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2010 Open Market Transfer System User Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 Open Market Transfer System User Guide

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2010 Open Market Transfer System User Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 Open Market Transfer System User Guide
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  1. 2010 Open Market Transfer System User Guide

  2. Objectives Uses of this Guide • Understand how to register for the Open Market Transfer System (OMTS). • Understand how to upload resume and cover letter, and apply for vacancies. For technical issues using OMTS, contact HR Connect at 718-935-4000.

  3. Start from our website: http://www.thscnyc.org Use our ‘Quick Links’ list to access OMTS

  4. Click “Sign In” to access OMTS 1) Click to visit the Sign In page

  5. Register and/or Sign-In 2) Once you have already registered, enter your User ID and Password here to Sign-In. 1) If you are not yet registered, click here to sign up. Quick Tip: Call HR Connect at 718-935-4000 if you forget your username or password

  6. If you have not already done so, register from this page. You only need to register once. 1) Fill out your Social Security Number and Last Name. 2) Create your own password, 6 to 8 characters long. Enter the same password in each box. 3) Enter the same email in each box. (You will be contacted at this email address.) 4) Click Register.

  7. After registering and/or signing in, the OMTS main page will appear. Click into Online Application. 1) Click into ‘Online ‘Application to visit your profile AND apply for schools.

  8. Paste your resume and cover letter on your profile page. 1) Copy and paste your cover letter and resume text from a Word document to these boxes. 2) Review and click ‘Save Profile’ after making changes to your cover letter and resume. 3) Click here to apply for schools and vacancies.

  9. Filter by title and subject to search for vacancies. 2) Leave the Region field blank to increase your flexibility. 4) Then click the Search button. 3) Choose your Title (teacher, counselor, etc) and Subject 1) Choose to search for vacancies or schools.

  10. Vacancies in your chosen subject area will be listed. 1) Only Math vacancies will appear if you choose Math as your subject. 2) Check the box next to each vacancy where you want to apply. 3) Click on each page number to see vacancies from more schools 4) Click here to add the selected vacancies to your profile page.

  11. Add your preferred vacancies to your profile page by checking the box. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page to submit your application. 1) Click Submit Application to apply to the vacancies you selected. 2) Delete any applications from your profile page before submitting to principals. Quick Tip: Be sure to copy and paste your resume and cover letter into your profile page before submitting your applications.

  12. Return to your profile to apply to additional schools and vacancies. 1) Click Open Market Online Application to return to your profile page. 2) On your profile page, click “I would like to apply to another vacancy/school.” 3) Then follow slides 9-11 to complete the application process.

  13. Include these steps in your job search… 1 2 3 4 Update your resume and cover letter • Resume and cover letter tips are included in your 2010 Placement Guide which can be downloaded at http://www.thscnyc.org. Contactschools directly • Research schools at http://schools.nyc.gov. • Apply to vacancies through OMTS at https://www.nycenet.edu/offices/dhr/transferplane/. Utilize our Professional Development Services • Participate in live, online workshops and chats on resume writing, interview skills, and conducting a job search. • Visit http://www.thscnyc.org for registration information. Attend job fairs whenever invited • Check your email regularly for invitations throughout the hiring season. • Have a portfolio available to present at fairs.

  14. RESOURCES HR Connect – OMTS Help and General Human Resources Information http://www.nycenet.edu/dhr 718-935-4000 Teacher Hiring Support Center – Job Search Resources http://www.thscnyc.org 718-935-5280