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Commander In Chief

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Commander In Chief. Kristen Groseclose. George W. Bush. The commander In Chief right now for the Us is George W. Bush .Which means he is the leader of the Army, Navy, Air force and the Marines. George W. Bush.

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Commander In Chief

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commander in chief

Commander In Chief

Kristen Groseclose

george w bush
George W. Bush
  • The commander In Chief right now for the Us is George W. Bush .Which means he is the leader of the Army, Navy, Air force and the Marines.
george w bush3
George W. Bush
  • As Commander In Chief, he declares war. He has declared war on Iraq. This something that a Commander In Chief’s jobs.
george w bush4
George W. Bush
  • The Commander In Chief has many other jobs that he is responsible for. The Commander In Chief’s job is very important there for it is important that we have a good one that is very reliable. That is why the President is the Commander In chief.
problem in kosovo
Problem in Kosovo
  • People in Kosovo were being killed because of religion.
  • With the help of NATO Clinton removed the threat.
chief of party

Chief of Party

Shannon B.

chief of party8

Chief of Party

When a President supports a candidate of the same party that the President belongs to, he is playing the role Chief of Party.

chief of party9
Chief of Party
  • An example of George W. Bush playing the role Chief of Party is that he supported the republican Jerry Kilgore for Governor of Virginia.
president ronald reagan

President Ronald Reagan

Watchdog of the Economy

1981 - 1989

  • Key elements
    • Made policies about money to stop rising inflation
    • The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
      • a 25 percent tax cut to help encourage saving, investing and work
    • promised to balance the budget
    • a plan to roll back government regulation
reaganomics results
Reaganomics Results
  • Economy grew more during Reagan years than during the previous presidencies
  • Family incomes grew $4000 during the Reagan period and decreased by $1500 after
  • Interest rates, inflation, and unemployment dropped faster under Reagan than they did immediately before or after his presidency.
  • Only the savings rate dropped while Reagan was president
harry s truman

Harry S. Truman

As Head of State

By: Seth K

head of state
Head of State
  • Head of State- A person who serves as the chief public representative of a nation.
  • Roles of head of state.

Chief diplomatic officer

Chief executive officer

  • One duty of Head of State is to throw out the first pitch of the major league baseball season.
woodrow wilson

Woodrow Wilson

Chief Foreign Policy Maker

By Alexis Thompson

Woodrow signed the treaty of Versailles.
  • The treaty had some of his fourteen points in it.
  • He planned the League of Nations.
  • He was in World War 1.

Woodrow Wilson

george bush

George Bush

Chief of Party

By Zeb Roche

George Bush was acting as chief of party in the 2005 governor election. He was trying to help Jerry Kilgore. Jerry Kilgore lost in the election Tim Kane won.
commander in chief20

Commander In Chief

John F. Kennedy

By: Johnathan Terry

john f kennedy commander in chief
John F. Kennedy : Commander In Chief
  • John F. Kennedy was a commander in chief during the Cuban Missile Crisis because he sent a naval blockade to Cuba to prevent arrival of more missiles from the Soviet Union.
chief foreign policy maker23
Chief foreign policy maker
  • He uses the help of his advisors to decide how our country will react to certain foreign policy issues.


Declaring war, signing policies with other


george w bush24
George W. Bush

George W. Bush-

He is the president of the United States he

has been serving as our president since

2000. In 2001 there was a tragedy where

Bush had to step in. He had to decide

whether or not to go to war. He decided

to got to war. This is an example of being

the chief foreign policy maker.

commander in chief25

Commander in Chief

By: Salena N.

commander in chief26
Commander in Chief
  • Commander in Chief- the president leading an army or navy
commander in chief27
On April 15th Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to fight in the Civil War.

The volunteers had to fight for 3 months.

The Civil War began in 1860.

The war did not end until 1865 so it lasted 5 years.

Commander in chief
head of state28

Head of State


Ethan B.

george w bush29
George W. Bush
  • My report is on current president George W. Bush. When he went to China to represent the U.S.A.
  • President George W. Bush went to settle a trading issue.
  • He also went because he had a duty to do for the U.S.A.
chief legislator

Chief Legislator

By: Ashley Wise

ronald reagan

Ronald Reagan

Chief Legislator-President Reagan before a joint session.


Chief Foreign Policy Maker

By: Mackenzie Farris

Ms.Confere's Core 3 Civics Class

president george w bush
President George W. Bush
  • “Chief Foreign Policy Maker”

With the help of the presidents advisors, he establishes foreign policy and decides how America will react to certain foreign issues.

president george w bush34
President George W. Bush
  • President Bush outlined a second term foreign policy that would make international cooperation his administrations top priority but put responsibility for Middle East peace effort on the Palestinians, a tough stance at odds with some United States allies.
commander in chief35

Commander in Chief

By Stephen Steele

commander in chief36
Commander in chief
  • In 2001 when two planes struck the twin towers the president was George W. Bush.
commander in chief37
Commander in Chief
  • Bush later learned that Osama Bin lad en's Iraqi terrorists had taken over the planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers on purpose.
commander in chief38
Commander in chief
  • So it was Bush’s job as commander in chief to make the decisions of war. Bush decided to go to war in 2002. Bush said that he sent troops over seas because he wanted a more peaceful nation.
fulfilling the role of chief of party

President George W. Bush

Fulfilling the Role of Chief of Party


Leader of Party

  • As the leader of his party, the president must constantly be campaigning for others in his party who are seeking election.
george bush and jerry kilgore
George Bush and Jerry Kilgore
  • George Bush helped Jerry Kilgore by campaigning for him in the 2005 Gubernatorial election.
  • Kilgore and Bush are fellow Republicans.
  • President Bush arrived on Air Force One in Richmond to urge Virginia voters to elect Kilgore in a large rally on November 7, 2005.
election rally
Election Rally
  • Bush gave a moving speech on the Republican Party and the subject of voting.
chief foreign policy maker ronald reagan
Chief Foreign Policy maker is the president of the United States. He decides the relationship between two nations.

Ronald Reagan was a prime example of Chief Foreign Policy maker because he had or tried to develop good relationships with other nations like Russia.

Chief Foreign Policy Maker-RonaldReagan
ronald reagan45
Ronald Reagan
  • Reagan was widely known for talking to Russia’s General Secretary for the Communist Party Mikhail Gorbachev.
  • He kept a strong relationship with the U.K
  • He was known for saying “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall”