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Colonial Latin America

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Colonial Latin America. Section 2 of Latin America Praxis Review With Frank Argote-Freyre. Spanish Empire Task of Governing. Viceroys and Viceroyalties “ Obedezco , Pero No Cumplo ” Audiencias Council of the Indies House of Contracts

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colonial latin america

Colonial Latin America

Section 2 of Latin America Praxis Review

With Frank Argote-Freyre

spanish empire task of governing

Spanish EmpireTask of Governing

Viceroys and Viceroyalties

“Obedezco, Pero No Cumplo”


Council of the Indies

House of Contracts

Systems of Labor: Encomienda and Repartimiento

horrors of the conquest
Horrors of the Conquest

Illustration by Theodore deBry

Additional images can be found at:

religion in the americas
Religion in the Americas

Caridad del Cobre: Cuba

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mexico

mission system
Mission System

Image of Jesuit Preaching to Potential Converts

spanish fortresses
Spanish Fortresses

Saint Augustine, Florida

Havana Cuba: El Morro Castle

slavery and slave systems
Slavery and Slave Systems

Triangle Trade

Middle Passage: Deadly Voyage

slave resistance and culture
Slave Resistance and Culture
  • Day-to-Day Resistance
  • Petit Marronnage
  • Grande Marronnage
  • Revolt and Revolution
  • Cultural Survival: Religion and Music
  • Emergence of Free People of Color
images of slavery
Images of Slavery

Plantation Life in Brazil

african leaders in the americas
African Leaders in the Americas


Zumbi dos Palmares

factors leading to independence wars
Factors Leading to Independence Wars
  • Economic Contradictions
  • Political Repression
  • Social and Racial Inequalities
  • Trigger: Napoleonic Wars
mexico path of violence
Mexico: Path of Violence

Miguel Hidalgo Declared Mexican Independence on September 16, 1810

Jose Morelos Continued the Struggle after Hidalgo’s Execution

brazil path of peace
Brazil: Path of Peace

Emperor Dom Pedro I

dream of united south america
Dream of United South America

Simón Bolivar: Gran Colombian Experiment