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Welcome to Back to School Night

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Welcome to Back to School Night. Seneca Ridge Middle School Home of the Thunderbolts!. Agenda. School Board Presentations Seneca Ridge 101 PTO introduction Teacher presentations -Social Studies -Art -Keyboarding -Math -Science -Language Arts/SAMS -Music. Seneca Ridge 101. Welcome…

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Welcome to Back to School Night

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welcome to back to school night

Welcome toBack to School Night

Seneca Ridge Middle School

Home of the Thunderbolts!

  • School Board Presentations
  • Seneca Ridge 101
  • PTO introduction
  • Teacher presentations

-Social Studies





-Language Arts/SAMS


seneca ridge 101

Seneca Ridge 101


Back To School

visitor protocols
Visitor Protocols
  • All visitors must present photo identification
  • Share reason for your visit
  • Park in designated spaces, rather than the fire lane – indicated by the yellow curb
  • Thank you for your cooperation
morning drop off
Morning Drop Off
  • Pull all the way forward before dropping off your student at the curb (drop off area has been extended to the bike rack).
  • Parent parking and drop off is available at the far end of the lot – above the ball field. For student drop off, parents are to park only in the first row – so students have direct access to the new sidewalk.
  • Staff members will be outside to assist with safety.
  • Building hours:
    • 8:00 for library
    • 8:10 for breakfast
    • 8:15 to locker area
    • Morning extra help - teacher

pass required to enter the building early

afternoon pick up
Afternoon Pick Up
  • NEW - parent parking and pick up area is available at the far end of the lot - the first row of parking, which provides direct access to the newly installed sidewalk above the ball field. Great opportunity for students who may need additional time to load or for early parents.
  • Pull all the way forward before picking up your student at the curb; students should enter the vehicle curbside.
  • When directed, carefully pull

away from the curb and

merge with exiting traffic.

  • Staff members will be outside

to assist with safety.

  • “Account Request Form” available on the website, click on the yellow CLARITY link
  • CLARITY portal is slated to open October 3rd
  • Review student “grade books” with your children; encourage them to check themselves
  • CLARITY user information is available on the website, click on the yellow CLARITY link
  • A direct link to teacher email is available within CLARITY
student agenda information source
Student Agenda – Information Source
  • School Information
    • Contact Information
    • School hours
    • Bell Schedules
    • 2013-2014 School Calendar (Holidays)
    • Attendance Procedures
    • Grading Scale
    • Student Services
    • Bolt Behavior Matrix
    • Expectations & Responsibilities (Behavior, Dress Code, etc.)
agenda student s organizational tool
Agenda – Student’s Organizational Tool
  • Academic Planner Pages – Expected in every class, every day
  • References and Resources
  • Study Skills Seneca Style
  • STORM Goal Setting
  • Vinyl pocket
  •  A staff member advises a group

of 12 students (4 from each grade).

  • Activities focus on goal setting, academic progress, and fostering positive relationships with peers and adults within their learning community.
  • This will be posted as a second block class on your student’s schedule.
after school clubs
After School Clubs
  • Based on student and staff interests
  • Students must have signed permission to stay after – form is available on website, click on the “ACTIVITIES” and then “intramurals” link in the yellow bar
  • Adjusted late bus service Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Students are encouraged to share ideas for clubs with their counselor or dean
  • Clubs currently forming – students may join in any time
currently forming clubs
Currently Forming Clubs…
  • Mondays: Student Activity Council, Soccer
  • Tuesdays: Running Club, Fitness/Activity Club
  • Wednesdays: Flag Football, Basketball

Clubs with varied meeting dates:

  • SERVE - Students Engaged in Real-World Service Experiences – dates TBD
  • Rocket Club
  • Naturalists

Student interests: surveyed through resource – seeking sponsors:

  • lacrosse, debate
resource an opportunity
Resource, an Opportunity
  • BOLT(Be prepared, On task, Learning

ready, and Targeted)

    • Music devices allowed with parent permission.
    • Responsive approach to student specific needs
    • Smaller setting
    • Smaller student: teacher ratio
    • Agenda monitoring and training
    • Assistance with organization
    • More personalized assistance with study skills development
    • Assistance with assessment preparation
    • Developing self-advocacy regarding academic challenges
  • Café prepay- check breakfast/lunch account balance and/or add funds to student’s account
  • www.myschoolbucks.com
  • Outdoor Café-
  • Parents are welcome to volunteer for the outdoor café.
  • Students go outside on a rotating basis, weather permitting.
  • Students are able to play on the blacktop with donated equipment; gently used basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, kick balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, etc. may be dropped of in the main office
  • LCPS policy: Sharing or trading food in the classroom or cafeteria is not permissible and is a safety practice that has been in place in LCPS for several years.
contacting staff at srms
Contacting Staff at SRMS
  • www.lcps.org/srms
  • Click on the “STAFF” link in the yellow bar
  • Click on your teacher of choice
  • You will be on the teacher’s webpage where you will find teacher specific information and an e-mail link
  • Phone messages may be left at the main office number (571)434-4420
parent input opportunities
Parent Input Opportunities
  • Ideas for Information Sessions for “Hot Topics” for middle school parents/students – share with grade level guidance counselor
  • Volunteer Opportunities – staying involved “in the middle”
  • PTO
goals for the class of 2020
Goals for the class of 2020
  • Building a community where students feel involved and supported
  • Students will develop a sense of school pride
  • Students will explore activities and interests
  • Students develop good study habits
  • Students will grow as independent learners
  • Students will explore higher educational opportunities for their futures
co presidents amy curran mike morgan

Amy Curran

Mike Morgan

most of this information can be accessed at our websites
Most of this information can be accessed at our websites

How to access a teacher’s web page:

Go to the Seneca Ridge Middle School website located at:http://www.lcps.org/srms

Click on the label marked "Staff".

This will take you to a listing of the staff at the school. Click on the teacher’s name. This will take you to that individual teacher’s webpage.

units of study
Units of Study
  • 6th Grade US History (To 1865)
  • Continents and Oceans
  • Early Explorers
  • Settlement
  • Colonies
  • American Revolution
  • Constitutional Change
  • Western Expansion
  • Secession from the Union
  • Civil War

SOL Tests will be held in May on all of the above topics.

  • Late May through June:  Overview of 7th Social Studies
homework policy
Homework Policy
  • Homework is assigned on an as needed basis.
  • Homework ranges from studying for a quiz using the study strategies that students are learning in school, to reading assignments that introduce new topics, and writing assignments.
  • Assignments are assessed and feedback is given in a timely manner.
upcoming assignments
Upcoming Assignments
  • Please see your child’s agenda or teacher webpage to stay up to date on assignments in class.
student expectations
Student Expectations
  • Students are expected to follow the expectations set forth in the student handbook, including bringing all materials to class such as binder, writing utensils, a book to read, and your agenda.
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • We only study two wars, American Revolution and the Civil War.
  • Geography is a part of History, we promise.
  • Reading and writing will occur outside of your Language Arts class.
the art department at seneca ridge middle school

The Art Department at Seneca Ridge Middle School

Mrs. Chahine

Art 6 and Dominion HS

Mrs. Null

Art 7 and 8

Mrs. Yow

Art 6 and 7

units of study1
Units of Study

Students continue to build basic skills, such as drawing, shading, and design.

They are exposed to different media, such as graphite, paint, computer graphics, ceramics, etc.


Units of Study, continued

Art History, Aesthetics and Criticism are interwoven throughout.

homework policy1
Homework Policy

We do not assign regular homework. However, if students fall behind on a project, they may be asked to work on the project at home.

Materials will be loaned out if necessary.

student expectations1
Student Expectations
  • Practice work is assessed and feedback is given; preliminary assignments do not affect final grades.
  • Projects are graded on a series of objectives using a rubric.
  • Students are expected to try their best and to show respect for self, others and property.
frequently asked questions1
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What materials are students expected to bring?
    • Only a pocket folder and a #2 pencil. All other art materials are provided.
  • How often do students have Art in middle school?
    • 6th graders have art every other day for a whole block, like other classes. However, the class is only one semester long.
    • 7th graders have art all year, but only for half the block – the other half is Resource.
    • 8th graders have art all year, for a full block.
frequently asked questions continued
Frequently Asked QuestionsContinued
  • Do you keep any student work?
    • No; We may borrow it during the school year for display purposes, but every student should have all his/her art work before the end of the year.
  • Will my child’s art work be on display this year?
    • It may. We will have rotating displays in the school as well as in the community, including the Dominion High School Cluster Show in March.
  • How do I contact you?

laura.null@lcps.org leila.yow@lcps.org

natasha.amirhadji@lcps.org (Mrs. Chahine)

about us
About Us

Kimberly Fedei

  • Virginia Tech (B.S. Education & M.A School counseling)
  • Kimberly.fedei@lcps.org
    • Planning: 8:55-10:15 (A & B days)

Linda Martell

  • SUNY Farmingdale (A.S. Business Administration)
  • SUNY Old Westbury (B.S. Elementary Education)
  • Nova Southeastern University

(M.S. Technology in Education)

  • Linda.martell@lcps.org
    • Planning: 12:25-1:50 (B days)
units of study2
Units of Study
  • Touch type the alphabetic keyboard, numbers & symbols
  • Identify the parts of a computer system
  • Proofread copy, using proofreaders’ marks
  • Key, format letters, e-mails, reports and tables.
  • Edit copy
  • Key and format addresses on envelopes
  • Produce documents incorporation graphic elements
  • Maintain workstation, equipment, materials & supplies.
homework policy2
Homework Policy
  • Homework is given on an as needed basis
  • Mostly practice and studying for assessments
  • Please check the calendar on either Mrs. Fedei’s or Ms. Martell’s website
timed writing scale
Timed Writing Scale
  • First Nine-Weeks

GWAM Grade

28-33 & up A

23-27 B

17-22 C

12-16 D

Below 12 F

  • Second Nine-Weeks

GWAM Grade

33-38 & up A

28-32 B

22-27 C

17-21 D

Below 17 F

student expectations2
Student Expectations
  • Follow PBIS expectations
  • Be prepared
  • Be ready to work
  • Be neat
  • Be positive
frequently asked questions2
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there homework?
    • Yes, students should be practicing every night for 15-20 minutes
  • Are they graded on speed?
    • Yes, at the end of the quarter there will be speed tests. Only the best will be recorded
  • How are they graded?
    • Grades are based on:
      • Skills Observations
      • Class work
      • Summative assessments
      • Speed tests
      • Projects

Website info:

http://www.lcps.org/srms, then click on staff and find Fedei or Martell

On our websites, you will find:




Keyboarding competencies

Email: kimberly.fedei@lcps.org or linda.martell@lcps.org

about us1
About Us
  • We are the Sixth Grade Math CLT, a team of teachers that work closely together to plan common lessons and activities. We utilize each of our strengths to create engaging student-centered units that are provided in a unit packet format.
units of study3
Units of Study

Math 6:

  • Algebraic Properties
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Ratios
  • Rational Numbers
  • Measurement
  • Geometry : Perimeter, Area, Volume & Surface Area
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Accelerated Math 6/7: All + more…
homework policy3
Homework Policy
  • Homework is assigned every class.
  • Students must complete all homework assignments on time.
  • Homework will align with the content covered in class that day. It can consist of textbook practice, worksheets, activities, or Study Guides.
  • Homework is checked for accuracy and reviewed the following class after assigned.
  • Homework is listed on individual webpages on the

Calendar page.

upcoming assignments1
Upcoming Assignments
  • Students are having their second assessment this week.
  • Check calendar for future assessments and dates that assessments are returned for parent/guardian review.
  • Check calendar for upcoming projects and assignments.
student expectations3
Student Expectations
  • The students completed a Math Contract the first week of school.
  • Please review the Behavioral and Academic Expectations on the contract for the Student, Teacher, and Parents.
  • We need to work as a team to ensure

your child’s success!!

frequently asked questions3
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can my child re-take the assessment?
  • A: Our Math Team has a specific policy for re-takes given at the teacher’s discretion. Contact your student’s teacher as questions arise.

Please go to the Seneca Ridge website and click on “Staff.”

Then, click on “Teacher’s last name, Teacher’s first name.”

Features on our websites:

Contact information

Homework Calendar & assignments

Test dates coming up

Study resources on-line

Topics Covered in each class for the school year

Extra Math Help Available After School

Rambo: Monday


Cripps: Wednesday

O’Neill: By Appointment

are you smarter than a 6 th grader
Are you smarter than a 6th grader?
  • Why is it winter in Virginia even though the Earth is closer to the Sun?
  • How many centimeters are in one meter?
  • Describe an energy transformation.
  • How do raindrops form?
  • How many states are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed?
  • Can you list the planets in order from BIGGEST to smallest?
supplies to bring to class
Supplies to bring to class…
  • Binder – only used for Science
  • Pencils
  • Loose leaf paper – about 20 sheets
  • Agenda
  • Book to read(in case you finish your work early)
how to contact a teacher
How to Contact a Teacher
  • Use the Staff Directory on the SRMS web page to access individual teacher web sites
  • e-mail: jennifer.efigenio@lcps.org




  • SRMS Phone Number: 571-434-4420
units of study4
Units of Study
  • Metric Measurement
  • Scientific Method
  • Matter and Chemistry
  • Properties of Water
  • Weather and Atmosphere
  • Space
  • Energy
  • Resources
  • Watersheds

Homework will include practice worksheets, science journal entries, studying vocabulary words, or using a study skill to review concepts taught in class.

Homework is assigned on a regular basis(at least once a week) to provide practice and/or review concepts we are learning in class.

Check your child’s agenda or teacher’s web-site for upcoming tests, quizzes, or homework assignments.

student expectations4
Student Expectations
  • Come to class prepared
  • Complete assignments in a timely manner
  • Maintain an organized binder
  • Work with other students willingly and cooperatively
  • Actively participate in a

positive manner

  • Clean up your work area
frequently asked questions4
Frequently Asked Questions
  • When are teachers available for extra help?

Teacher help is given during a student’s Resource time or you can contact the teacher for additional availability.

  • How will I know when to expect tests?

Students and parents can check the teacher’s web site for dates and they should also be written in student’s agenda.

  • What if my child says there is no homework?

Please check the agenda each night. Students can review vocabulary or class notes each night for homework.


How you can help your child be

  • successful in science……
  • Check out the teacher’s web site for upcoming assignments and/or other helpful information
  • Ask them to describe an experiment they completed in class or share science factoids
  • Observe the moon each night
  • Talk about current science events
  • Help them study science vocabulary words
  • Check their agenda each night
  • Ask them to teach you what they learned in class

Welcome to the 6th Grade English Department

Back-To-School Night Presentation

the teachers
The Teachers

Mrs. Henry

Mrs. Abrahamsen

Mrs. Golden

Mr. Rosati

Mr. Pool

Mrs. Russell

units of study5
Units of Study

The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.

The student will present, listen critically, and express opinions in oral presentations.

The student will improve critical thinking skills

The student will identify the characteristics and effectiveness of a variety of media messages.

The student will write narratives, exposition, and persuasion pieces.

homework policy4
Homework Policy
  • Students should be reading at home every day. Additional homework assignments will also be given (worksheets, writing, etc.).
  • Unless otherwise stated, homework is due the following day.
  • Students will receive feedback on their work while reviewing in class.
  • Homework can be found in your student’s agenda, or on the teacher’s website (if applicable).
student expectations5
Student Expectations

1. Be respectful (to classmates and adults)

2. Complete work to the best of your ability

3. If you don’t understand something, ask

4. Bring your supplies to every class (agenda, binder, pencil and a novel to read)

5. Be respectful (so important, it’s listed twice)

  • Do not disrupt class with off task behavior

or comments

frequently asked questions5
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I find upcoming assignments?(Check your child’s agenda, or if applicable, the teacher’s website)
  • If homework is not graded, why should my child spend their time on it? (While homework is not graded, it is important that every student complete work that is assigned to help them better understand and practice the concepts taught in class)
  • What will my child’s grade be composed of? (quizzes, tests, writing assignments and perhaps a project or two)
  • What books are you reading in class? (Teachers read an assortment of books – while the book itself varies, the topics being taught are consistent throughout the different classrooms)
  • SAMS = Spanish at the Middle School
  • One teacher for all of 6th grade = Sra. Sozzi
  • Research shows there are cognitive, academic, and societal benefits from early language instruction.
  • Grades derived from active participation in class (informal assessments) and completion of in-class quarterly projects (formal assessments).
  • See my web site for additional information.



Music DepartmentDonna Timmons- ChorusSarah Horback- BandLisa Smith- BandKendrey Trammell- StringsLeah Hawkins- Guitar

srms music department common basic syllabi
SRMS Music DepartmentCommon Basic Syllabi
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Tone Production
  • Pitch, Listening, and Sight-Reading Skills
  • Perform a varied repertoire of musical styles
common grading procedures
Common Grading Procedures
  • Concerts/Performances/Projects
  • Tests and Quizzes

(Playing/Singing and Written)

  • Daily Techniques/Ensemble Skills
  • Student Choice Points
student choice points
Student Choice Points
  • Each quarter, students must earn Student Choice Points of their choosing
  • Student may earn points by: Playing/Singing a piece of music in front of the class, Attending a live performance (bring in a signed copy of the program), Critiquing a live performance, or Writing an Essay on a musical topic
  • See the SRMS website or your student’s music teacher for more information!
performance and rehearsal attendance
Performance and Rehearsal Attendance
  • Please see our calendars on the SRMS Website. Dates of performances and rehearsals were also sent home the first week of school
  • There is no “side bench”. Every student is very important and part of a team. Because of this, students must be present at all rehearsals and concerts. Rehearsal and concert attendance contributes to students’ grades
concert attire
Concert Attire
  • 6th Grade: Blue Music Polo Shirt, black dress pants, black socks, black shoes
  • 7th and 8th Grade: White Dress Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes, Black Socks, Ties (for boys)
  • 8th Grade Guitar: All Black
p t o dream program
P.T.O. DREAM Program
  • Band students have the opportunity to take private lessons with highly qualified music tutors after-school at SRMS through our PTO
  • Private lessons are a great way to help your student succeed in band!
  • Scholarships are available for students with financial need

Contact Us!

Donna Timmons- Donna.Timmons@lcps.org Chorus

Sarah Horback- Sarah.Horback@lcps.org Band

Lisa Smith- Lisa.Smith@lcps.org Band

Kendrey Trammell- Kendrey.Trammell@lcps.org Strings

Leah Hawkins- Leah.Hawkins@lcps.org Guitar

By phone: 571-434-4420

Please visit our Websites for specific information

regarding your students’ class!