Cooler world game issues
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Cooler World game issues. Antti Junttila OSAO Finland. Basics of the game. Will be made with Flash Works in internet server in order to have it easily available to all participants Will have high-score – type list The results visible so competitive modes possible

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Cooler world game issues

Cooler World gameissues

Antti Junttila



Basics of the game
Basics of the game

  • Willbe made withFlash

    • Works in internetserverin order to haveiteasilyavailable to allparticipants

  • Willhavehigh-score –typelist

    • The resultsvisiblesocompetitivemodespossible

  • Works withalloperatingsystems

  • Needssomekind of synopsis, not just a mechanicalgameplay. Alsoneeds a resolution, sothat the gameends at sometime.

General challenge
General challenge

  • How to get the game to work the sameway as real life does?

    • Exactinformation of the impacts of differentincidents in business area

    • Cannothavestraight-forward (obvious) solution

      • There is no sense in gamewhichgivesmaximumscorewhenyouselecteverytime the option includingword ”sustainability”

      • Alsothere is no sense in business whichrunswithnegativeoutcome, howsustainableitever is.

        • Thiswillprobablybe the main challenge to player in game.

Master plan

  • The gameitselfwillbeproduced to work in Flashenvironment. This is to eliminateoperatingsystemrestrictions, the unnecessaryupdates to gameclient software and also to providemultiplayercapability via database-locatedhigh-scoresystem.

  • The gamewillbeplayedwithanyFlash-capable Internet browser and online Internet connection.

Game sequence

The player makes starting options of the game and gets informed about the generation and publication of initial values. The game turns start to run.

The game keeps going until the final turn ends. The lenght of game in turns is determined at the start of the game by player.

The turn ends. The outcome of business is given as a result to player.

The game calculates the final score and adds it with player´s credentials to high-score base to respective game mode table.

The conflict
The Conflict

  • The conflict of the game is the issuewhichmustbebeaten in order to gainmaximumresult as the finalscore in the game.

    • In Cooler World, the conflict of the game is to make as muchfinancialprofit as possible in the timescale of the game. The issueswhichaffect to the finalresultare:

    • The profit of eachturn

    • The sustainability

    • Suddenchanges in business environment

    • Otherrandomlygeneratedissues

The influence of different issues
The influence of differentissues

  • The game play requires the player´sactions to haveconsequences in order to affect to finalresult to the game. Thus, the game modelling must include the positive and negative impact caused by player actions during the turns of the game.

  • The best possible result will be acquired by balancing the profitable production of either goods or services with the possible negative impact of the non-sustainable way of production.

  • The gamewillbebalancedby the bothpositive and negativefactorswhicharementionedbelow.


  • Influencingvalues:

    • The amount of sales

    • The price of product

    • The productioncosts

    • Randomly generated minor issues which affect the business


  • Influencingvalues:

    • The type of energy used in business

    • The materialsorlaborforce

    • Other pollutive agents caused by company

    • Recyclability of the product

    • Legal issues

    • Gene manipulation

Sudden changes in business environment
Suddenchanges in business environment

  • Influencing values, for example:

    • Taxing changes (taxes vary by different reasons)

    • Legal changes (product comes prohibited in some country)

    • Economical changes (strike, depression etc.)

    • Crisis (war, mutiny, revolution in some third world country, cheap to produce)

    • Naturaldisasters

  • Randomgenerated!

Other random issues

  • The key personnel is unhappy due the insufficient salary and they go work for rival

  • The director of the company dies suddenly from some reason

  • The rival company has these same problems

  • Etc.

Gameplay and end
Gameplay and end

  • Player is keptaware of the situation in everyturn

    • Playermaythenbasedecisions to the currentnumbers (financialsituation and sustainability).

    • At the end the currentscores and highscoresarevisible

      • Suggestion: top list to bothfinancial and sustainabilityresults.

Games with several factors in scores
Gameswithseveralfactors in scores

  • HitmanBlood Money

    • Affectingfactors: elapsingtime, money, notoriety

    • Playermaykilltargets and eyewitnessesfastlywithautomaticweapons

      • Elapsingtimefast, notoriety big, probablycosting money to bribepolice

    • Playermaykill the targetonlywithaccident-lookingstyle

      • Elapsingtimeslow, no notorietysincetherewas no one to see and no evidence

  • NHL –series

    • Differentgamemethods:

      • ordinarywho-makes-more-goals-wins

      • Be a GM (scoringthrough the positiveinfluences to team)