sometimes you g et s and in your shoe n.
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Sometimes You G et S and in Your Shoe… PowerPoint Presentation
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Sometimes You G et S and in Your Shoe…

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Sometimes You G et S and in Your Shoe… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sometimes You G et S and in Your Shoe…. Rich Bluni, RN, LHRM Studer Group International Speaker Author of: Inspired Nurse. Mission & Vision. Studer Group Mission To make healthcare better – for employees to work, for physicians to practice medicine and for patients to receive care.

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sometimes you g et s and in your shoe

Sometimes You Get Sand in Your Shoe…

Rich Bluni, RN, LHRM

Studer Group International Speaker Author of:

Inspired Nurse

mission vision
Mission & Vision
  • Studer Group Mission
    • To make healthcare better – for employees to work, for physicians to practice medicine and for patients to receive care.
  • Studer Group Vision
    • To be the intellectual resource for healthcare professionals, combining passion with prescriptive actions and tools, to drive outcomes and maximize the human potential within each organization and healthcare as a whole.
about studer group
About Studer Group
  • Execution company focused on achieving and sustaining exceptional clinical, operational and financial outcomes
  • Work with over 800 healthcare organizations in the US and beyond
  • > 50 Coaches and International Speakers
  • Educational Resources – Books, Training Videos, Webinars and Institutes
  • Web based software solutions for operational alignment and process efficiency/ improvement
  • Evidenced Based tactics that produce:
    • Accelerated rate of improvement and efficiency in clinical quality (core measures, hospital acquired conditions, and readmissions)
    • Favorable HCAHPS results
    • Maximized reimbursement
    • Increased physician loyalty
    • Improved ED flow, operational metrics and patient experience
healthcare flywheel
Healthcare Flywheel®

Bottom Line Results

(Transparency and Accountability)

Prescriptive To Do’s

Purpose, worthwhile work

and makinga difference



make your own sunshine
Make Your Own Sunshine…
  • Letting Down The Draw Bridge
  • Start Well
  • Carrot Cake
  • Going it alone.
  • Grudge Less. Forgive More
  • Get off of Your “Buts”.
  • Change VS. Shift
  • Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
  • Sorry Princess…It’s Still a Frog!
  • What REALLY Matters?
  • Talking with Abraham
starting well
Starting Well…
  • How do you start your day?
  • How do you start your meeting?
  • How do you start your rounding?
  • How do you “start” your new employee/associate?
  • How do you start your conversations?
  • When you leave here today…how will you start to improve/change?

Do we give people what WE think they want?

ask and you shall receive
Ask and You Shall Receive…

Moving into Excellence requires asking a lot of questions…

  • Do you eat a lot of carrot cake?
  • Are you giving your team the right cake?
  • If you don’t ask and ask and ask…you’re baked!
let them eat cake
Let Them Eat Cake…
  • High Performers can tell you EXACTLY what their favorite cake is…where to get the ingredients and how to prepare it. They’ll even serve it to you!
  • Middle/Solid Performers may need a few choices but with guidance they will place the right order.
  • Low Performers will tell you they never get any cake, then ask you for donuts and then complain that there's not enough sprinkles and then tell everyone that we USED to get pies but “THEY” cut that out…
going it alone
Going It Alone…

Photo credit:

in the arms of hope
In The Arms of Hope…

Photo Credit: Hospice care at Shell Point,

no longer going it alone
No Longer Going It Alone…
  • Maximize attendance at conferences like Studer Group’s What’s Right in Health Care®.
  • Even the greatest athletes need Coaches.
  • Peer to Peer learning = Mutual Success = Saving Lives
  • We go farther, carry more, accomplish more together…
  • Can you truly get to “Excellent” Going it alone?
grudge less forgive more
Grudge Less. Forgive More.
  • “Holding” a Grudge:

Can’t Hold onto a Grudge and Inspiration at the same time.

  • Poison vs. Diamonds
  • Forgiving Not the Same as Forgetting.
grudge less forgive more1
Grudge Less. Forgive More
  • Ignore. (???)

**Then also try ignoring chest pain, bleeding, fire alarms and that guy running towards you carrying a machete and wearing a hockey mask…

  • Resolve Externally

Address it directly with the other person. Not always an option.

  • Resolve Internally

This is what it comes down to anyway. It is for YOU.

get off of your buts
Get Off of Your “BUTS”!
  • #1 Reason We Don’t Make Changes?
  • What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen?
  • Stop Thinking of Things as “Extracurricular”.
  • Take Immediate Action.
  • Einstein Said: “Nothing Happens Until Something Moves!”
  • Commit to Stop “Butting”.
  • Finally. Energizing. A. Real. Solution. (C. Rich Bluni)
  • Failure and Success Aren’t Islands. They are Waves…
transactional vs transformational
Transactional VS. Transformational
  • Change:

To do’s, Tactics, Processes, Short cuts, Lessons Learned, Applying Fixes based on data, Must Have’s,

We Are Seen Differently. Survive.

  • Shift:

Thought Process, Feelings, Emotional Link, Heart, Spirit, Applying Fixes because it is humane/the right thing to do, inspires the team.

We See Differently. Thrive.

get comfortable with being uncomfortable
Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.

“To Get to That…You Got To Get Through This…”

  • “That’s Just Who I am!”
  • Self Assessment
what to do what to do
What to do…What to do?
  • When it get’s uncomfortable ask: “Who am I here for?”
  • If you’re always “comfortable” you’re probably not moving ahead.
  • Soreness, discomfort and even pain require stretching, cooling down, warming up and time.
  • If it hurts too much…check your form.
  • Have you EVER had to dig deep? What did it take? What worked? What failed?
  • Eventually…you adapt. Your tolerance increases…
get comfortable with being uncomfortable1
Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.
  • “Please…Just Hold Her Hand…”
stop kissing frogs
Stop Kissing Frogs…
  • “I could be happier at work if he would…” “It is so hard to be positive at work because of how she…” “He ruins my day because he’s always so UNHAPPY!”….
  • Why can’t they JUST BE NICE???
  • Who suffers the most?
  • Good or bad use of your energy and spirit?
  • Stop Talking about them! (they lose they’re power)
  • Make a joke of it…just say “RIBBIT!”
there can be no just a s in healthcare
There Can Be NO “Just-A’s”….in Healthcare
  • Just-A’s: Don’t feel Inspired…they feel obligated.
  • Just-A’s: Don’t make decisions…they wait to be told what to do.
  • Just-A’s: Don’t feel like difference makers…they are simply task fulfillers.
what really matters
What REALLY Matters?

“Honey, yogurt should never make you cry!”


“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some become stronger at the broken places…”

~ Ernest Hemingway

inspired nurse and inspired journal by rich bluni rn
Inspired Nurse AND Inspired Journal by Rich Bluni, RN
  • Built around exercises that help incorporate the difference we make into our daily lives
  • Filled with stories that illuminate those sacred moments of joy, wonder, insight, gratitude and grief

Write Your Way To Inspiration!

Inspired Journal, a companion to Inspired Nurse, helps you keep your connection to inspiration.

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thank you

“A sandy shoe can bother you, if you allow it to. But really, it’s there to remind you that at least you’ve been to the beach…”

~Rich Bluni, RN