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Making Waves In 5th Grade! 2014-2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Waves In 5th Grade! 2014-2015

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Making Waves In 5th Grade! 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Waves In 5th Grade! 2014-2015
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  1. Making Waves In 5th Grade! 2014-2015

  2. Teacher Introduction ~start of my 15thyear teaching ~undergraduate degree from UNC Charlotte as a NC Teaching Fellow ~Masters degree from UNC Charlotte ~ SIT Member, PTO VP of Volunteers at HiRMS ~from Cabarrus County, parents were educators, have an 8th grader

  3. Our Daily Schedule • -7:50-8:05 Media Center • students may read or study material for tests • -8:05-8:20 Homeroom • unpack, attendance, morning announcements • -8:20-9:20 Math • -9:25-10:15 Specials • Day 1- PE; Day 2- Chinese , Day 3-A week Guidance, B week Media, Day 4-PE , Day 5-Art, Day 6-Music, Day 7- PBL • -10:20-11:15 I/E Block-scholastic news, fluency checks, silent reading, extra reading/math help, dreambox, raz kids, homework, library • -11:15-12:15 Reading • -12:15-12:30Read Aloud • -12:30-12:55 Lunch • -12:55-1:15 Writing- CNN student news • -1:15-1:45 Recess • -1:50-2:50 Science/Social Studies • -2:50 Pack up • -3:00 Dismissal

  4. FifthGrade Curriculum The fifth grade team believes in flexible grouping of students in reading and math to meet students on their level each and every day. All placements/movements are based off data and teacher observations only.You will meet with your child’s reading and math teacher for 15 minutes later this evening. All math grades for that subject will come from that teacher. Science Units of Study Ecosystems, Evolution and Genetics, Human Body, Weather, Energy and Matter, Forces and Motion ~Science notebook ~Vocabulary notecards ~Science assessment in June. More info to come as the year goes on. ~Grades come from classwork, science notebook, in-class projects/ activities, and tests

  5. Fifth Grade Curriculum • Social Studies • All About the United States: • Current Events • History • Government • Economics • ~Interactive units and research projects • ~Lots of our writing goals are integrated with social studies • ~Grades come from classwork, quizzes, tests and Weekly Reader • ~half set of textbooks to share. • ~iCurio- new online program yet to come • Intervention/Enrichment Block • This block of time is set aside for many different activities. Students may use this time to receive extra help from their reading/math teacher, study, work on computer apps, go to the media center, be pulled for extra resources, ect. It is not a time to complete homework; however, sometimes I will allow that to be a choice for the day. • Students will also receive a Scholastic News on Monday to be completed by Friday.

  6. Homework Policy Shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes Unfinished class work may need to be finished at home Homework should be written in agenda daily and will be on web site Studying Science- should occur at least three times a weekfor 20 min

  7. Fifth Grade Work Policy One day late = 10 points off grade Number of days absent = number of days to make up work While You were Out Board

  8. Beach Folders Go home on Thursdays, return on Fridays Parent signs index card that they have seen their evidence folder. Any paper with a grade of 70 or below needs to be signed and returned

  9. Parent Portal • Please let me know if you do not have your access code to view your child’s grades in parent portal. • No paper copies of progress reports or report cards will be sent home. Will need to view on Parent Portal • Grades will be available to view after September 13th. • Teachers have 7 school days from the date the assignment is due to add to the grade book on parent portal

  10. Behavior Management • Behavior Charts coded for behavior • T= Talking, D= Following directions, R= Respect, H=Homework • Signed on Thursday Nights along with Beach Folder • New behavior chart every 4 ½ weeks • Behavior charts should remain in student binders for the entire 4 ½ weeks • Requirements for Yellow Jacket Cards: • No more than 5 marks on behavior chart AND Overall average of 85 or higher • 2 levels: Teal and White • Misplaced behavior chart= no teal card

  11. School Wide Policies • Playground • Students need to be spread out during recess time and in an assigned area that has teacher supervision. • In fifth grade, we ask that students choose the area they would like to play in and stay there for the duration of recess time. • If a student needs to leave the area they are in, they will need to speak to the teacher in that area before going off. • Students may pick a different area each day if they choose. • Cafeteria • Students need to have an assigned seat at lunch time. Students have 25 minutes to eat lunch and time is precious. First ten minutes of lunch is silent. • In fifth grade, we ask students to sit in many different formations of assigned seats. This could be, number order, girls then boys, lunch boxes then trays, student choice for a nine weeks, ect. It is up to the teacher and is part of establishing routines and procedures.

  12. BYOT ~We have more and more online resources becoming available for us to use with our students ~I sent home the rules and guidelines for HES Bring Your Own Technology to school. ~If you agree to let your child bring a device to school, please sign the form that is on their desk and also list the devices they would bring. ~This is OPTIONAL

  13. Field Trips • T-shirts- students must wear these on field trips and other special days throughout the year. Please send in the form with your child’s size and consider donating $10.00 to the t-shirt fund • Frank Liske Park- November 5th- all fifth graders • Parents are welcome to meet us there • Must have current background check on file • March 4th- Discovery Place • Parents are welcome to meet us there • Must have current background check on file • Biz Town- AIG Students with Ms. Wescoe

  14. Odds and Ends Parties & Celebrations Winter celebration before leaving for break Dare Graduation/Party in June Valentine’s Day Snack March Madness snack/reward ~Students may have a water bottle at school. I encourage them to bring it home every day and fill it up before coming to school. ~Bathroom breaks are taken as a class after specials, lunch, and recess. Students are allowed to use the restroom during the day as long as it is during non instructional times. ~Please let me know if anything happens at home that could affect your child’s behavior/academics here at school. ~Please encourage your child to ask for help, ask questions, and let me know when something is wrong. I am not a mind reader!

  15. Incoming and Out going Information E-mail is the best way to reach me. I will respond back within 24 hours. Please check my website for updated information. I will also send out newsletters via email as well as reminders thru Remind Hand written notes are also great! If your child will be going home a different way, please send in a note or email me to let me know. Absence form is online

  16. Finally.. • Please don’t forget to join the PTA • If you have any questions about tonight, please e-mail me tonight and I will get back to you.

  17. Math -Whole number operations/order of operations Fractions add/subtract Decimals add/subtract Fractions & Decimals multiplication/division Geometry Measurement and Volume -Math Minute each day as a warm up ~Secure forth grade skills and then master 5th grade skills ~Dreambox 4-5 lessons a week and by October 5-8 lessons a week ~small groups, task cards, dreambox, practice sheet ~Homework 4-6 problems a night ~While you were out board has makeup work ~I/E- extra time for a small group to do homework or extra practice THEY MUST LEARN MULTIPLICATION FACTS

  18. ELA • ~Vocabulary • *10-15 Wordly Wise vocabulary words • *Word Work each week (counts as one classwork grade but may need to finish for homework) • *Tests on Tuesdays- receive words on Wednesdays • ~Daily Reading- each day a passage and questions- one grade for the entire week • ~mini lessons on reading skills and strategies • ~Book Clubs and whole class novel studies • ~Reading projects will be done mostly at school and may need a few supplies from home • ~While you were out board • ~I/E time for extra help • ~Students must always have an independent book with them during class.