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Helping the US Economy with American Apparel

How does buying t-shirts from American Apparel help the US recovery? Check out the latest article here: http://simonfritz09.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/helping-the-american-economy-by-supporting-american-apparel/

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Helping the US Economy with American Apparel

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  1. Helping the US Economy Supporting American Apparel

  2. Recent Economic Reports • Unemployment • Mortgage • Slowing US recovery • Looming American economy • Obamacare • Debt ceiling • Euro crisis • Businesses similar to American Apparel

  3. How American Apparel affects the Economy • Real wages for workers • Living on a textile manufacturing wage • Rarity • Trouble with blue collar working wages • Sustainability • Higher customized quality • The happier the workers, the better the quality • Pay directly influences quality of work • Better custom American Apparel clothing that lasts longer

  4. Helping Import/Export Ratio • Increase exports • Decrease imports • Increase GDP • Trickle down effects of AA • Spreads to other businesses and chain of production

  5. Issue of Immigration • American Apparel supports controversial issue: immigration • Headquartered in LA • Obama challenging AR state law • Immigrant rights • Allow them to live here • Amnesty programs

  6. Conclusion People should feel proud to buy American Apparel t-shirts AA is helping the US economy AA fights for immigrant rights

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