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Cross Country 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Cross Country 2014

Cross Country 2014

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Cross Country 2014

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  1. Cross Country 2014 Welcome!!!!

  2. Supplies Needed • New running shoes • I recommend Aasics, Brooks, or Adidas • Stopwatch: Used for timed runs such as summer workouts • Comfortable workout clothing • I recommend dri-fit for the summer because they are cool and lightweight • Sweatshirts and Sweatpants will be available for order in August • Mittens for cold weather and winter hats

  3. Stretching • Make sure that you stretch out your leg muscles especially after each run • Light stretching should be done before your workouts as well to loosen up to avoid injury • Over-Stretching your muscles is also not good, so limit your stretching to 20 second holds x 3 and DO NOT bounce • If you need stretching techniques ask your captains or coach before June 16

  4. Warm Up and Cool Down • Warming up is important to not get injured • Jumping Jacks • Slow jogging, start your first interval at a slow pace • Strides • The cool down is built into many workouts • That last walk on your repeats are important • Fartleksinclude a cool down as well • Walk laps on a track until your hear rate is where it should be

  5. Returning Runners • Cross training • Swimming • Biking • Ice Skating • Long runs: 30 – 40 mins. Once a week • Weight Training (See Plan in Handout) • Maintenance (Maintain muscle mass and endurance)

  6. Recovery Days • Recovery days are as important as work out days. If the schedule says rest, then rest • Do not run more than two days in a row. • Bones and Muscles Break Down When You Run • Avoid shin-splints by resting, follow the plans I gave you

  7. Avoid Injury • Preventing running injuries takes some effort and thought.  Here are a few tips to consider:  • Don't do too much too soon. • Don't let little hurts turn into big hurts.  • Stretch and strengthen on a regular basis.  • Buy proper shoes.  • Replace worn out shoes. • Consider getting orthotics.  • Allow for adequate recovery between tough workouts.  • Ease into radically different changes to your training.  • Do a proper warm up and cool down.  • Avoid hard or uneven surfaces. 

  8. Foods • Energy Foods (carbohydrates are stored energies that distance runners tap into): • Pasta, Bagels, Breads (Whole Grain, Wheat, Rye), Cereal, Sweet Potatoes, Pretzels • Recovery Foods (Your muscles need to rebuild and get rid of toxins): • Water, Gatorade, Chicken and other Meats, Almonds and other Nuts, Black Beans, Milk, Bananas, Oranges, Apples, Juice, Yogurt, Dark Chocolate, Broccoli, Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, Cucumbers, Mixed Greens, Stir-fry veggies, Eggs, Salmon • Eat and Drink all things in moderation. Too much of anything is not good.

  9. Foods Continued • Foods to Moderate • Candy: Chocolate (Once a week is ok) • Soda: Very Little Each Week • Sugar: Unnatural sugars are no good for you. Get most from fruits and juices. Sugar makes you crash and burn. • Ice Cream: Treat yourself once in a while. • Foods to Avoid • Fast foods and Deep Fried foods are unhealthy and can actually cause you to become tired and less energetic.

  10. Running Tips • Eat right. Try to avoid greasy foods, fast foods, and junk food. All of these foods should be eaten only in moderation. • Eat vegetables. Drink milk. • Drink plenty of water. Try to avoid soda and too much caffeine. Caffeine = Dehydration. • Before you run eat 2 hours prior and eat something with low to moderate Glycemic Index such as a Power Bar (low), Yogurt (low), Spaghetti (no sauce, moderate), Apple (moderate), Bran Muffin (moderate). • After you run eat something with high Glycemic Index such as raisins, Gatorade, cheerios, oatmeal, or ice cream. [Check online for more foods of each group] • Plan your runs in a safe area.

  11. Phase 1: Endurance and Strength • Follow the Work Out Plan, all beginning runners. • Follow the Weight Training Plan, everyone. • If you do not have access to free weights or a gym make sure you do the push-ups, crunches, and any other exercises that can be done without it.

  12. August Practices • August Practices are flexible before official practices start on August 11th. • August 4th: Timed Run Test, Strength Test. • Official Practices are mandatory for everyone. • Applebee’s is an important trip for many reasons. I need to have a head count no later than August 11th. • Check you email for a Work Out Plan for Phase 2: Speed and Strength after July 20th.

  13. Captainship and Management • Anyone interested in captainship or management must come to all August practices to be considered for the position. • No one is captain until I say so at the Applebee’s trip. Do not make assumptions that you are a captain because you have leaderships skills or have been given a lot of tasks in the summer practices. • Management positions will also be stated at the Applebee’s trip and you will be getting your season schedules at that time.