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3D Printing

3D Printing

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3D Printing

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  1. 3DPrinting Robert English

  2. WHAT IS 3D PRINTING? • 3D printing (3DP) is a form of “additive manufacturing” technology where a three dimensional objects can be created by laying down successive layers of material. • 3DP involves reading the information and measurements from a virtual model made on a computer using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. The printer then builds the physical object from the bottom up.

  3. Where did it come from? • Chuck Hull – Inventor of 3D printing • Created a technique called “stereolithography”, where a UV laser is shined onto a vat of ultraviolet-sensitive photopolymer. • This technique was very slow and the machines were too expensive which made it impractical to use commercially.

  4. Development of 3dp • In 1993 Massachusetts Institute of Technology patented a more efficient version of Hall’s 3DP technique. • With this they used these machines for Rapid Prototyping (RP) • In 1995 they began to sell exclusive licences to various companies who have all since developed their own line of unique 3D printing. • 3DP now plays a large part in biomedical science using images taken from CT scans. • Scientists are currently developing methods of printing food, clothes and actual human blood cells

  5. How does it work? The basic principals of every 3D printer are the same. The desired material is first broken down to a powdery state. A binder is then passed overhead to bind the fine powder together one layer at a time. Different binders are used depending on the material the object is being made from.

  6. Advantages of 3dp • The precision used in 3DP allows for minimal waste of material. • Any waste is easily broken down and recycled. • 3DP is so precise it is possible to make objects with moving parts. • 3DP is now much faster and far more efficient than most other types of manufacturing. • Once the object is designed it can be printed over and over again. • The density of an object can be chose in specific places to provide the necessary support where needed.

  7. Disadvantages of 3Dp • 3D printers can be used to make almost anything. The lower dagger was made through 3DP. The lower receiver for this AR 15 assault rifle was made using 3DP. This gun is fully functional and has already fired over 200 rounds of live ammunition. Each of these are capable of inflicting serious bodily harm to a person

  8. Future of 3DP? • Sale of privately owned 3DPs could potentially become illegal • Strict laws could be enforced to allow government officials the right to filter what is and is not allowed to be printed. • If all goes well current producers of 3D printers predict the prices for their printers to plummet within the next few years.

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