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Digital Signage Solutions Provider Company in Uk PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Signage Solutions Provider Company in Uk

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Digital Signage Solutions Provider Company in Uk
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Digital Signage Solutions Provider Company in Uk

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  1. Kevin James Pvt. Ltd Digital Signage Solutions Provider In UK

  2. Digital Signage Automotive • What Is Digital Signage Automotive ? KJL has many years of experience in the automotive sector and has worked closely with dealerships to develop Interactive Digital Signage and Dealer TV for the trade. Our dedicated multi-media team has built systems and processes that take standard manufacturer marketing images, video, and information and turn it into exciting visual content. The content is stored and blended on a compact digital media player which attaches to the digital screen or LCD TV - just like a standard DVD player. The media player manages the content by creating zones, which split the TV screen to enable multiple messages and images to be viewed at one time. When prospects enter your dealership, you want them to be emotionally engaged with your brand. Using The Automotive Broadcasting Network's Automotive Digital Signage Service, your messages will become a unified and visceral experience for your prospects. Digital Signage for automotive dealerships will be the next full-scale technology our industry will embrace. Digital Signage Automotive , founded by KJL Pvt. Ltd, has adapted this digital technology to actively engage your customers and drive profit from one department to the next utilizing this amazing solution. More Information visit our site www.

  3. About Digital Signage Services • BBC news channel with dealer promotions, RSS travel and weather feeds. • Full screen hot promotions • Dealership news • Special event promotions using normal TV (Like F1) • Used Vehicle Promotions (linked to your website) So why not work with us to drive your sales and customer loyalty and create a more interesting and enjoyable environment for your customers with KJL Dealer TV and Digital Signage.

  4. KJL Automotive Digital Signage • Our pioneering software drives some of the world`s most effective digital signage operations. • We are a trusted supplier of digital signage solutions • As a total solutions provider we can take care of all your digital signage requirements, from hardware and software to service and support. • Digital Signage Networks (DSN) is a unique & powerful communications medium that provides unparalleled opportunities to capture your audience's attention, build brands, improve customer experience and drive sales.

  5. Digital Signage Network

  6. Digital Signage Application • Retail Store • Cinemas/Theaters • Banking • Hotels • Education • Sports Venues • Transportation • Healthcare • Reception Areas • Corporate Communication • Trade Shows

  7. Kevin James Pvt. Ltd 16 Seax Centre Fenton Way BasildonEssex, SS15 6SL , Tel: 01268 627111Fax: 0126 854 5962