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Flood Risk Management Helping us help you PowerPoint Presentation
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Flood Risk Management Helping us help you

Flood Risk Management Helping us help you

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Flood Risk Management Helping us help you

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  1. Flood Risk ManagementHelping us help you Gordon Trapmore - Flood & Coastal Risk Manager Devon & Cornwall Kevin Barnes - Flood Resilience Team Leader Devon & Cornwall Liz Fraser - Flood Resilience Officer Devon & Cornwall

  2. Flood risk and the impacts of climate change Managing flood risk Flood preparation and warning Flood awareness and working with communities Outline

  3. Flood risk

  4. Impacts of climate change • Over 2.5 million properties in England and Wales are at risk from flooding from rivers and the sea. • We expect flood risk to increase as climate change influences rainfall patterns. • We expect significantly more rain to fall in winter and more of it to fall in short, heavy bursts. Heavier downpours are also likely in the summer.

  5. Sea level rise will increase coastal flooding. • Increased flooding and coastal erosion will affect people, properties, infrastructure and the environment.

  6. Adapting to climate change requires innovation and flexibility. • This may include considering alternative options to flood defence schemes.

  7. Besides flooding from rivers and the sea... • Surface water flooding • Flash floods

  8. What is flash flooding? • Caused by intense rainfall. Have the potential to be very destructive. • Key features: • Happens quickly • Fast deep flowing water • Often associated with debris • Nationally consistent study to identify catchments at risk of flash flooding • Project team set up to work with communities at risk.

  9. Other sources... • Groundwater flooding • Sewer / drain flooding • Reservoir flooding

  10. St Blazey, Mevagissey And Lostwithiel November 2010

  11. Managing flood risk

  12. Through flood risk management, we can reduce the probability of flooding from rivers and the sea through the management of land, river systems, and flood and coastal defences. • We also work to reduce the damage floods can do through effective land use planning, flood warning and emergency responses.

  13. Flood preparation and warning

  14. Upstream of St Blazey pumping station

  15. Preparing with others Multi Agency Flood Plans Category 1 & 2 responders Local Resilience Forum High Risk Community Flood Plans Lead Local Flood Authorities Cornwall Council Local Community Flood Plans Community Representatives Parish Councils

  16. Warning • Flood Forecasting Centre – partnership between the Met Office & the Environment Agency. • The Flood Guidance Statement. • Provides information for Category 1 and 2 responders to help with their emergency planning. • It presents an overview of the flood risk for England and Wales across five days and identifies possible severe weather, which could cause flooding.

  17. Flood Warning Service • Floodline Warnings Direct • Floodline 0845 9881188 • Stay alert • Stay vigilant • Early precautions • Flooding expected • Take action • Protect yourselves & your property • Significant risk to life • Significant disruption to communities • Protect yourselves

  18. Prime Minister’s challenge after November 2010 Cornwall floods: share more information with the public. • Pilot early flood warning system with two communities: St Blazey and Mevagissey. • Communities themselves make informed decisions on potential flood risk.

  19. Flood awareness and working with communities

  20. Flood awareness • Find out if your property is at flood risk. • Floodline 0845 9881188 • Acknowledge it! • Take steps to manage your flood risk.

  21. How we can help • What to do before, during and after a flood. • Three day flood risk forecast and rivers and sea levels online. • Your responsibilities if you live next to a river.

  22. Talk to you and your communities about your flood risk. • Provide guidance and support to develop flood plans and flood groups.

  23. Community Flood Plans • It provides practical advice and information about what to do if it floods. • Clarifies roles and responsibilities during a flood.

  24. Other resources • Met Office. • National Flood Forum. • FloodGroup UK. • Know Your Flood Risk.

  25. Summary • Flood risk and how we manage it. • Preparing for it and how we warn. • How we can work together to minimise flood risk.