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Alcatel OmniAccess Product Line Second Generation PowerPoint Presentation
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Alcatel OmniAccess Product Line Second Generation

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Alcatel OmniAccess Product Line Second Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alcatel OmniAccess Product Line Second Generation
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  1. Alcatel OmniAccess Product LineSecond Generation April 2005

  2. Enterprise Wi-Fi Headaches • Deployment • Disruption • RF Engineering • New Infrastructure • Network Redesign &Upgrades • Security • Rogues, Ad-Hocs • Hacks and Attacks • Authentication • Encryption • Fire-walling • Guest Access • Availability • Coverage • Reliability • Roaming • Performance • Management • Design • Configuration • Monitoring • Troubleshooting • RF Expertise • Growth • Total Cost of Ownership • CAPEX & OPEX • Hidden Costs

  3. Traditional WLAN Solution vs.OmniAccess WLAN Solution Traditional WLAN Solution OmniAccess WLAN Solution Access Points Site Survey Access Points Packet capture Air Monitors WLAN Switches WiFi IDS / IPS An Integrated, Total Solution Better Security Easier To Grow/Scale More Functionality Easier To Manage Easier To Deploy Lower Total Cost of Ownership WLAN Switches/Blades Captive Portal VPN Concentrator LAN-speed Firewall QoS Devices

  4. Doctors and Nurses Staff Voice over WiFi Guest Welch Allyn Equipment Policy Driven Service Architecture Aruba AP Aruba WLAN Switch Doctor/Nurse AAA Services Radius, LDAP/AD Rights, QoS, VLAN Staff Virtual AP 1 SSID: HOSPITAL Rights, QoS, VLAN VoIP Device Rights, QoS, VLAN L2/L3 Switching Guest user Virtual AP 2 SSID: GUEST Wired Network Rights, Bandwidth Restriction, VLAN Captive Portal DHCP Default VLAN 802.1p QoS tagging to existing network infrastructure Virtual AP 3 SSID: MEDICAL Rights, QoS, VLAN Welch Allyn Medical Highest QoS Priority Welch Allyn Monitor • Single Infrastructure • Universal authentication (802.1x, Web, MAC, SSID) • Differentiated Access by User, Device, App, Time, Location Per User/Application security context protect users, the network and services like voice and medical data.

  5. Embedded RF Spectrum Management For Scaling to Large WLAN Systems • This used to be an art • With the Alcatel OmniAccess Wireless it all just happens • Auto Calibration • Continuous Tuning • Rogue AP detection, location and containment • 802.11 attack signature detection • Interference Detection/Management • Load Balancing • Coverage Hole Detection • AP failure self-healing • Wiretap/Packet Capture • Location/Tracking • Automated RF Site Surveys • Now It’s Routine Cafeteria Lobby Conference Rooms Offices/Cubicles

  6. Advanced Support for VoWLAN • Highly available system • Redundant HW in appliance • VRRP standard redundancy for appliance stand-by • Hole coverage detection • String QoS support • Per user, per group of user BW contracts • Hand-offs at low latency • Secure • MAC based Authentication • Stateful flow classification to restrict usage on Voice SSID

  7. Remote Packet Capture • Use APs to do Remote Packet Capture functions for remote location troubleshooting. • AP sends data directly to administrators workstation importing directly into Ethereal and/or Airopeek. • Allows administrators to troubleshoot networks from the “comfort” of their own cubicle. • Reduces cost of managing remote sites by providing virtual on-site, real-time visibility into remote locations.

  8. Real-Time Location Tracking • Multi-point triangulation enables fine granularity (within 1-3 meters) • Real-time location service tracks radio source as it moves • New access points get orders from central switch for turning on location services as user moves • Eliminates manual walkabout to fingerprint RF propagation • Independent of the radio device and drivers

  9. Alcatel Wireline – Wireless IntegrationOmniVista / Rogue Access Point Containment OmniVista (discovery, topology, trap management, element manager launch for 2nd gen. OmniAccess WLAN) • Rogue AP/Clients have been detected • MAC addresses are located • Port is shut down Rogue APs Syslog Interface – Rogue AP messages Workgroup Switch WLAN Controller Data Center / Aggregation LAN Switch Light APs

  10. Alcatel OmniAccess Wireless Product Line Up

  11. Unmatched Scalability/Flexibility Number of AP Branch Regional HQ Large Branch Medium - Large HQ 512 OAW-6000-512 (Dual Supervisor II) 256 OAW-6000-256 (Supervisor II) 128 OAW-6000-128 (Supervisor I) Pay as you grow Capability OAW-4324 48 OAW-4308 16 OAW-4304 Performance (Clear Text/Encrypted) 4 1 Gbps /200 Mbps 2 Gbps /400 Mbps 4 Gbps/1 Gbps 4 Gbps/3.6 Gbps 8 Gbps/7.2 Gbps

  12. Flexible Access Point Options Dual-Radio AP Supports simultaneous 2.4GHz (b/g) and 5GHz (a) operation $595 list Single-Radio APs Software configurable 2.4GHz (b/g) or 5GHz (a) $295 list AP70 Integrated dual-band antenna and RP-SMA connectors for external antennae. Dual Ethernet ports for redundant uplinks. (PoE Load Balanced) USB port for future-proof expansion. OAW-AP61 Integrated dual-band antenna. OAW-AP60 RP-SMA connectors for external antennae.


  14. Aruba Award-Winning technology

  15. Government Aruba Technology: Unparalleled Enterprise Adoption Financial Technology Healthcare Enterprise Services Education

  16. Alcatel OmniAccess Wireless Competitive Positioning

  17. OmniAccess WirelessCompetitive Positioning – Trapeze/Nortel Platform overview Wireless LAN switches/appliancesMXR-2, supports up to 3 APs1 port 10/100 with PoE, 1 port 10/100.$995 ListMX-8, supports up to 12 APs6 ports 10/100 with PoE, 2 ports 10/100$2,995 List (single PSU), $3,595 List (dual PSU)MX-20, supports up to 40 APs20 ports 10/100 with PoE, 2 GBIC ports$9,495 List (single PSU)MX-400, supports up to 120 APs, 4 GBIC ports$11,995 List (40 AP license, single PSU)$21,995 (120 AP license, single PSU) Access Points (Mobility Points) MP-341 Single radio a or b/g External/built-in antenna $449 MP-341 Dual radio a and b/g External/built-in antenna $549 OmniAccess Platform Competitive Edge Scalability: up to 512 APs supported by one OAW-6000 vs 120 APs supported by Trapeze MX-400Cost effective AP60/AP61: AP60/61 priced a $295 vs $449 for the Trapeze MP-341

  18. OmniAccess WirelessCompetitive Positioning – Airespace/Cisco Platform overview Wireless LAN switches/appliancesAirespace 3504, supports up to 6 APs, 4 ports 10/100List: $2,500 (Data), $3,000 (Data and Wireless Protection)Airespace 4012, supports up to 12 APs12 ports 10/100 with PoE, Gig module slotList: $8,250 (Data), $9,815 (Data and Wireless Protection) Airespace 4024, supports up to 24 APs12 ports 10/100 with PoE, Gig module slotList: $11,850 (Data), $14,100 (Data and Wireless Protection) Airespace 4102, supports up to 36 APs, 2 ports 1000BaseSxList: $13,685 (Data), $16,285 (Data and Wireless Protection) Access Points OmniAccess Platform Competitive Edge 1200BG Single radio b/g External/built-in antenna $450 1200ABG Dual radio a and b/g External/built-in antenna $550-$600 Scalability: up to 512 APs supported by one OAW-6000 vs 36 APs supported by Airespace 4102Pay as grow:OAW-6000 can grow from 128 to 512 AP support. Airespace needs to pile up new appliances. Resilient AP connectivity:AP70 supports dual 10/100 ports while 1200 APs do not.Cost effective AP60/AP61: AP60/61 priced a $295 vs $450 for the AP1200BG

  19. OmniAccess WirelessCompetitive Positioning – Feature Positioning

  20. OmniAccess WirelessCompetitive Positioning – Network Models Price Positioning Total Network Price (List Price) • 3 Network Model Studied • Alcatel Calabasas initial WLAN guest network (13 APs) – 802.11b/g coverage • Single building hospital (54 APs) – 802.11b/g coverage • University Campus (409 APs) – 802.11b/g coverage • 802.11 services quoted • User based authentication services (with VLAN assignment upon authentication) • Wireless Intrusion Prevention (Rogue AP detection and 802.11IDS)

  21. Alcatel OmniAccess Wireless Service Offering

  22. Alcatel OmniAccess WLAN Service and Support • Alcatel OmniAccess WLAN Warrantee • 12 months HW Warranty – Return to Factory replacement • 90 days SW Warranty – Free 7x24 phone remote technical assistance and maintenance releases • 90 days DoA period – AVR shipment of new replacement product • Alcatel OmniAccess WLAN Training (Calabasas, Paris, Singapore) • Alcatel Certified Partner Program • Alcatel Business partner certified to deliver high quality WLAN services and support • Alcatel Direct Service and Support offer Paris Calabasas Bangalore Singapore

  23. Alcatel Direct OmniAccess WLAN Service Offer • 7x24 Remote Technical Assistance and Diagnosis • Toll-free phone technical assistance • Web-based case logging, tracking and escalation • Web-based RMA/AVR tracking • Live on-line help (web chat) • On-line Self Help Tools • Technical tip database • E-Forum • User Manual and Release notes • Maintenance Releases posted on-line • Service and Support WLAN offering • SupportBasic – 7x24 Remote Technical Assistance and Diagnosis, on-line service access and SW maintenance releases. • SupportPlus – 7x24 Remote Technical Assistance and Diagnosis, on-line service access, SW maintenance releases and Mon-Fri advanced part replacement.