6 th grade health talent 21 n.
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6 th Grade Health Talent 21

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6 th Grade Health Talent 21 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 th Grade Health Talent 21. By: Jay Copperman and Prashant Patel. The 3 Rs + 1. R educe the amount of trash you throw away. R euse containers and products. R ecycle as much as possible. R eact to litter and situations which endanger the environment. Recycling in Mays Landing:.

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6 th grade health talent 21

6th Grade HealthTalent 21

By: Jay Copperman and Prashant Patel

the 3 rs 1
The 3 Rs + 1

Reduce the amount of trash you throw away.

Reuse containers and products.

Recycle as much as possible.

React to litter and situations which endanger the environment.

recycling in mays landing
Recycling in Mays Landing:

ACUA is the organization responsible for handling recycling in Atlantic County.

Atlantic County’s recycling is a single-stream program. This means that recycled items can be mixed in one container.

what will acua accept
What will ACUA accept?

Plastic containers #1-7,


Glass containers,


Cardboard boxes,

Wrapping paper,

Junk mail,


Phone books,

Empty paint cans,

Office paper,

Clean pizza boxes,

Empty aerosol cans,

Cereal boxes,

Egg cartons.

what will acua not accept
What will ACUA not accept?

Blue prints,

Paper plates,

Plastic utensils,


Light bulbs,

Aluminum foil,



Pots and pans,

Window glass,


Plastic toys,


Plastic bags,

Flower pots.

when is curbside pickup
When is curbside pickup?

Every two weeks on the day shown in the map.

ways to reuse a 2 liter bottle
Ways to reuse a 2-liter bottle:

Bird feeder,

Ice pack,


Flower pot,

Door stop,

Storage container,

Toys (Car, Submarine, Bowling pin),

And more.

how to make a bank from a 2 liter bottle
How to make a bankfrom a 2-liter bottle:
  • Place the bottle on its side and cut a by inch slot for the coins.
  • Glue thread spools, dried marshmallows, or cardboard to make the bank stable.
  • Decorate the bank.
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