamel hires Josh Newman one of the twins of prophesy. Sophie, Josh’s twin works at a coffee shop across the street. A photo of the magicical energy generated from the battle between the Alchemist Flamel and the evil Dr. John Dee The bookstore

  5. The Codex. Also called “The Book of Abraham the Mage”. The text holds spells and recipes for Immortality. It also has information on how to turn lead into gold and coal into diamonds. Flamel uses these spells to prolong his life. He is the books protector until it is stolen by Dr. Dee. The two final pages of the Codex which are in Flamel’s Possession after Dr. Dee steals the Book of Abraham Codex An ancient book is stolen The world could change as we know it The fate of the world lies in the hands of 2 teens…Sophie & Josh

  6. The evil immortal human Dr. John Dee sends these rats to trace where the Twins and the Alchemist have hidden. He is in allegiance with the “Crow Goddess” who lends him her crows to spy also. The Escape from San Francisco The Dojo where Nicolas Flamel takes the twins, Josh and Sophie for safety. Here they meet the Next Generation Immortal Scathach. Nicknamed Scatty, she becomes the protector of the twins. She is also known as the Warrior Maid or the Shadow in Celtic legends.

  7. Images of the escape across the Golden Gate Bridge show the crows waiting for the SUV containing the Alchemist, Twins and Scathach. Attacking Crows: Symbol of the crow goddess The Morrigan also Next Generation winged Dark Elder. She has the ability to control the crows which she sends out to attack the escaping Alchemist, Twins and Scathach from San Francisco in a SUV Images showing the wind which blows all the millions of crows off the bridge allowing the SUV to escape The Escape from San Francisco

  8. The Alchemist, Twins and Scathach enter the Shadow realm of Hekate. The statue left is a representation of the Goddess Of The Three Faces from Greek mythology. Hekate awakens Sophie’s magical abilities. Hekate’s realm is destroyed by Dr. Dee and his allies Basset and the Crow Goddess. Yggdrasil is the world tree of Norse mythology. Hekate grew the tree from seed in her shadow realm. She gets her life force from the tree. The tree is destroyed by Dr. Dee when he stabs the tree with Exclaiber, Arthurs legendary sword. The death of the tree destroys the shadow realm with every thing in it. The statue to the right is a representation of the Egyptian Goddess Baset. The Cat goddess has the has the ability to control cats. She helps create an army of cat people and bird people which attack Hekate’s realm. The shadow realm of Hekate

  9. Dora Witcherly’s Antique Shop (below) Running her antiques shop in Ojai, California, The Witch of Endor has been alive for millennia. Dora the witch has the power to control the elemental power of air. She gives Sophie all her memories after Sophie is awakened by Hekate. The witch uses mirrors to see because she has no eyes which she gave up to see through time. The Leygate to Paris: Scathach, Josh, Sophie and Nicholas escape Dee and his corpse army through a mirror leygate in Dora’s antique shop. The escape to Paris is the end of the first book in the series. Sketch of the Corpse Army in Ojai, CA: The Sophie, Flamel and Scatty battle an army of corpses raised by Dr. Dee. Sophie uses her new found power to control air to help escape the terror. Libbey Fountain (right): Josh Newman goes to this park while Sophie is being given the witches memories. He is jealous because he was not awakened at the time of his sister because of the destruction of Hekate’s realm. Here he meets Dr. Dee who tries to persuade him to become Dee’s apprentice after Dee awakens him. Josh breaks the spell Dee has placed on him and escapes with the rest of Flamel’s group. The witch of endor

  10. Alcatraz: Perenelle was kidnapped by Dr.Dee during the raid of the bookshop. She is held prisoner at Alcatraz which is now owned by Dr. Dee. Perenelle is Nicholas’ wife. She is a powerful sorceress. Jefferson Miller’s Ghost: The ghost helps Perenelle communicate with Nicholas. She has the ability to attract ghosts of all kinds because she is a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, who can see and communicate with ghosts without using her aura. Sphinx (right): A sphinx is used to keep Perenelle from using her powers. The sphinx drains the aura from the sorceress if she uses magic. Perenelle uses her ability to speak with ghosts to aid her to prevent her from using magic and escape. Perenelle Flamel and Alcatraz

  11. My words shift and change. Read my words again because they tell a different future Prophesy locked and hidden in side me comes to pass. The Twins of Legend have arrived The Elders both Light and Dark battle for survival But Will Josh and Sophie Save Us All?

  12. I am a book of ancient magic...Come Save Me

  13. The Alchemyst By Michael Scott Presented by Erik Spong 2nd 9 Weeks SRA Language Arts Period 1 Mrs. Ferro December 2009 Music “Rapture at sea” Performed by eastern sun

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