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zipLogix ® Digital Ink Training PowerPoint Presentation
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zipLogix ® Digital Ink Training

zipLogix ® Digital Ink Training

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zipLogix ® Digital Ink Training

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  1. zipLogix® Digital Ink Training Sending files to be signed using the new zipForm® Plus A Free C.A.R. Member Benefit

  2. The Digital Signature Advantage • Trustworthy and verifiable digital signatures. • Easily set up documents for signing directly from zipForm® • Incorporate any PDFs for a complete signing packet

  3. Digitally Signed Seal Digitally Signed seal shows this document and signature are original (click a signature for validation window)

  4. Go Beyond Send for signatures:Click eSign • Send documents to be signed electronically using zipLogix Digital Ink ®(select your e-signing software in your zipForm ® Plus profile). eSign

  5. Step One: Select forms and files 3. Next 2. Organize 1. Select

  6. NEW! Sellers Can Easily Complete & Sign Disclosures (TDS, SPQ) via eSign! Send docs for esign without leaving zipForm site! Sellers can easily complete TDS & SPQ

  7. Go Beyond Step Two: Select signers 3. Next 1. Select 2. Done

  8. Optional: CC List and Verify ID 4. Next 3. Drag and drop 2. Verify ID 1. CC

  9. Go Beyond Step Three: Add signing areas 2. Send Change document or signer 1. Review Signature Areas Click and drag to place a task

  10. Go Beyond Step Four: Send Edit the text for the email signers receive 1. Start signing process

  11. Transaction Started Close and return to zipForm The first signer has been notified.

  12. Email automatically sent to first signer Email from zipLogix Digital Ink Online Signatures 1. Click to start signing

  13. Signing: E-Sign Legal Consent 1. Read Legal Consent 2. Click accept 3. Click Next

  14. Signing: Create Your Signature Or, generate a computer (font) based signature 1. Create a PIN (password) 2. Sign using your mouse or touchpad 3. Click On to View/Sign

  15. (Optional) Select a signature Or sign using your mouse or touchpad 1. Create a PIN (password) 2. Select your signature style 3. Click On to View/Sign

  16. Signing: View/Sign Documents • Your list of documents to be signed appears 1. Click Next to start signing Change list view

  17. Signing: Click to Sign Jump to the next task 2. Click Finish Signing Signed dates auto-added after you click Finish Signing 1. Click the blue button to sign

  18. Signing: Documents Signed • A green check lets you know the document is complete 1. Click Open to view the document

  19. Reviewing a Signed Document Print or download Digitally signed

  20. Go Beyond Signing Complete

  21. Go Beyond CC List Email • Signers or outside parties added to the CC List receive an email with signed documents attached once all signing is completed.

  22. Go Beyond View or download signed forms Click to see files using digital signatures This file has documents sent to zipLogix Digital Ink®

  23. Go Beyond View or download executed documents in zipVault® Click folder Click to open signed PDFs

  24. Check status of signing 1. Click e-Sign 2. Click Check Status 3. Click the date/time documents were sent 4. Check Status

  25. Check Status View complete history Email a signer Download Check Status: Downloading or checking the status is available for 30 days

  26. Making changes Change documents or signers* Cancel (delete) this packet of documents Making Changes: *Once a document has been signed, or a signer starts signing, for security reasons you are not allowed to make changes.

  27. zipLogix Digital Ink® System Requirements • It is important that you view a zipLogix Digital Ink® signed document using Adobe Acrobat • The Adobe PDF viewer is free, and can be downloaded at • Using a different viewer, you might not see the signature properly • It is especially important to remember this for Apple computers. The Apple Preview function will not properly show the signatures.

  28. Thank You Additional information and