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Digital Marketing Agency,San Jose, CA| PPC Advertising| Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Agency,San Jose, CA| PPC Advertising| Social Media

Digital Marketing Agency,San Jose, CA| PPC Advertising| Social Media

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Digital Marketing Agency,San Jose, CA| PPC Advertising| Social Media

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  1. Connect with May 25, 2016 Growing your business in a digital world

  2. Agenda SocialHi5 & Google Partnership Why Digital? Why Google? SocialHi5 Online Marketing • Next Steps 1 2 3 4 Proprietary+Confidential

  3. SocialHi5 & Google: The Perfect Combination The Google Partner badge recognizes companies that excel with Google products. It shows that your business is healthy, your clients are happy, and that you follow Google’s best practices.

  4. Dedicated Google support to help you succeed on the web YOUR GOOGLE AGENCY TEAM ERIC GEIBEL Agency Development Manager ✔ New business development ✔ Strategic growth planning ✔ Sales training ✔ Acquisition & pitch partnership MARLENA VASQUEZ Agency Account Strategist ✔ Existing business growth ✔ Account strategy ✔ Tailored optimization insights to meet client goals ACCESS: Betas, industry insights, case studies, benchmarks, estimates, & exclusive trainings.

  5. Proprietary + Confidential Why ?

  6. We don’t go online. We live online.

  7. We’re in the midst of a massive shift in consumer behavior of time consuming media is spent online... every day 46% 83% would never leave home without their digital devices Source: Emarketer Time Spent Comparative Estimates

  8. You need to capture consumer’s attention across devices +16% -2.5% Time spent with digital is growing Time spent with TV is not 2,422 Minutes/Week 1,911 Minutes/Week Source:Emarketer Time Spent Comparative Estimates Google Confidential and Proprietary

  9. Google has major reach across the United States 187 Million monthly visitors 3+ searches a day YouTube reaches more US adults 18-34 than any other cable network of all global internet users are reached through Google 88% 1 Billion users world’s most popular email service Largest display network in the US reaching 94% of population monthly Source:Think With Google 2014

  10. Reach the right audience with targeting based on current behaviors and intentions 8:00amReads San Jose Mercury News on iPad while waking up. Sees you with Display Ads 11:30pmWatches a sleep aid video before bed. Wants you with remarketing on YouTube 3:00pmWatches a teeth cleaning tutorial video at work. Remembers you with Video Ads on their commute home. Remembers you with Remarketing 6:00pm Searches for ‘dentist san jose’ Notices you with Search Ads

  11. Capture intent of potential customers 62% of smartphone users are more likely to take action right away toward solving a new task because they have a smartphone. 21% of time spent online is spent searching for information Source:; “How People Spend Their Time Online”; February 2, 2012 Online Publishing Association; Nielsen,,,, Internal Google Analysis 2012

  12. Mobile has changed how we act and react in life Immediacy of action Unscripted decisions High expectations Acting on any stimulus, whenever we’re motivated to for relevance and for frictionless experiences People are more loyal to the need in the moment vs. a brand

  13. Across all industries, mobile is leading the way

  14. How will you succeed online?

  15. OnlineMarketing Proprietary + Confidential

  16. Next Steps! Proprietary + Confidential

  17. Contact today!(408)