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Creation of the Beatles

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Creation of the Beatles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creation of the Beatles. By: Meredith Glaubach . John Lennon’s Report Card. Language: He is capable of good work and has done quite well. Literature: a sound thorough good work. History : Has tried hard and done well

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creation of the beatles

Creation of the Beatles

By: Meredith Glaubach

john lennon s report card
John Lennon’s Report Card

Language: He is capable of good work and has done quite well.

Literature: a sound thorough good work.

History: Has tried hard and done well

Geography: He is undoubtedly trying harder in his new form. Hope he can keep it up.

French: A disappointing note. He is so fond of obtaining a cheap laugh with class that he has little time left for serious concentration.

Math: Poor. He never makes any really visible effort

Physics: An encouraging result. His work has been satisfactory, but his behavior in class is not always so.

Art: Very satisfactory

Handwork: Satisfactory progress in transitional work but still a ---- effort.

Physical training: Good

Religious Instruction: His work has been of a low standard.

hound dog by elvis
Hound Dog by Elvis

You ain'tnothin but a hound dog

Cryin all the time.

You ain'tnothin but a hound dog

Cryin all the time.

Well, you aint never caught a rabbit

And you ain't no friend of mine.

When they said you was high classed,

Well, that was just a lie.

When they said you was high classed,

Well, that was just a lie.

You ain't never caught a rabbit

And you ain't no friend of mine.

1980 addition lyricist grammy
1980 Addition Lyricist Grammy

Steve McLain's Acceptance Speech:

“I feel so honored to be receiving this award tonight. I have had to opportunity to write songs for so many great artists: Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson, the Pretenders, and so many other wonderful musicians. I have to thank the Grammy Committee for creating this award. For so long our profession has not been simply behind the scenes. We're integral in the creation of music, and truthfully there's basically no one who doesn't use a lyricist , we're a huge part of the industry and it feels like we've finally been acknowledged by the greater community. So thank you. Of course, I'd like to thank my beautiful wife, Christie, and our kids at home asleep, Rachel and Liam. Thank you again.”

pakistan annexes kashmir
Pakistan Annexes Kashmir

Presidential briefing:

Mr. President, as of yesterday at 5 o'clock eastern time, Pakistan has officially annexed Kashmir and has published plans to make in roads into India. India's economy has been at a record low, especially in tourism and external funding. Both of these sectors have been hurting significantly, they have had less than 500,000 tourists this year, and western cultures seem to be lacking interest in their cultural goods.

elvis named best artist
Elvis named Best Artist

Dear Priscilla,

I was watching the news last night, because of course all the other shows are in German, and they said they were going to do a segment on me. I usually avoid watching stuff like that, but I had nothing else to do, so I decided it couldn't be too bad. This stuffy looking guy gets behind a podium, one of those guys who looks like he hates my music - I assume he's just rag on me, but instead he goes on about how he likes my music and thinks I'm a musical protégée or some nonsense like that. Then towards the end, in a flurry of excitement, he crowns me not only the King, but the king of all of the music world past, present, and future. I'll try not to let it get to my head, but Priscilla babe that's a lot! And he was a music professor too…

My love from Berlin,


contemporary society
Contemporary Society


  • Girls wear miniskirts and short dresses. There is a lot of color block print. The desired shape for the female body is extremely skinny - Twiggy style. The men almost all wear skinny suits.


  • The music is almost all R+B - Usher, Ne-yo, and Mary J Blige rule the airwaves.
  • Rock is very very subculture. About 5% of all music produced is what we would currently categorize as 'rock.'
  • Lyrics are almost always petty and irrelevant.


  • There is no such thing as 'cultural appropriation' because Americans don't borrow ideas from any other cultures - certainly not India!
  • The hippy movement was drastically smaller and less popularized by the media.
  • There aren't huge storms of fans behind any one band - while some bands are popular, no bands are completely idolized by the younger generation.

Basically little to nothing would have evolved from the pre-Beatles Days