the illustration paragraph it has a point to illustrate n.
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The Illustration Paragraph It has a point to illustrate PowerPoint Presentation
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The Illustration Paragraph It has a point to illustrate

The Illustration Paragraph It has a point to illustrate

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The Illustration Paragraph It has a point to illustrate

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  1. The Illustration ParagraphIt has a point to illustrate

  2. Specific examples are given to show, explain or prove that point.

  3. The topic sentence of the illustration paragraph is a general statement that expresses both your topic and your controlling idea

  4. In your supporting details you can give a series of examples to explain your controlling idea.

  5. You should give enough examples to get your point across.

  6. Transitional words can help you introduce an example. • For example • For instance • In other words • Also • Furthermore • To illustrate

  7. Topics • Things are not always what they seem • Stress is a part of my daily life. • I consider the …… as my role models • Going out to eat can be a cultural experience. • Owning more than one car can be… • Staying physically fit demands self discipline. • Florida is a fun place to visit. • Parents sometimes take children where they do not belong.

  8. OutlineTitleTopic Sentence: topic + point you want to make about it.Supporting sentences:A) exampleB) exampleC) exampleConcluding sentence: tie your examples back to your main point.

  9. Three Difficult Words In English, three words are very troublesome for me. “Chili” is the first word. When I am near Americans, I am afraid to say the word for “chili” in Thai because the word has a bad meaning in English. For example, last week in the supermarket I asked my friend in Thai where the chili was. Two American women looked at me and thought how impolite I was. “Can’t” is the second difficult word because I can’t distinguish between “can” and “can’t” when Americans say this word. Therefore, I often misunderstand what someone is saying, or I miss the point of a story because of this word. The last word is my name, Srirathane. When someone says my name in English , I feel unpleasant because what they say in Thai, has a bad meaning. My Thai friends always laugh when they hear an American say my name. For these reasons, I avoid the first two words, and I have adopted a nickname, “Kee”.Write an outline

  10. Ask yourself the following questions: • Does my topic sentence make a point that can be supported with examples? • Does my paragraph contain sufficient examples that clearly support the topic sentence? • Did I use transitions to smoothly connect my examples? • Have I arranged my examples in a logical order?

  11. Outline of the EssayTitle:Introduction: Lead-in + thesisBody: A. First example paragraph - Supporting details that explain the first example. B. Second example paragraph-supporting details that explain the second example.C. Third example paragraphand most important-supporting details that explain the third example.Conclusion: refer back to the main point and make an observation.

  12. The END!