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Pipeline Commander. Technical Presentation. ROV PIPELINE COMMANDER. Introduction.

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Pipeline commander

Pipeline Commander

Technical Presentation




MCS Pipeline Commander is an application suite comprising separate modules covering digital video recording, data processing, charting, project management, data viewer and reporting for all types of ROV Pipeline and Cable inspection.

Pipeline Commander is designed for:

Pre-engineering Survey.

Pre-lay Survey.

Debris clearance survey.

Pre and post trenching survey.

As- laid, as-trenched and as-built surveys.

Pipeline and cable inspection.

Pipeline commander data flow


Pipeline Commander Data Flow

Mcs pipeline commander covers four phases


MCS Pipeline Commander Covers Four Phases

1. Acquisition Phase

  • Capable of recording 2D and 3D videos in either Standard or High Definition.

  • With an optional laser beam emitter calibrated with the ROV camera, accurate measurements can be taken either online or offline.

  • Auto archiving for all logged data & videos.

  • Video broadcasting the ROV camera to be accessible via internet through 128kbps band width satellite connection.

  • Offshore Automated System (OAS) to compress and stream raw data logged and video recorded from the vessel to MCS Onshore Data Center via robust satellite connection where an onshore team works concurrently in processing the data and handing out the deliverables, hence decreasing the manning level onboard the vessel.

Pipeline commander1

Pipeline Commander

Application Modules


2. Project Managament Phase

MCS Project Management solution manages multiple projects through a centralized database , controlling the flow of information and the confidentiality of the data through a wide-ranging accessibility management system:

Efficient time management ensuring best productivity and quality of each task / team member at all project intervals.

Planning and implementing work activities, balancing the workloads between the Vessels and the onshore data centers through effective resource management.

Monitor almost real-time logging & processing progress keeping the client up to date with the latest project timeline and possible deviations from actual plan.

Provides easy access to historical project information.

Multi level QA/QC for all offshore and onshore activities.

Project Manager Module


3. Processing Phase

  • 3. Processing Phase:

  • Automated QA/QC Protocols fully implemented to achieve the best quality of the output product.

  • Automated processing modules to minimize human interference.

  • Real-time processing progress updates keeping the client up to date with the latest timeline of delivery.

Offline Module


4. Final Delivery Phase

MCS takes pride in maintaining the highest level of quality in our final deliverables while keeping our high standards in delivery time. Our deliverables include:

Sample chart & Pipe sheet

  • MCS 3D Pipeline Viewer.

  • MCS Web GIS Commander.

  • Survey Charts & Reports.

  • MCS 2D Pipeline Viewer.


4. Final Delivery Phase

4.1 Surevy Charts & Reports

  • Automated Charting & Reporting modules facilitate the delivery of preliminary final reports within 48 hours from completing the last dive:

  • Standard Inspection charts, Crossing Charts and Pipe Sheets charts.

  • Standard Inspection Reports and HTML based reports (compatible with standard browsers).

Sample chart & Pipe sheet


4.2 MCS 2D Pipeline Viewer

MCS 2D Pipeline Viewer consolidates all the ROV inspection data in a user-friendly interface where the client can access all the data fully synchronized together along with the videos in addition to the ability to produce customized reports and printouts from within the same interface.

2D Pipeline Viewer


4.3 MCS 3D Pipeline Viewer

In addition to the benefits received from the standard 2D viewer, MCS 3D Viewer adds a virtual new dimension to the way the client can assesses the data:

Interactive 3D model of the pipeline and the seabed using Traffic Light System to show the critical sections of the pipeline based on the as found anomalies.

All survey events are represented with clickable 3D objects synchronized with the survey data.

ILI Data (In Line Inspection using Intelligent Pigging) is automatically aligned with the external data to achieve a complete comprehensive awareness of the pipeline both internally and externally.

3D Pipeline Viewer


MCS Pipeline Commander Benefits

  • Complete Integrated Solution - ROV Pipeline Commander consolidates all the ROV inspection functionalities from data acquisition, digital video recording, eventing, navigation and scans processing, to reports and charts delivery, together with a desktop viewer for fast data access and review.

  • Cost effectiveness -ROV Pipeline Commander has been successfully proven as the cost effective and efficient data acquisition system in many pipeline inspection surveys.

  • Easy Data Accessibility -Delivering the survey outputs in digital media and Web based GIS applications for robust data accessibility.

  • Efficient Data Handling -The manner in which data is handled during a typical ROV inspection project is changing; from being a multi-platform task to become a single integrated production line.

  • 3D representation -of pipeline, events and ROV synchronized with video.

  • Offshore Automated System (OAS) – Using the OAS technology, enabled delivery of final reports within only 7 days from demobilization