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Flood Risk Management

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Flood Risk Management. IIHR Seminar (December 3 2010) KYUTAE LEE. Flood Risk Management. 1. The need for assessing Flood Risk? 2. Risk analysis/assessment – general overview 3. Issues in current practice of Flood Risk Management 4. Role of uncertainties in flood risk management

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flood risk management

Flood Risk Management

IIHR Seminar (December 3 2010)


flood risk management1
Flood Risk Management

1. The need for assessing Flood Risk?

2. Risk analysis/assessment – general overview

3. Issues in current practice of Flood Risk Management

4. Role of uncertainties in flood risk management

5. Example: Multicriteria Risk Mapping Approach (MCA)

1 the need for assessing flood risk
1. The need for assessing Flood Risk?
  • Providing information for rational decision making to
    • People

Information on individual flood risk

raising awareness & preparedness

    • Insurance industry

calculation of probable maximum loss (PML)

calculation of insurance rates

    • Government

investments in flood protection:

- Financial needs for protection measures

- Evaluation and selection flood protection measures

2 risk analysis assessment general overview
2. Risk analysis/assessment – general overview
  • Approaches
  • Past / today: Safety-Standard Approach
    • Mainly structural measures (e.g., levees, dikes)
    • Provides same safety level for all inundated area

(neglecting the different damage potential, hence inefficient allocation

of resources)

  • Emerging: Risk management Approach
    • Consideration of the whole spectrum of risk reduction measures
    • Efficient allocation of funds based on a cost-benefit analysis (by using multi criteria, estimating the damage function)

(Modified from Schanze (2006))


(Plate (2002))

damage evaluation

1. Risk Analysis

2. Hazard Determination

3. Inundation maps by hydrological and hydraulic model

Damage evaluation

Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Determination

Flood Damage model

Flood Risk maps

  • Damage evaluation – necessary information (Adapted from Meyer, 2007))
3 current issues in flood risk management
3.Current Issues in flood risk management
  • 1. Uncertainty estimation
  • Flood risk assessment is always to some degree uncertain, but these uncertainties in the results should be documented in order to provide decision makers with information on the quality of the data they are using as a decision support.
  • 2. Evaluation of the Social & Environmental Risks
  • - Social & Environmental Risks are often neglected since they are not (easily) measurable in monetary terms.
  • - Focusing on only economic damages makes often the results of Flood Risk Assessment incomplete, biased.
  • 3. Spatial distribution of Risks
  • The spatial distribution of risks is rarely considered. E.g. One area might be more vulnerable than other areas for 100 yr flood.
4 uncertainties in flood risk management
4.Uncertainties in Flood Risk Management
  • Uncertainties in Risk Management

Upper bounds representing Maximum expected AAD

Lower bounds representing Minimum expected AAD

5 example floodsite project multicriteria risk mapping approach mca
5.Example (Floodsite-Project)Multicriteria Risk Mapping Approach (MCA)

Incorporates all relevant types of risks (Social, Economic & Environmental) without measuring them on a monetary scale.

  • 1. Economic
    • Annual Average Damage
  • 2. Environmental
    • Erosion potential (of material)
    • Accumulation potential (of material)
    • Inundation of oligotrophic biotopes
  • 3. Social
    • Annual average affected population
    • Probability of social hot spots (hospitals, schools etc.) of being
    • affected