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Lynnville-Sully Cross Country

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Lynnville-Sully Cross Country

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  1. Lynnville-Sully Cross Country 2014 “Do more than you thought you could or anyone else believed you would.”

  2. Coach Arkema’s Philosophy Cross country is a team sport in which every individual must work to be their best so that the team is as strong as possible. Individual accomplishments can be earned, will be recognized, and celebrated, but focus should stay centered on TEAM. Every individual has the opportunity to compete, however, this opportunity is a privilege. I strive to make cross country fun and enjoyable, hard work, and goal driven.

  3. Definition of Success Coach Arkema’s Definition: Success is a self-determined frame of mind that you as an individual or team made the most out of your opportunities and circumstances to do the best you are capable of doing.

  4. Mission Statement The mission of Lynnville-Sully Cross Country is to develop young people into competitors in races, games, and life. It is our goal to develop positive leaders within every athlete, build a team that everyone can be proud of, and be sound individuals in the school and community. The hope is that every athlete on the team develops a joy and appreciation for running and strives for lifelong fitness.

  5. Expectations • Cross country is a team sport. Be commited to our team. • A positive image of your family, school, & team above self-interests. • Do your best every day. • Do what is right, even when no one is looking. Character. • Treat others how you want to be treated. • Look, act, and compete like a team. • Academics come before athletics. • Enjoy running! Enjoy competition! • Want to have fun! Be a “fun-lover”!! • Proud to be a HAWK!!!!

  6. Coach Arkema’s GOALS • Everyone who starts the season finishes the season. Whether this be through staying out, eligibility, injury free, etc. • We work to earn academic honors every season through our cumulative team GPA. This is the responsibility of everyone. • We make growth and show improvement from the beginning of the season to the end and from season to season. • We are a TEAM. We practice together. We compete together. We study together. We hang out together. We support each other. We hold each other accountable. • Help each individual find THEIR success.

  7. Varsity Lettering Requirements • Must compete at varsity level for at least half of the meets. There are 9 regular season meets and the state qualifying meet. • Must regularly attend practice. Minimum number of absences. Must be at practice putting in the work. • At the end of the season, coach can award other runners, besides those who met above criteria, a Varsity Letter. Things like an injury, number of people on the team, etc. are considered.

  8. Running Varsity or JV Varsity race can have a maximum number of 7 runners from a team. Other runners would compete in the JV race, which can have an unlimited number of participants from one team. Coach will determine who runs which race based on things like current fitness level, runs/workouts in practice, time trials, previous race results, type of course, weather conditions, etc. Just because a runner is on varsity or JV for one race, doesn’t mean that’s where they will run the whole year. I determine this and have the final say, however, I will discuss and explain this with the team and individual runners if necessary.

  9. State Rules/Requirements • Jewelry: Guess what? This is no longer an issue. Athletes are allowed to wear jewelry while competing. Amazing!! • Watches: They are allowed. Must be watch only and not have GPS or heart monitor capabilities. My preference is that our runners not race with them. • Aiding Runner: Competitor can not be helped by anyone like holding their hands, helping up, pacing alongside them. Result in disqualification. Providing liquids IS allowed. • Uniform: Must wear school uniform. If visible apparel worn underneath, must be single solid color. Don’t have to be same color or same length as teammates.

  10. State Rules/Requirements 5. Illegally Running the Course: All runners must complete the race according to how the course is marked and laid out. Failure to do so could result in disqualification. 6. Scoring: Score for each runner is determined by the order of finish and their place. If I finish in 13th place, that is 13 points for our team. Similar to golf, low score wins. Team must have 5 finishers to score as a team. Remember varsity allowed to run 7. If there is a tie, they go to the 6th runner. If a team doesn’t have a 6th runner, the other team automatically gets the higher place. Some meets will use displacement scoring which means they take out participants who aren’t on a full team before determining team scores.

  11. Eligibility/Good Conduct A student/athlete must be passing at midterms or have passed all classes for the quarter or semester to remain eligible. Please refer to student handbook for consequences. Any violations of the Good Conduct Policy will be handled according to the circumstances laid out in the policy. There may be additional consequences carried out for Good Conduct Policy violations.

  12. School Policies/Team Rules Sign Out Sheet: Athletes may be signed out at a meet by their parents to ride home with them. If parents aren’t there and they are to ride with someone else, a parent must come to the school office and sign a form saying their child is allowed to ride with another adult. I MUST have this form or they ride home on the bus. This can be done for the whole season. Parents may sign the sheet at any time at the activity, however, students are not allowed to leave until the completion of the meet or coach has given permission. If there is a special circumstance they need to get back for, please check with me. Otherwise, it is my feeling that the bus will always return to the school so everyone will have a ride.

  13. School Policies/Team Rules Absences/Tardies: A student must be in school the entire day in order to be eligible to participate in a meet that night UNLESS authorized by the principal or office. Examples would include PRE-APPROVED doctor or dentist appointments, funerals, etc. If in doubt, ask BEFORE being gone. If you go to the doctor/dentist/ortho, etc bring back a written note from them and give to the office. A student who is more than just a few minutes tardy to school will run the risk of being ineligible for that day’s activity.

  14. School Policies/Team Rules Missing Practice: Committed or Interested? If you are committed, you are going to be here. There is a difference between an excused and an unexcused absence. An excused absence is considered to be when the coach is notified ahead of time by that individual or their parent that they have a conflict and will need to be gone. Being notified ahead of time is not considered to be a few minutes before practice starts. There should be fair warning and advanced notice given. It is my preference that we try to eliminate these absences as much as possible. Unexcused absences are basically just times when an individual does not show up or is unaccounted for, or the coach is told by a teammate or finds out the round about way someone is gone. With technology and face to face, unexcused absences are unacceptable. An individual will NEVER be punished because of an absence for an emergency or uncontrollable situation.

  15. School Policies/Team Rules Day of Competition: Dressing up a littler nicer than a “normal” day of school or wearing the team shirt. Not calling for suits and ties or dresses. Summer Rewards: In the packet handed out in May, there was laid our the recommended mileage for the summer and the rewards for reaching those. Runners have until August 31 to complete their miles necessary for those rewards. Team Picnic: We will once again have our team picnic at the Grinnell Meet. Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc are more than welcome to join us. Sign up sheet for food to bring. Sandwiches, chips, drink, and table service all provided. RSVP me a count once we are closer to the meet.

  16. Miscellaneous Gatorade Scrimmage: Friday, Aug 22,HS Intro in Gym @ 5:30 Team Website: Season Schedule (Practice and Meets) HS Team Outings: FB @ Pella Sept 5, VB @ ??? Pictures: Will be scheduled early in the season Team Shirt: To be ordered. Free to those who helped with Fun Run Locker Treats/Sign: 1 sign for Season, No treats before each meet Home Meet Help: Thurs, Sept 18 Food for Meets/Fan Shirt: Cathy F.?? End of Season HS Banquet: Thursday, Nov 6, more details will be provided later Injuries: Order of Reporting, What to Do, Etc. Hydration/Diet/Rest: Vital parts to functioning as student/athletes

  17. Questions/Comments The season is under way and we need these first couple of weeks before our first meet. I hope the season provides lots of fun memories, successes, and excitement for our team. Hope to see you and many others at as many meets as possible supporting our team. If during the season, you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact me. PLEASE, no phone calls after 8:00pm, unless it is an emergency or imperative that you contact me. I’ll do my best to address your concerns or questions. GO HAWKS!! Coach Arkema E-mail: Work #: 641-594-4445, ext 105 Home #: 641-594-2995 Cell #: 641-780-3335