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Spencer Niles is a professional photographer who is currently traveling the world in pursuit of his next great work. He has made quite a name for himself as a photographer and artist within the professional community, and is able to sell his works to international publications located all over the world. He is dedicated to shooting the human condition and giving his audience a glimpse of the world in which they live.

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Spencer niles professional artist photographer and traveler

Spencer Niles: Professional Artist,

Photographer, and Traveler

Spencer Niles is a dedicated artist and professional who has been working as a

photographer for decades. He is currently traveling around the world and freelancing for a

number of international publications looking to include his work within their own. He has

been able to capture the hearts and minds of people from all over as he travels to remote

and dangerous places to obtain the perfect picture. Many of his images he uses to spread

awareness regarding world issues he feels are concerning, and he is able to reach people

on an emotional level in order to make a difference. His work will be revered for generations

as fellow photographers and art collectors alike preserve his work in order to share in the


Spencer Niles began his photography career in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey as a

personal events and wedding photographer. As his reputation as an artist and natural talent

grew, he was able to expand his client base and eventually make a name for himself in the

professional industry of photography. He now captures images for major publications

regarding anything from poverty, economic struggle, violence, war, and even beautiful

landscape photography as well. His ability to tell a story with his photographic artwork is

unparalleled in the industry and it makes his audience feel as if they are traveling with him

on his journeys.

Spencer Niles has enjoyed traveling since he was a child going on vacation with his family.

He enjoys being submersed in a foreign culture and having to learn all over again how to

properly act within a community. Traveling is an experience like none other because it

pushes a person outside the boundaries of their own comfort zone and into a world they

have never been before. It also provides insight into the different cultures that make up the

world today and what it means to be a citizen of the globe, not just a specific territory.

As a humanitarian, Spencer Niles is committed to traveling around the world not only for his

career, but for others as well. He is constantly involved in a number of charitable and

philanthropic endeavors that go beyond the limits of his photography career. His most

important work is that which he does for others, not for himself. As a successful

photographer with an international platform to use at his disposal, he is able to spread

awareness for certain issues while easily reaching a large audience. He is dedicated to his

career, but also to helping people in the third world suffering from war, poverty, and

economic despair.