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Important Reminders for 2012-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Reminders for 2012-2013

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Important Reminders for 2012-2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Important Reminders for 2012-2013. Martha Villa-Rosa ESOL Department. TERMS Entry Codes. ENTRY (Basis of Entry): A one character code used to indicate the basis of entry into the ESOL Program. Code Definition A Aural/Oral (Kg-12) R Reading and Writing (03-12)

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Important Reminders for 2012-2013

Martha Villa-Rosa

ESOL Department

terms entry codes
TERMS Entry Codes

ENTRY (Basis of Entry): A one character code used to indicate the basis of entry into the ESOL Program.

Code Definition

A Aural/Oral (Kg-12)

R Reading and Writing (03-12)

L ELL Committee (Kg-12)

T Temporarily placed in ESOL Program used Pre-K students ONLY

re entry information
Re-entry Information

Students coming from other districts in the state of Florida as well as students that leave for 90 school days or more are required to be reassessed with the (IPT) for ESOL Services. Every measure should be taken to honor time in an ESOL Program. Codes for a few counties have already been established. Please visit our website for the Database Handbook

The original Entry date may not be modified. Update the Plan date and print an A07 panel and file in the ELLSEP folder.

plan date
Plan Date

All PLAN dates must be updated. At the beginning of each school year to reflect the first day of school to indicate instructional program recommendation for the new school year as reflected on ELLSEP folder.

A copy of the student schedule (A10) must be filed in the ELLSEP folder. It must be date stamped either by the computer or by hand with a signature:

  • Whenever classes or courses change
  • Whenever ESOL services change
  • When Language Classification is updated
  • When an ELL Committee is convened
  • For annual reviews based on anniversary date
exiting students
Exiting Students
  • K-2: Proficient score on CELLA Listening/Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • 3-9: Proficient score on CELLA Listening/Speaking, Reading, Writing and FCAT Reading.
  • 10-12: Proficient score on CELLA Listening/Speaking, Reading, Writing and FCAT Reading or ACT/SAT Concordant Scores.
exit documentation on terms
Exit Documentation on TERMS
  • Exit Criteria is composed of one measure.

Basis of EXIT Code:

    • K-2: H
    • 3-9: I
    • 10-12: J
  • For students (K-12) exiting via an ELL committee basis of EXIT is “L.”
  • CELLA and FCAT scores shall be used to exit students or for REEVALs no later than Oct. 1st
  • For students in year 4,5,6 and beyond:
    • A current IPT must be administered and an ELL Comm. must be convened to make appropriate recommendation for continued placement in the ESOL Program Services
    • Reevals must be done on or within 30 days prior to anniversary date.
recording ipt r w
Recording IPT R/W


For extension of Services-Reevals:

Update Plan Date

Update Language Classification

Enter IPT scores (L/S) on the A21 panel, and enter

Designation (NER, LER, CER) for R and W (NEW, LEW, CEW) on TERMS

code 130
Code 130

ELL students who have been in the ESOL program for six years or less (12 FTEs=6 years) must be coded 130. After the six years of ESOL services the code 130 must change back to basic program, as funds can no longer be claimed.

pre k students
Pre-K students

LY-T students who are tested with the IPT I and score NES or LES, ELL code remains LY

LY-T studentds who are tested with the IPT I before the start of the school year (no earlier than May) and score FES, the ELL code must be changed from LY-T to ZZ

LY-T students who are tested with the IPT I after the start of the school year score FES, an ELL committee must be convened to determine placement. If ESOL services are not recommended, ELL code changes from the LY to LF and are monitored for two years

social security numbers
Social Security Numbers


Students cannot be turned away if they do not have a SSN. The revised Registration Form now contains a sentence regarding Social Security Numbers.

immigrant information
Immigrant Information
  • The date a student enters a school for the first time in the United States is being collected and reported on the A03 panel. This information is very important for two reasons. One reason is the data is needed for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver for accountability purposes. The other reason is because the State is collecting data on students who meet the definition of an immigrant student.
  • An immigrant student is defined as:
    • Ages 3-21; and
    • Were not born in any State or U.S territory or possession; and
    • Have not been attending one or more schools in any one or more States for more than 3 full academic years.
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Martha Villa-Rosa


esol leadership team
ESOL Leadership Team

Vicky B. Saldala Director

LeydaSotolongo, Title III Coordinator

Jenna Moniz Educational Specialist

Yvette Fernandez, Parent Outreach Specialist