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Environmental Issues Review Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Issues Review Game

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Environmental Issues Review Game

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  1. Environmental Issues Review Game The “At School” edition

  2. Q: Name one cause of human overpopulation. A: More than 2 children or Improvements in medicine

  3. Q: Name one of the two improvements in medicine that contributes to overpopulation. A: Fertility treatments or more children surviving until adulthood

  4. Q: Name one of the three “Greenhouse Gasses” we have discussed. A: Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and CFC’s

  5. Q: How is Carbon Dioxide primarily released into the air?. A: Burning fossil fuels

  6. Q: Name at least two fossil fuels. A: Coal, Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, etc.

  7. Q: Give one way methane gas is released into our atmosphere. A: Flatulent Cows or Landfills

  8. Q: What is the major source of CFC’s?. A: Refrigerators and air conditioners

  9. Q: What used to be the major source of CFC’s? A: Aerosol spray cans

  10. Q: What is the pH of “Normal Rain” ? A: Approx 5.5

  11. Q: What is acid rain? A: Rain with a pH of less than 5.5

  12. Q: What are the 2 main sources of acid rain producing compounds? A: Burning gasoline and coal

  13. Q: Burning coal causes what acid to be formed?. A: Sulfuric acid

  14. Q: Burning gasoline causes what acid to be formed? A: Nitric acid

  15. Q: What can you do in your everyday life to reduce the amount of acid rain and global warming?. A: Drive less and don’t waste electricity.

  16. Q: What is an “Endangered Species”? A: A living thing whose population has gotten so low it risks extinction.

  17. Q: Name 3 human activities that have led to endangered species. A: Hunting for fashion and luxuries Over hunting for food. Intentional extermination Unintentional poisoning Habitat destruction / deforestation Pollution Exotic species introduction.

  18. Q:In the last 2000 years, approx 300 species of animals have gone extinct, better than 60% have been in the last 150 years. Why do you think so many have disappeared in that last 150 years? A: Increased human population and the industrial revolution

  19. Q: Of all the environmental issues we have discussed, which one is not worsened by increased human population? A: NONE