political causes of world hunger
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Political causes of World Hunger

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Political causes of World Hunger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Political causes of World Hunger. FOOD SPECULATION. How is it possible that 1 out of 7 people goes hungry?. There is food enough to feed the entire global population , then. Food has become a commodity.

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How is it possible that 1 out of 7 people goes hungry?

There is food enough to feed the entire global population , then

Food prices are decided in Internacional Stock Markets based on financial especulation:

Banks, insurance companies and other financial speculators try to do business with raw materials

This speculation has an impact on the final sale price

Speculators, after the crisis of subprime mortgages begin to invest in safer markets: raw materials and food

The entry of these investors in agriculture future markets increases demand and prices.

Speculation on the future price of mortgages has collapsed the international financial system with disastrous consequences: unemployment, rising public debt, cuts in basic social services,...
  • Speculation on the price of food is a direct threat to the survival of millions of human beings
It is necessary to propose an alternative to agricultural and food policies. An alternative that starts defending Food Sovereignty.

Food Markets should serve the interests of people and not those of financial investors. People should decide what and how to produce and what price is paid.