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Class of 2017 Informational Evening PowerPoint Presentation
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Class of 2017 Informational Evening

Class of 2017 Informational Evening

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Class of 2017 Informational Evening

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  1. Class of 2017Informational Evening Welcome - Michelle Zundel Principal, Ashland High School

  2. Choir Performance Thank you Holly Johnson and the Choir students for performing tonight.

  3. What would you like to learn this evening? ACTIVITY ONE

  4. Class of 2017 TOGETHER for 4 YEARSGraduation in Lithia Park June 2017

  5. Strong Community • Parentswho value education & volunteer their time. • Students who are curious & care about learning. • Teachers who are caring, knowledgeable and accessible. • Volunteers involved in all aspects of education • Citizens who support our schools

  6. AHS Achievements • US News and World Report Silver Medal • 85-90% attend 2 or 4 year colleges. • 86% graduate on time in 4 years. • 1.2% drop out rate. • 20% take at least one AP class each year. • SAT & ACT higher than state average

  7. COMMUNITY SUPPORT • SOU, RCC, OSF, ACH partners • Local Levy (YAAL) • Ashland Schools Foundation • BOND for building projects • ATTENDANCE AT ACTIVITIES


  9. 2012-2013 Topics Teen Sexuality Drugs and Alcohol Technology Single Parenting Communicating with Teens

  10. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESSee the purple handout • Volunteer Coordinator • Booster Club Officers & Volunteers • Publisher for School Newsletter (Grizz-o-Gram) • Site Council Representative • Chaperones Dances, Movie & Board Game Nights • Library

  11. Cello Performance Paul Shubat

  12. -PowerSchool (Get weekly email updates) -Email -Weekly Emails: If we do not have your email address, you will miss important information! -Website: -Facebook: -Phone: 541-482-8771 -Grizz-O-Gram -School Reach for missed classes CommunicationSchool to Home & Home to School

  13. Attend Class Ask Questions Complete Assignments Participate in your education Advocate for yourself Student Tutor Center / TCB Time Student Communication

  14. 8th Grade to GRIZZLY 8th GradeAHS • OPEN CAMPUS What will your student do for lunch? • LARGER ENROLLMENT (1000 students) • CREDITS AND TRANSCRIPTS COUNT • Attendance Matters • Increased responsibility and homework load

  15. Transition Activities • Meetings with students and families at AMS, JMS, Willow Wind, Siskiyou School and Pinehurst • April 11 & 12 Evening Meetings with Counselors at AMS for assistance with scheduling • May 15 & 17 Campus Tours 3:15-4:00PM • August 15,16,17 Registration & Club Fair • 2nd Week of August Fall Sports Practices • Last Week of August Fresh Start • September 4, First Day of School (Half-day 9th graders and new students only)

  16. Theatre Performance Noah Yaconelli & Jeremiah Lieberman

  17. FRESH STARTMark Schoenleber (Details in June) • 2 days, 1 night • Trained upper class students as counselors • Freshman English/Global Studies teachers • Bonding and problem-solving activities • Retreat for all incoming freshman last week of August • helps break down stereotypes & cliques • teaches positive communication skills • supports healthy transition from 8th to 9th Grade

  18. Health Center Services Judy Blickenstaff, Nurse Practitioner • Diagnosis, Prescriptions and Treatment • Immunizations • Reproductive Health • Mental Health Counselors • Athletic Physicals • Anxiety/Depression Screening • Agency Referrals to OHP Insurance and Food Stamps


  20. AHS HONOR CODE A ct Responsibly H ave Integrity S how Respect

  21. Advisory Program • Provides academic counseling, college advising and social/emotional support for students throughout four years at AHS. • 40 minutes every day Mon. – Thurs. • Single grades in an Advisory • Same teacher & students all four years

  22. Advisory Program • 1 or 2 days per week is Advisory content • 2 days per week Taking Care of Business (TCB) Time Study Hall, Computer Lab, Library, Extra Help in Student Tutor Center

  23. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free CampusYOU Matter Campaign • YOU Matter so we will create a drug, alcohol and tobacco free campus. • YOU Matter so we will not turn a blind eye to illegal activity. • YOU Matter so we will support you in being a healthy graduate of AHS. • Students can stay drug/alcohol free for four years and still “fit” socially!

  24. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Campus Consequences • Students in possession of illegal substances at school are suspended. • Students who sell illegal substances at school are expelled. In all cases D & A treatment is required.

  25. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Campus What parents can do: • Clear expectation in the family that students do not use intoxicants. • Maintain high expectations of student behavior. • Know where your student is and who they are with.

  26. YOU Matter Campaign AHS

  27. Bullying & Harassment Free Campus • YOU Matter so we will train bystanders to create a safe campus. • YOU Matter so we will support victims and punish perpetrators of bullying and harassment. Strategies: • Train targets in assertive body language • Train bystanders to intervene • Suspend bullies & require training. • Discipline increases with severity or frequency of behaviors. What parents can do: • Monitor Facebook • Help your student develop problem-solving skills and a place of belonging. • Collaborate with teachers and administrators if a problem occurs.


  29. SCHEDULING Erika Bare Assistant Principal

  30. Bell Schedule 2012-2013Alternating Red and White Days85-min. classes, 40-min. Advisory/TCB Time & 10-min. passing periods

  31. CHOOSING 9TH GRADE CLASSES • Choosing classes is a 4-year process • Create a balance between academic rigor and being a well-rounded, healthy student. • Scheduling Packet • Website Course Guide • 8th Grade teachers make math, science, Spanish language recommendations

  32. Class of 2017New Graduation Requirements Credits: 50* Essential Skill: Reading Essential Skill: Writing Essential Skill: Math * Three years of math at the Algebra level or higher * Three years of lab sciences One credit is granted for successfully completing one semester in any class.

  33. Save time and money with Early College Credits! • This is an early warning about 4 ways to earn college credits while at AHS. • Option One • ROGUE COMMUNITY COLLEGE • COLLEGE NOW • Take an approved class at AHS. • • Credits transfer to Oregon universities and as elective credits to most US colleges. • • RCC does not transcript grades below a B.

  34. Save time and money with Early College Credits! • Option Two • SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY: • Advanced Southern Credit • • Take an approved course on the AHS campus. • These are typically Advanced Placement (AP) Classes • Credits are offered at a significant discount. • $125 for 3 credits! • • There is wide acceptance of SOU credits nationwide. • • SOU issues transcripts regardless of the grade earned in the class.

  35. Save time and money with Early College Credits! • Option Three • SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY: • EARLY ENTRY • • Juniors and Seniors may take an approved course on the SOU campus. • Credits are offered at a significant discount. • • There is wide acceptance of SOU credits nationwide. • • SOU issues transcripts regardless of the grade earned in the class.

  36. Save time and money with Early College Credits! Option Four ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) EXAMS Students who are ready to perform at the college level may take AP classes at AHS or online and prepare for the AP Exam in May. A score on this test may earn college credit for students. WE RECOMMEND THAT STUDENTS TAKE SOU, RCC AND AP CREDIT WHEN POSSIBLE!

  37. NEXT STEPS (Review the letter sent home)AMS,JMS, Willow Wind, Siskiyou School & Pinehurst Meet with Counselors – March 19 & 20@ AMS • Turn in scheduling forms • Meet in small groups • Ask clarifying questions • If you can’t attend your scheduled session - attend any session • You may drop it off at the AMS Office also. See the schedule in your packet

  38. Schedule Request CollectionMarch 19 & 20

  39. Assistant Principal Athletic Director INTRODUCING KARL KEMPER

  40. VALUE OF PARTICIPATING IN ATHLETICS AND ACTIVITIES Why do we encourage student participation in activities? Research tells us that students involved in an activity experience: • Higher GPA • Lower absenteeism • Fewer disciplinary referrals • Less use of illegal substances • Lower dropout rate • More effective time management skills • Improved college admissions

  41. FALL (Practice starts August) Cheerleading Cross Country Football Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Volleyball WINTER (Practice starts November) Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Cheerleading Swimming Wrestling SPRING (Practice starts February) Baseball Softball Boys Tennis Girls Tennis Track and Field ATHLETIC OSAA ACTIVITIES AT ASHLAND HIGH SCHOOL

  42. ATHLETIC CLUB ACTIVITIES AT ASHLAND HIGH SCHOOL • FALL • Water Polo • WINTER • Bowling • Snowboarding • Alpine Ski (downhill) • Nordic Ski (cross country) • SPRING • Crew • Equestrian • Golf Parent Organized

  43. Get schedules Find Forms Get information on individual sports Learn about eligibility requirements and department policies Review our philosophy Find out how to contact the athletic department Meet the coaches and staff Join the Booster Club Sign up to be a volunteer Apply for a coaching position Get facility use information Find many links to related web sites And MUCH more! ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT

  44. Co-curricular Activities • Band • Orchestra • Choir • Drama • Speech and Debate