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Traveling back in time

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Traveling back in time. Theme: Time Travel.

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theme time travel
Theme: Time Travel
  • In Jurassic Park there is some kind of lizard that has been going around and attacks infants and children. No one knows what they are at first but they are believed to be dinosaurs. InGen is a industry is focused on cloning the ancient animals that have died years ago(dinosaurs). They have a park where you can see the dinosaurs and they are not controlling the dinosaurs well.
theme time travel1
Theme: Time Travel
  • A boy goes back in time to the year 528 and arrives at the King Arthurs Court. When arrived he thinks that he is in an insane asylum. He is becomes an power equal to that of King Arthur. He soon is bring what knowledge he has to the table to improve the revenue by systemizing taxes and starts industries for the future.
  • These two books portrays to different stories but with similar problems. It seems like you are trying to change the year you are in to make it better for you. When you mess with the future or past there are problems that come to light. In Jurassic Park they created a zoo with dinosaurs in them that could be the ones behind the attacks on the kids and infants. In the other book he is trying to help the past with information that he has from his future. Everything happens for a reason and no one in these books seem to realize that.