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Welcome to Back to School Night

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Welcome to Back to School Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Back to School Night
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  1. Welcome to Back to School Night My goal is to answer your questions about 5th grade! Room H-2 Mrs. Tawney 5th grade

  2. Who is the teacher? • Born and raised in Iowa • 17th year teaching: 14th year in Etiwanda Taught 7th grade math/science, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade • Husband teaches TV/Video Production at Los Osos HS, 1 son in 3nd grade here at Grapeland

  3. What is the daily schedule & expectations? • 8:15-10:15 Math or ELA • 10:15-10:30 Recess • 10:30-12:30 Switch Math or ELA • 12:35-1:15 Lunch/recess • 1:15-2:45 Week A—Science; Week B—Social Studies • P.E. every Wednesday and Friday 2-2:45 • Appropriate clothes/shoes/Water bottle • Rules: Built around Respect & Responsibility • Discipline: Warning, Check, Loss of Recess, Citation • Positive Discipline: Table points—Fun Food Friday

  4. What supplies are needed? • It is essential that students do NOT carry more than necessary in their backpacks. • Purple folder • 2 pocket folder • Pencil pouch—pencils, pens, colored pencils, glue sticks • Math and vocabulary workbooks • Spiral notebooks • HW planner • Reading/library book • Water bottle • Math textbook only—Monday through Thursday • See the supply list for other classroom supply donations needed **We are requesting that students bring a flash drive to be kept at school for storing technology projects throughout the year.

  5. What are the homework/classwork procedures? • HW planner & on TeacherWeb • Nightly: due next day • HW not graded—it is reviewed/checked in class • Use HW to review for tests • Organizing homework and classwork • Graded work: keep in a file at home • Class work: keep in 2 pocket folder • Homework: keep in purple folder • No redo’s/corrections on assignments/tests unless deemed necessary

  6. What are Weekly Work Notices? • Notices sent home every Friday • Each teacher will initial if all work for the week is turned in • Missing work for the week will be checked • The notice does NOT need to be returned • All work must be completed and returned by the following Friday • Assignments not turned in after that time will NOT be accepted and will result in a score of zero in the grade book.

  7. What will my child learn in math? • Number Sense: integers, decimals, fractions, percents • Algebra: evaluating algebraic expressions • Statistics: graphing, mean, median, mode • Geometry: volume, area, plane and solid figures • Problem Solving: reasoning skills, critical thinking, apply various strategies learned to solve problems and explain steps/validity of answer • A copy of the state standards is available on the district website

  8. What can I expect to happen in math class? • Common Core Standards is pushing for more critical thinking and writing across the curriculum areas • Less multiple choice exams—more writing • Chapter tests—including vocabulary • Daily Warm up quiz every Friday to spiral curriculum • Daily and Weekly Problem Solving • Daily homework in practice books • Online writing activities • Weekly math facts races

  9. How can I help my child in math? • Complete nightly homework in homework practice book • Use the online textbook resources • Practice multiplication facts • Review chapter vocabulary • Review daily warm up exercises in their math warm up spiral • Encourage students to show all work, even if correct answer is not reached—especially when solving word problems and other problem solving exercises

  10. What will my child learn in science? • LIFE SCIENCE: • Cells, organs, organ systems, plants and photosynthesis • EARTH SCIENCE: • Water cycle, weather, atmosphere • PHYSICAL SCIENCE: • Elements, atoms, molecules, compounds, solutions • A copy of the state standards is available on the district website

  11. What can I expect to happen in science class? • Science/Social Studies weekly rotations: • Week A: Science with me—textbooks/study guides/lab/projects • Week B: Social Studies with Mrs. Connor--review science from Interactive Texts as HW • Zingy Learning—online interactive science lessons • Science fair in February—all students required to participate, 1-2 months to complete • Learn note taking skills

  12. How can I help my child in science? • Make sure your child completes any science homework projects or assignments that come home. • Zingy Learning lessons at home if needed • Create a timeline to complete each part of the science fair project • Ask your child and actively engage in conversations about what your child is learning in science. • Provide books/library trips to get books to support topics being learned in science

  13. What should I expect in ELA/SS? • Spelling: • Test every Friday • HW: Spelling City Website twice/week (Alt. packet if needed) • Vocabulary: Test every other Friday • Greek/Latin Roots: 5 words, test every Wed. • Theme based—incorporates all subject areas, novel unit • READ! READ! READ! • See Mrs. Connor for a full packet of ELA/SS information

  14. What are the expectations for AR? Home Connect Letter—great way to monitor AR Students have been given their goals-refer to letter in your student’s folder Points start over for each session and increase each session 6 week sessions

  15. How does band work? Band usually starts in September Students go one day a week for a 30 minute lesson Students are responsible for making up the class work they miss during this time

  16. How can I be up to date on classroom news? • Teacher Web • Sign up for NewsFlash! • Email me from here • Classroom documents such as PowerPoints, projects, worksheets • Homework posted weekly

  17. How can I be aware of my child's grades? • ESPRI: • http://www.etiwanda.org/etigrape/ • On-line resource for parents and students • Access your child’s grades all year • Go to computer lab next to library TONIGHT to sign up for your free account! • Go on-line to our school website and follow the steps to sign up • WEEKLY WORK NOTICES EVERY FRIDAY!

  18. How do I contact the teacher? • Email: • Daisy_Tawney@etiwanda.org • Phone: 909-463-7026

  19. What can I donate to help the class? BE A STAR!! If you would like to donate extra supplies to our classroom, please take a star from the board on your way out and return the item with your child during the next week. Thank you for your support! **KLEENEX**EXPO MARKERS**

  20. What do I need to do tonight? • Complete the information/signature page • Sign up for a time for parent teacher conference week in November—only with homeroom teacher • Go to the computer lab tonight to sign up for ESPRI. • Join PTA--$5 per membership Thank you for Coming!