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NATO IV&V: Work in Progress

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NATO IV&V: Work in Progress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NATO IV&V: Work in Progress. Brad Bigelow, SHAPE Arend Smit, M&I/Partners. What is NATO?. NATO is a political and military alliance whose primary goals are: The collective defence of its members The maintenance of a democratic peace in the North Atlantic area Established in 1949

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NATO IV&V: Work in Progress

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nato iv v work in progress

NATO IV&V:Work in Progress

Brad Bigelow, SHAPE

Arend Smit, M&I/Partners

NASA 2013 IV&V Annual Workshop, 11 September 2013

what is nato
What is NATO?
  • NATO is a political and military alliance whose primary goals are:
    • The collective defence of its members
    • The maintenance of a democratic peace in the North Atlantic area
  • Established in 1949
  • 28 Member Nations
    • Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

NASA 2013 IV&V Annual Workshop, 11 September 2013

nato a pioneer in software engineering
NATO: A Pioneer in Software Engineering

Software Engineering Conference sponsored by the NATO Science Committee, Garmisch, Germany, 7-11 October 1968

NASA 2013 IV&V Annual Workshop, 11 September 2013

nato communications information agency
NATO Communications & Information Agency

Established 1 July 2012

Primary agency for developing and operating NATO’s civil and military information services and networks

Over 3,500 military and civilian staff

Over 30 locations in Europe, USA and Afghanistan

NASA 2013 IV&V Annual Workshop, 11 September 2013

nato c i agency customers
NATO C&I Agency Customers

NATO Military Commands

NATO Military Operations

NATO Nations

NASA 2013 IV&V Annual Workshop, 11 September 2013

initial use of iv v
Initial Use of IV&V
  • Began in 2001
  • Driven by concern of some NATO member nations over the capacity and independence of in-house QA functions
  • Initially focused on QA during prime contractor execution
    • Review of key deliverables
    • Oversight of prime contractor testing & independent testing
    • Support to project team during milestone reviews
initial results
Initial Results
  • Use of contracted IV&V delivered real benefits:
    • Faster turn-around on draft deliverables
    • More consistent/higher quality technical support
    • Greater attention to test-driven design and development
initial lessons learned
Initial Lessons Learned
  • Two opportunities for improvement:
    • Broadening scope from QA of prime contractor activities to QA of overall project scope—including NATO internal factors
    • Bringing IV&V support on board during preparation of the prime contractor solicitation
      • Better quality control over complex solicitation materials
        • Statements of Work, System Requirements Specifications
      • Opportunity to review winning bidder’s material prior to contractor award
        • Enabled mitigation of some risks during pre-award discussions
programmatic approach to iv v
Programmatic Approach to IV&V
  • In 2007, NATO launched an initiative to establish a program management and integration capability for the Bi-SC AIS
  • Bi-SC AIS
    • Bi-Strategic Command Automated Information Systems
    • One of NATO’s largest investment programs—over 500M Euro
    • Covers all Information Services and Systems used in NATO’s Military Commands
    • Supporting 15,000 users in 28 nations
    • 10+ year rolling program
    • Over 100 active projects
3 key aspects
3 Key Aspects
  • IV&V support staff reported to program manager, not project managers
    • Issues elevated, resources made more quickly
  • IV&V resources managed as a pool at the program level
    • Enabled program to prioritize and shift IV&V support to different projects
  • Same contractor for both program and IV&V support
    • Ensured higher degree of integration among project
initial results of programmatic approach
Initial Results of Programmatic Approach
  • Pooled approach to IV&V resources has several advantages:
    • Better workload balance—fewer peaks and valleys
    • Compensates for differences in project timelines
    • Ability to concentrate less common/higher cost experts
  • Management at the program level enables better adaptation to changing project needs
    • Some projects have continuing QA challenges, but others experience “QA crises” that can be resolved through prompt intervention
new nato headquarters
New NATO Headquarters

120,000 M2 complex

Construction started in October 2010

Planned to be completed early 2016

A secure, collaborative , energy-efficient building

NATO C&I Agency is implementing the network/IT infrastructure

anwi active network infrastructure
ANWI: Active Network Infrastructure
  • For four security domains, ANWI provides
    • Processing/storage
    • Wired and wireless LAN switching
    • Communications (telephone, teleconferencing, site security communications, IPTV, GSM)
    • End-user equipment
    • Core information services
    • Cross domain support for external networks interconnection and information services interoperability
anwi continued
ANWI (continued)
  • Integration with systems/services external ANWI scope
  • Migration of services to new building
  • Support for migration of business applications
  • Integration Test Services (ITS)
    • Baselinedreference suite of functions
    • Host Nations test their capabilities prior to deployment in new building
anwi iv v
  • Support in pre-contract award phase
  • Focus on major risk areas during execution
    • Security accreditation
    • Migration
    • Service based specification, implementation, and acceptance
    • Introduction of new capability
      • Unified Communications and Collaboration
      • Service Management
      • Cross Domain services
  • Monitor prime contractor’s Integration Test Services


Brad Bigelow

Principal Technical Advisor, J6

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)

(former Bi-SC AIS Program Manager, NATO C&I Agency)

ArendSmit, PhD

IT and QA consultant


NASA 2013 IV&V Annual Workshop, 11 September 2013