when who and how trump what n.
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When “Who” and “How” Trump “What ”: PowerPoint Presentation
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When “Who” and “How” Trump “What ”:

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When “Who” and “How” Trump “What ”: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When “Who” and “How” Trump “What ”:. Developing a Diversity Strategy T hat Sticks. Mary L. Martinéz D&I Practice Leader. About APT Metrics. Global Talent Management Solutions Provider Comprised of: Ph.D. industrial/organizational psychologists Human resource consultants

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When “Who” and “How” Trump “What ”:

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Presentation Transcript
when who and how trump what

When “Who” and “How” Trump “What”:

Developing a Diversity Strategy That Sticks

Mary L. Martinéz

D&I Practice Leader

about apt metrics
About APTMetrics

Global Talent Management Solutions Provider Comprised of:

  • Ph.D. industrial/organizational psychologists
  • Human resource consultants
  • Information technology specialists

What Sets APTMetrics Apart:

  • Professional integrity
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Technical expertise
  • Customer service

Diversity Supplier

  • Certified as a women-owned business by WBENC
  • Certified as a women-owned small business by the US SBA


for Talent


our areas of expertise
Our Areas of Expertise
  • Leader Assessment
  • Employee Selection
  • Litigation Support
  • Diversity Strategy & Measurement
  • Job Analysis
  • Competency Modeling
  • Performance Management
  • Staffing for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Organizational Surveys
  • Public Sector Services


for Talent


agenda for today s discussion
Agenda for Today’s Discussion
  • Your challenges?
  • APTMetrics’ approach to sustainable D&I change
  • Common strategy development missteps
  • Steps to effective strategy
  • Strategy development example
  • Application
  • Your comments and questions
underlying principles for our work
Underlying Principles for Our Work
  • An organization’s D&I definition, focus and measures reflect its stage of diversity and inclusion maturity
  • Every successful intervention begins with accurate assessment and diagnosis of issues and opportunities in the business context
  • Stakeholders must play an active role if change is to occur
  • Assessment results need to tell a compelling story in order to motivate action
  • D&I must be embedded in every aspect of how the organization does its work
  • Strategy is not static: sustainability requires review, redirection and raising the bar
  • Ongoing measurement that is meaningful and drives desired behaviors is the key to accelerating change
the d i journey
The D&I Journey

Increasing Cultural Competence





Acknowledging differences as a challenge to be managed


differences to achieve the organization’s competitive success

Seeking the positive value of differences through engagement

Avoidance of legal issues relative to treatment of protected classes

Increasing Linkage of D&I to the Business Strategy

steps to effective strategy
Steps to Effective Strategy
  • Be clear on the roles of business leaders v. HR/D&I
  • Actively engage leadership in the strategy dialogue and decision making
  • Assess the D&I status quo thoroughly, against the backdrop of the business and HR strategies to determine gaps for the
    • Workforce
    • Workplace
    • Marketplace (customers/suppliers)
    • Communities
  • Ensure clear goals in alignment with HR and business needs and build specific plans, accountabilities, and milestones
engaging senior leaders in meaningful dialogue about strategy
Engaging Senior Leaders in Meaningful Dialogue about Strategy
  • Why it’s important
    • Personal engagement requires interaction with the data, issues and reality of D&I in the organization and the marketplace
    • Ownership at the top fosters accountability being pushed down through the organization
    • Sends a message to the organization that D&I is part of the business landscape, not a separate endeavor
    • Enables senior leaders to speak knowledgeably about D&I because they have struggled with what it means for their organization
    • Ensures implementation resources
engaging senior leaders in meaningful dialogue about strategy1
Engaging Senior Leaders in Meaningful Dialogue about Strategy
  • Your role and key tasks as D&I expert
    • Be well-versed in the business
    • Do your homework on status quo and potential “burning platform” factors
    • If possible, work through an Executive-level D&I Council or Task Force
    • Enlist individual champions at the senior leadership level
    • Educate and engage through the strategy development process
    • Know the questions to ask that point to connections between D&I and business success
a metrics driven approach that accelerates d i by starting from the business strategy
A Metrics-Driven Approach that Accelerates D&I by Starting from the Business Strategy

HR/talent strategy to support the goal

Status Quo


What’s Required to Optimize Leverage = D&I Strategy

Workforce and Workplace Actions and Account-


D&I Workforce and Workplace Linkages?

(Issues + Opportunities)

RelevantD&I People Metrics

Business Goal

Status Quo


What’s Required to Optimize Leverage = D&I Strategy

Marketplace & Community Actions and Account-abilities

D&I Marketplace and Community Linkages?(Issues + Opportunities)

Product/ Market strategy to support the goal

Relevant D&I Business


Assess & Diagnose

Engage & Embed

The Process:

Measure & Revise

strategy development example workforce workplace
Strategy Development Example: Workforce & Workplace

HR & Strategies

D&I Linkages

Gap Analysis

D&I Strategies

D&I Metrics

  • Hire additional IT staff with social media expertise
  • Provide work environment, challenges, and rewards for IT staff with required skills
  • Many of those in target IT workforce are Gen Y, from diverse backgrounds
  • Have different career goals/ expectations
  • Don’t have strength in recruiting or retaining targeted workforce; need new sources/ approaches to recruitment and retention
  • Improve brand image with targeted workforce
  • Increase workplace flexibility and openness
  • Implement new career paths for IT function
  • Perception of company brand by potential hires
  • Completion of changes to flex options by __
  • Hire and retention stats

Business Goal

Leverage Social Media to Increase On-line Sales to younger buyers

strategy development example marketplace community
Strategy Development Example: Marketplace & Community

Business Goal

Leverage Social Media to Increase On-line Sales to younger buyers

Business Strategies

D&I Linkages

Gap Analysis

D&I Strategies

D&I Metrics

  • Update online brand image to appeal to 25-35 market
  • Pilot crowdsourcing for product enhancement
  • Target market has significant racial/ethnic diversity – will need to assess impact on product branding and marketing vehicles
  • Do not currently have adequate market segment data
  • Few linkages to on-line communities attracting targeted segments
  • Conduct further research, starting with tapping Young Professionals ERG, who can also provide links to virtual (and actual communities)
  • Market share increases
  • Response rates to social media marketing
  • # of ideas implemented from ERGs
areas for measurement
Areas for Measurement
  • Workforce Profile
    • How many? What trends? What patterns?
  • Programs/Processes
    • How many? How well? What impact?
  • Diversity Climate
    • How fair, flexible, engaging, and open to differing perspectives?
  • Business Impact
    • How much more (productivity, sales/market share, cost savings)?
example of a multi dimensional d i scorecard
Example of a Multi-Dimensional D&I Scorecard
  • Workforce Profile
    • Current picture of representation
    • Trends in hires, advancements, departures
  • Programs/Processes
    • Participation in activities/programs (eg, training, mentoring)
    • Evaluations of participant experience with programs
    • Program impact (eg, on advancement, retention)



  • Diversity Climate
    • Employee perceptions
    • Complaints; charges
    • 360-degree feedback
    • HR process audits
  • Business Impact
    • ROI (cost/benefit) of internal process changes
    • Increased innovation, productivity, quality
    • Market growth
    • Customer satisfaction



small group application
Small Group Application
  • In your small group
    • Select an HR or Market strategy that is critical to one of the companies represented in your group
    • Identify the potential D&I implications for this strategy
    • Suggest 1-2 strategies for D&I that would support the business/HR strategy?
    • How might progress be measured?
    • Be prepared to report out on your discussion
contact information
Contact Information

APTMetrics, Inc.

One Thorndal Circle

Second Floor

Darien, CT 06820





for Talent