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The Beatles

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The Beatles. What do you know about the 1960s pop group ‘The Beatles’?. The Beatles. In 1956 John Lennon formed ‘The Quarry Men’ in Liverpool with his friend Stuart Sutcliffe. In July 1957 The Quarry Men performed at St. Peter's Church Garden Fete. John met Paul McCartney.

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the beatles
The Beatles
  • What do you know about the 1960s pop group ‘The Beatles’?
In February 1959 The Quarry Men played at the Wilson Hall in Liverpool, and George Harrison decided to join them.

The Quarry Men changed their name to The Silver Beetles and in 1960 Pete Best became their drummer. The band's line-up was now John, Paul,George, Pete and Stuart Sutcliffe.

Unfortunately Stuart Sutcliffe died in 1962 just before the Beatles became famous after playing in The Cavern Club.

The Beatles were rejected by several record labels before being accepted by a small label Parlophone. This was all arranged by their manager Brian Epstein.

They released their first single ‘Love Me Do’ at the end of 1962 and their first album ‘Please Please Me’ early in 1963.
Over the next few years ‘Beatlemania’ took over Britain. After playing in the USA, ‘Beatlemania’ took over America as well.

All through the 60s The Beatles were successful, releasing records and films, but by 1969 they were beginning to have arguments and they wanted to go their own ways.

from 1971 onwards the band didn t record together and in 1975 the beatles were legally disbanded
From 1971 onwards, the band didn’t record together and in 1975, the Beatles were legally disbanded.

We are going to listen to some tracks from ‘Help!’ which was released by The Beatles in 1965.Please fill in the appraisal sheet when we listen to the song for the second time.